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Styling a Cali vibe bedroom with Habitat.

My bedroom has had a Summer refresh, inspired by the current blue skies and warm air.

I’ve decided to style it with a Californian vibe.

I recently visited Habitat, and fell in love with their new bedroom collection. Furthermore, I’ve decided to use a few curated pieces from this collection to style my bedroom. Habitat To me, the Cali vibe is a light and bright space with a relaxed feel, filled with green plants and hints of mid century modern.

Here’s my take on Cali vibe with added colour.

I’ve picked Habitat’s Coates bed linen with multi coloured stripes, because its blue stripes matches the colour of my headboard. However, it’s super soft to sleep in too.

To stop the bed looking lost in a large room with white walls and high ceilings, I’ve surrounded the bed with rugs. The rug at the end of the bed is also Coates, and matches the bed linen. These colourful cushions, also from Habitat, can be easily mixed and matched together.

The orange cushion at the back is the Mattoni, next to it is the Coates cushion that matches the bedding.

The embroided cushion in the front row is called Oritz, whilst the green yellow one is called Zoe. In the far side of my bedroom, is my newly styled workspace. The art prints are also from Habitat.  My art prints are the mid century modern component of the Cali vibe.

That large orange print called Scattered Circle is by Lisa James, the colourful droplet print called Merge 1 is by Gharima Darwan, and the Hands print is by Anna Koveces. Potted plants in baskets were added to soften the blocks of colours and to give the room a fresh and relaxed feel. Don’t you think the Coates rug goes well with the art prints too? Here’s another view. I’ve left the walls above the bed unadorned, to stop the room looking too bright and busy. However, if you want to add more colour to your walls, then you could change your bedding to a white one.

I have used Habitat’s white linen bedding to style this second look. I’ve moved a few things round here.

The art prints are now above my bed. I’ve added a green and grey cotton throw at the end of the bed to balance out the colours. Habitat I’ve moved my potted plants to either side of my bed to compliment the green of the bed throw. How do you like these cool new cushions on my bed?

The emerald green Dot cushion pulls all the green elements in the room together.

Don’t you think the Hands and Face cushions are just the cutest? Did you spot the blue fringe on the face cushion? The art print above my bed by Eloise Renouf is called Shard. The Citrus orange, yellow and green really creates a happy sunny feel don’t you think? I’ve added some of the cushions from the first look bedroom here so you can see how they blend together easily. So there you have it, my Cali vibe bedroom.

I’ve had so much fun using the new Habitat bedding and also the new home decor collection.

Habitat has re-launched their bed linen edit with over 60 exclusive designs including Scandi-cool neutrals, statement pattern and colour, as well as luxe 100% linen designs. A visit to their store is a  great way to kickstart an update of your bedroom. Alternatively you can buy online too.

Finally, hope you’ve enjoyed the post, and I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan. This is a sponsored collaboration with Habitat UK.)

teen bedroom Teen bedroom ideas in blue.

I am excited to reveal my third and final room revamp to celebrate Homesense’s 10th birthday.

If you missed the other two, I’d love for you to check out my living room and workspace refresh using my top 10 Homesense finds.

Here’s my son’s newly decorated bedroom. There’s more furnishing to be done, but for now, I’m so pleased with what I’ve found to kickstart the decor. teen bedroom Now that he is getting older, I have had to rethink the look.

The cute prints, novelty Lego boxes and alphabets duvet cover simply had to go. To be honest, I’m sad to part with them, but I have to consider that my son is now embarking on a new phase in his life.

He wanted a bold feature wall, and after several tester pots, we decided on this calming blue hue. I experimented with adding more colours to his room, but it no longer felt right. It needed calm.

We settled for a cool blue, white and black  palette. My son is currently into recording on You Tube. He’s always making little paper placards that he place outside his room saying “Please do not disturb. I’m recording “.

When I saw this Letter Board for £12.99 at Homesense, I knew I had to have it for his room.

Not only does it look great as a decor and defines what he loves to do, it’s also perfect for him to place outside his room when recording. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this blue and white striped duvet set in the bedding section of Homesense. It was the exact same blue as my son’s bedroom wall.

As his bed is white, the stripes are the perfect continuity of the blue and white colour scheme. The duvet and pillow set was such a bargain too at just £16.99. No bed is complete without a throw and cushion from Homesense. The geometric cushion, was an amazing £9.99 from an original retail price of £50.

The plaid fleecy blanket ( which my son loves to snuggle under) is great for cooler nights. I’ve balanced out the bed decor with a simple Homesense floor rug in blue and black, for £16.99. Now for the next important element, the storage.

I’m still looking for a chest of drawers to go against the wall on the far corner of his bedroom.

For now, I’ve managed to find some blue filing drawers from Homesense for £39.99 each, to keep his mountain of Pokémon game cards under control.  I also bought a blue zig zag fabric basket for miscellaneous items at £6. This huge laundry basket at £14.99 is an absolute essential in a teen bedroom, to keep those clothes off the floor. My final 2 Homesense finds is a cute nautical mug for £2.99 (rrp £7) and a book for £3.99 (rrp £9.99). I haven’t shown you the other end of his bedroom which houses his desk complete with 2 screens, a gaming computer and special gaming chair.

However, I’m pleased to report that everything fits in with the blue, white and black theme. So what do you think? My son is really pleased with his room.

It’s been so fun curating this teen bedroom decor from Homesense. Wishing Homesense a fabulous 10th birthday.

(All photography and styling are by myself, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Homesense, but all views are my own).

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