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Vale_Lodge_1_by_2_Lovely_gays_featured_on_Little_Big_Bell This is the home of UK interior designers Russell and Jordan, also known as 2 Lovely Gays.

Earlier this year Jordan was the runner up of a UK homes show called the Great Interior design challenge.

When I discovered their website last week, I was instantly drawn to their design aesthetic and use of colour.

Vale_Lodge_2_Lovely_Gays_featured_on_blog_Little_Big_Bell I’m liking the mix of midcentury modern and bright accent colours of red, green and blue.

Vale_Lodge_2_Lovely_gays_featured_on_Little_Big_Bell How cool is that green paint wall effect ? I would love to try it at home.

I like how it matches the painted canvas on the shelf, drawing our eyes back to the gallery wall.

Vale_Lodge_by_2_Lovely_Gays_featured_on_Little_Big_Bell You can tell they like to entertain. A bar side table against a beautiful deep sea blue.

Trilby_road_by_2_lovely_gays_featured_on_little_Big_bell This next home is in Trilby road. A Victorian end of terrace house “stripped to its bare and brought back to its former charm with added modern functionality and a touch of humour” say the 2 Lovely Gays.

I am liking the copper blush pink they have used throughout the project.

Trilby_ Road_ 2_Lovely_Gays_featured_on_Little_Big_Bell The copper pink tones are punctuated by striking pops of green.

Trilby Road by 2 Lovely Gays featured on Little Big Bell Such attention to detail, with tableware that matches the wall colour throughout the rest of the house.

Trilby Road-2 lovely Gays Here in the main bedroom, the blush pink continues, now accented by electric blue and shades of Indigo.

Trilby_Road_2_Lovely_Gays I’m loving the details – that blue painted window and the patterned geometric rug.


This must be the guest room or reading nook, where the primary colours unify.

Such amazing talents don’t you think? Check out more of their interior projects here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this feast of colour. Wishing you all a happy mid week!

( All photos are by Megan Taylor)

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