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All season wool bedding from woolroom.

This weekend was unusually warm. It felt like Summer again. Don’t you think that the weather is just so unpredictable nowadays? As I write this, the skies are threatening a storm. Do you find it difficult to sleep when temperatures fluctuate like that? I know I do. woolroom So pleased to have discovered the wool bedding range from woolroom.

I never knew that wool bedding could regulate temperature, keeping you warm when its cold and cool when it’s warm.

My all season duvet from woolroom is so amazing, it has a light weight duvet perfect for Spring or Summer, a medium weight duvet for Autumn, and when put together, makes a warm Winter weight duvet. Apart from getting the temperature right, another common problem that affect sleep is allergy.  How do you banish those house dust mites that cause eczema and asthma like symptoms?

Scientific testing have shown that mites cannot survive on wool, hence the added bonus of woolroom’s range being awarded the Allergy UK seal of approval. Have you ever tried a mattress topper before?

Here you can see my Deluxe wool mattress topper from woolroom. It’s like sleeping on the most comfortable bed cushion ever. It was so soft, I felt like I was floating into dreamland. My kids love that mattress topper so much, that they’ve been asking me to get them one for their own beds too. To complete my woolroom bedding collection, I also tried out two new wool pillows. You can even unzip the pillows to fluff up the wool and adjust for comfort. Last but not least, and definitely a plus point, is that most of woolroom’s bedding are machine washable, making life convenient. What do you think? Are you a wool bedding convert like I am? I’ve been using my bedding for a few weeks now, and absolutely adore it.

I would highly recommend you to try it out. The bed topper is my favourite.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)

(Sponsored collaboration with woolroom but all opinions are my own).

Autumn bedroom the White company My Autumn bedroom for cosy days in with The White Company

Summer is always full of busy months, so there’s lots of rushing around, and finishing tasks, before our long family holiday away.

I must admit, as much as I love Summer, I do welcome and take comfort from Autumn.

It’s almost as if the shorter days and cooler temperatures are giving me permission to slow down.

To kickstart my slow living, I’ve decided to transform my bedroom into a cosy and inviting space.

My Autumn bedroom will be perfect for weekend lie-ins, breakfasts in bed and lounging in pyjamas all day. I’ve turned to The White Company’s new Autumn bedroom collection to create my desired comfortable, and indulgent bedroom.

As the plan was to stay in bed, getting the bed linen right was key, something soft to cocoon into.

I picked the Symons bed linen in Egyptian cotton sateen,with a very high thread count of 1000, hence it was super soft and luxurious feel. I could have snuggled there in bed all day.  I added warmth and texture to the bed linen with a grey chunky knit lambswool bed throw and matching cushions from the Blakeney collection. Autumn bedroom Can you tell that the patterns on the throw have been inspired by a traditional Winter jumper? For added warmth on Winter nights, you could layer on this faux fur throw and pillows in Fig, also from the White Company. I’ve used it temporarily to cover over a sofa footstool, for a cosy little corner to sit and read.

I’ve selected a lace trim pyjamas set to lounge in.  Look at the pretty lace effect at the sleeves. Autumn bedroom All the ingredients for a perfect weekend in bed have therefore been put in place. This super soft natural velour robe is the perfect ‘stay at home’ house coat, for wandering around the house. I’ve paired the pyjamas with toasty warm cashmere socks. Last but not least, I always like to light a scented candle to create that sense of atmosphere.

This Wild Rhubarb candle, inspired by crisp Autumnal walks, with notes of freesia buds, plum blossoms, juicy red apples and ripe rhubarb, was the perfect finishing touch to an Autumn vibe at home. What do you think of my Autumn bedroom? I’m so pleased with my finds. Off to enjoy some breakfast in bed now in my Autumn bedroom.

Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Bedroom inspiration for Summer and a day out at Royal Ascot with Christy.

I was so excited when Christy, one of my favourite luxury bedding and towels brand, invited me and my husband to Royal Ascot.

It was to be my first time there, and I just couldn’t wait.

Royal Ascot is the place for horse lovers, and race goers, but it is also one of those highly anticipated events in a socialite’s calendar.

Members of the British royal family were in attendance. I even managed to spot  HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, a few metres away from me, as I toured the Parade wing enclosure.

As you can imagine, fashion was high on the agenda. There was a strict dress code and hats had to be worn.

Some men wore their top hats and morning suits, whilst ladies came in a wide array of fashionable attire.

The image above was what I wore on the day. I decided to go for a red and pink theme.

For this post, I have decided to show you a series of photographs I took of a modern day Royal Ascot, followed by a Summer bedroom refresh, using my handpicked selection of Christy’s bedding range. Here is my first photo. It’s an image of a group of friends, all smartly dressed and relaxing together, in between races.

I love the departure from formality in this image, with the ladies chatting as they kicked off their heels. Here’s another informal shot of a group of young gentlemen.

Did you notice that they weren’t wearing top hats? It could well be a generational thing. Instead, they championed the dapper look in crisp white shirts, dark narrow ties, and shades.

Royal Ascot I was instantly drawn to this stylish couple in the centre of the photo.

The man was dressed in a shiny blue suit with a contrasting lemon yellow tie and orange pocket square, finished off with a pair of tan shoes. The lady wore a feathery pink hat and shoes, with a matching dress with pops of vibrant orange and yellow to compliment her partner.

I love how we see that hat in all its feathery glory, as she bowed her head to select her horses, from the book, for the race.

No Royal occasion is complete without the Queen’s guards, so I was lucky to spot them playing a few traditional British tunes at the start of the event.

Hope you’ve enjoyed how I see Royal Ascot through my lens.  Now for the second part of my post, my Summer bedroom refresh. Bedroom inspiration Here it is! I’ve never shown my bedroom on the blog before, so this is very much a debut.

I want my bedroom to feel light and bright, so have decided on some luxury white bed linen from Christy.

You can find out where my prints are from at my post here.

Bedroom inspiration I picked the Penny bed linen in white. Isn’t it so pretty? I absolutely adore the delicate lace trim at the edges.

Made of 100% Cotton Sateen, it is so soft and feels like you are sleeping in a 5 star luxury hotel. I picked the white Christy Amalfi throw for my bed. As I love the lace effect of the bed linen so much, I had to let it peep out from under the throw. Here is a closer view of the Christy Amalfi throw. I love its crisp white texture. Looks wonderful next to the bed linen, don’t you think? I’m so happy with the results of my bedroom refresh. Most of all, having beautiful quality bed linen made all the difference.

Here you can see that I have folded a Penny bed linen flat sheet over the duvet. This is a wonderful way to show off the lace feature.

Since it is Summer, it’s great to have a thin sheet to use instead of the duvet on hot nights. Hope you have enjoyed seeing my Summer bedroom inspiration, and finally do take a peek at Christy’s bed linen collection. I think once you’ve tried it, you’ll definitely want more.

I will be back soon this week with more stylings from home, and can’t wait to share. Have a wonderful week ahead all.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Christy, but all opinions are my own).

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