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Candles and scent diffusers – How to bring the Mediterranean vibe of Italy into your home.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Wasn’t the warm weather fabulous?

It reminded me of my recent trip to Milan for the launch of Acqua Di Parma’s home scent collection. Since my return to London, I’ve been able to enjoy a few of their wonderful candles and scent diffusers. Not only do they smell amazing and transport me to sunny Italy, they look wonderful as decor too. Yellow is so on trend in interiors now, and Acqua Di Parma’s yellow is just the perfect tone.

Therefore, I have decided to style their lovely yellow candles and scent diffusers at home. Here is  Acqua Di Parma’s Buongiorno candle in my living room. scent diffusers Acqua Di Parma’s scent diffusers combined with scented candles create the most amazing ambience. Buongiorno is revitalising and fresh, like the morning breeze on a hot day. I have now placed different candles and diffusers in various parts of my home, to experience those different Italian moments that each scent creates. This Acqua di Parma Fico do Amalfi is another one of my favourite scents.

It is inspiredby the gorgeous landscape of the Mediterranean immersed in the soft scent of fig trees. Here is Acqua di Parma’s Luce di Colonia scented candle. It has citrus notes of Orange and Lemon  combined with Neroli, Vetiver, Patchouli and Petitgrain.

Above all, it is vibrant and happy. I wasn’t kidding when I said I have the candles all over the house. Here is the La Casa sul Lago candle in my dining room.

It’s all about a blend of fresh flowers, aquatic notes and musk. I feel so relaxed with all these glorious scents at home.  If you fancy a slice of Italy in your home too, then you can find out more about the scents on Acqua Di Parma’s site.

Finally, wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Acqua di Parma Home collection.

I have been a fan of Acqua di Parma for many years now, so I was super excited when invited to the launch of their Home scent collection in Milan.

If you are new to Acqua di Parma, then let me give you a little introduction : It’s a scent that was conceived by Carlo Magnani, heir of one of Parma’s aristocratic families in 1916.

The first and original scent was called Colonia, a fresh citrus signature classic which up till today, has a loyal and growing fan base, amongst which are many famous A-listers.

Acqua di Parma has always been synonymous with luxury and sophistication. It’s one of those scents which will instantly transport you to the warmth of Italy. I stayed at the beautiful Principe di Savoia, part of the Dorchester Collection hotels in Milan.

Here’s a look at my elegant room, and unsurprisingly, there were Acqua di Parma products in the bathroom too.

I could seriously get used to this luxury lifestyle. Before the evening’s festivities, we went for a short walk to soak up the Milan vibe and have coffee. Can’t go to Italy and not try their delicious coffee right?

On our way to coffee, we stumbled upon Acqua di Parma’s store. I didn’t go in, as I would be back there the next day to interview Acqua di Parma’s CEO Laura Burdese and product development and innovation director Paola Paganini. Now, to the party. It was a spectacular event.

I just adore that yellow, the colour of Acqua di Parma’s packaging. The colour was a homage to the beautiful yellow houses of Parma, a city that I would love to visit one day. This imposing arch of peace was our view at the party venue in Dazi arco della pace.

It’s so impressive and steeped in history, just like the Acqua di Parma brand itself. The beautiful yet subtle scent from the new Home collection pervaded the event space and greeted us as we entered.

So, I can finally reveal that Acqua di Parma has launched 10 new scents for their Home range in candles and scent diffusers. Five of the new fragrances were developed to capture the typical moments of Italian living and they are called Luce di Colonia, Buongiorno, La Casa sul Lago, Caffè in Piazza and Oh, L’amore. The other 5 Home scents were inspired by Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo line that recreates the feel of the Italian mediterranean. They are Arancia di Capri, Fico di Amalfi, Bergamotto di Calabria, Chinotto di Liguria and Mirto di Panarea. Acqua di Parma Home candle It was fascinating to talk to Paola Paganini, the product development and innovation director of Acqua di Parma Home range.

I learned that it could take up to at least 2 years from product conception to production with many fine tuning along the way.

She said the paper label took many trials, as they had to find the right quality paper that could withstand the heat from the glass.

The Luce di Colonia scented candle above is a light and sunny aroma that celebrates Acqua di Parma’s classic scent Colonia.

There are citrus notes of orange and lemon, combine with delicate floral and wood notes that evoke the sun drenched landscape of Italy.

They decided to keep the wax as natural as possible, so coloured the glass yellow instead.

The wax is a mixture of soy and paraffin and the glass moulded in the signature shape of the classic Colonia scent bottle. Acqua di Parma home These candles are called Buongiorno, a scent to reflect a sunny Italian morning.

Acqua di Parma describes it as the first rays of sunlight coming through the windows, as the breeze rustles against the light curtains.

It brings with it the scent of mint, lavender, Rosemary and newly cut grass.

Sounds divine right? In fact, this is one of my favourites.

The Buongiorno scent diffuser now sits proudly in my living room, injecting a dose of happiness each time I enter. This is Oh L’amore and it’s all about Italian passion and emotion, a part of Italy’s DNA.

I love its intense spicy notes of black pepper, cloves, and amber, just perfect for a romantic evening. Here’s the La Casa sul Lago scent diffuser, a scent to evoke an Italian villa sitting by the silent rippling waters of a lake.

I was keen to relive those happy memories from our family holiday at Lake Como, and its calm floral and musk fragrance didn’t disappoint. These Mirto di Panarea candles inspired by Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo range, are a restorative blend of myrtle, basil, lemon and bergamot.

Its meditative scent calms and sooth, so perfect for burning in the bedroom. Here is the beautiful Laura Burdese, president and CEO of Acqua di Parma, addressing the launch party.

It was such an honour to meet and interview her.

Laura has worked in roles from L’Oreal, to Swatch and later as CEO of Calvin Klein watches and jewellery.

She joined Acqua di Parma in 2016, a return to her roots in the beauty industry.

She brought with her a fresh and innovative approach to Acqua di Parma.

I asked her why the Home scent market?

She told me that it was an opportunity to bring into people’s homes those unmistakable moments of Italian life.

I asked if the home scent market was any different to the beauty fragrance market?

Laura alluded to the Home scent market being a slightly different target market.

She said candles were more for gifting, whereas perfumes were a more personal choice.

I guess women who already love the Acqua di Parma perfumes would be the natural purchasers of the home scents.

However, those who don’t buy perfumes for themselves may be that untapped market with the home products.

She told me that a typical Home scent buyer is a woman, who loves to decorate her home.

Laura told me that contrary to the belief that the brand was male centric, buyers were mainly women. In fact users were a balanced 55% men and 45% women.

Finally, no interview ends without asking what’s next on the horizon.

Hot off the press, Laura told me that there will be an upcoming new Signature collection. It will come in stunning black and transparent bottles with a gold finish. Sounds amazing! I can’t wait to see that design element.

I was also excited to learn that they will also be adding 5 new Asian inspired scents such as Yuzu, Sakura, Vanille, Camellia and Osmanthus. ( Bearing in mind that the Chinese market for Acqua di Parma is huge and growing, this is a brilliant strategy). Anyway, the evening drew to an end after a fabulous Acqua di Parma inspired 3 course menu.

I had a brilliant time in Milan. It’s always wonderful to learn about what goes on behind the scenes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the Acqua di Parma Home range. I will be showing you more of the Acqua di Parma candles in my next post. This time you will be seeing it in my home setting.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. The Acqua di Parma Home launch event was part of a press trip).

Christmas gift guide number 2 – featuring ACQUA DI PARMA.

I am back with the second series of my Christmas gift guide.

Again, I’ll be showing you my favourites. These are the gifts that I covet and I’m truly excited to share with you.

I’ve been a total fan of ACQUA DI PARMA for many years now ( possibly more than 10 years!).

It’s a scent that reminds me of the luxurious warmth of the Italian Riviera, and it transports me to an elegant era of Hollywood starlets, think Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

As you can see, I have quite a collection on my desk. I’m absolutely loving the classic yellow packaging. ACQUA DI PARMA Colonia is the iconic ACQUA DI PARMA fragrance.

It has been described as the Italian sun captured in the “frutti d’oro” of lemon, bergamot and orange.

It has a harmonious heart of lavender, rosemary, verbena and damask rose, followed by warm woody vetiver, sandal and patchouli.

Check out the gorgeous limited edition packaging, a collaboration with British artist Clym Evernden. ACQUA DI PARMA was created in 1916 by Baron Carlo Magnani after his travels in Paris, London and New York.

In 1950, Colonia became an international success, when Hollywood actors, invited to Italy by the grand masters of Italian cinema discovered its fragrant notes.

Feast your eyes on the perfumed soaps above. I love the pink packaging. It’s such stunning gift and the scent is just divine.  I’ve been spraying on my ACQUA DI PARMA Colonia all day. The zesty notes of Citrus has really made me feel so fresh and uplifted.

It’s a Unisex fragrance, so is a great gift for the man in your life. The bonus, dare I say, is that you can use it too.

If you haven’t smelled it before, then I urge you to go try a sample. You will be hooked. It will totally transport you to somewhere warm and luxurious.

It might even make you secretly pretend you’re a Hollywood star, like I did. ( I can’t believe I’ve just told you that!) Can you believe they do scented drawer liners too? I can’t wait to use them.

Doesn’t my desk look like a happy place with all those pops of yellow? Onto Gift number 2 – more art prints.

I’m currently in the process of filling the walls by my stairs with art prints. I’ve decided to do this slowly, filling the walls with my favourite artwork and colour palette.

I made a start this morning with these 4 gorgeous prints. The large red and pink Hi prrint is by Gayle Mansfield, the “We are family” print is by Disko kids, and the pink and green prints are by Holly McGuire. What do you think of my wall so far?

I will be sharing my progress as I add more pieces over the next few weeks. Last but not least is this beautiful “ The Joy of Watercolor” book sent to me by my friend Emma Block. The illustrations in the book are so beautiful and there is a step by step guide to help you paint like a pro. This would be the perfect gift for the creative art lover amongst your friends or family.

So, that concludes the second series of my Christmas gift guide. There will be more to come and I can’t wait to show you.

Have a lovely evening or day.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. I have featured gifts sent to me, and there was no commitment to post or share them).

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