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rainbow party 7 easy steps to create a fun Rainbow party.

Wow! What a scorcher of a Summer we’ve been having in the U.K.

I haven’t done a party post for ages, so how about a Rainbow party?

Perhaps it’s my subconscious telling me that we need some rain in the dry heat, for our rainbow to appear? Sure enough, it rained last weekend.

What do you think of the party table that I have created above? If you like it, you too can create it in 7 easy steps. Step 1 Bake or buy a Rainbow Cake.

Why not bake or buy a Rainbow cake with layers of pretty colours when cut? Nowadays, Rainbow cakes are easy to buy in bakeries or even your local high street supermarket. Step 2 Decorate with Rainbow party accessories.

I have hung a rainbow decor, made from what appears to be colourful pipe cleaners, above my cake. I used a Command mini hook to hang up my decorative rainbow.

As the party area was only temporary, I didn’t want to cause marks or holes in the wall.

The Command hook was easy to use, you just need to place the adhesive strip against the wall hook on one side and stick the hook on the wall using its other sticky side.

I applied pressure on the hook against the wall, to secure it before attaching my decor.

Removing the hook was just as easy. Just pull the clear plastic adhesive strip vertically downwards, parallel to the wall surface, and out pops the hook.

There were no marks or damage to the wall. Step 3 Create fun Rainbow take home gifts.

If it is a kid’s party, it could be fun to get them to make their own take home gifts. Why not recycle colourful wrapping paper for your little guests to cut and place in frames.

They could even decorate the wall around the party table with their creations.

For adults, you could perhaps use more ornate frames and cool wallpaper designs to cut out.

Again, as we do not want to create holes in the walls, I have used my trusted friend, Command picture hanging strips to hang up the frames. You can read all about how to use them here. Step 4 + 5 Decorate the party table with a rainbow table cloth and coloured garlands.

I found some colourful garlands to hang on a rainbow coloured table cloth. I used Command decorating clips to hold up my garland. Step 6 Colourful balloons

It’s not a party without balloons right? Balloons in an array of colours were just the perfect touch to this Rainbow party. Step 7 Get some Rainbow party-ware.

This could be in the form of rainbow patterned paper cups, plates or straws. Aren’t these party cups super cute? So, that concludes my 7 easy steps to creating a Rainbow party. I couldn’t have done it without these amazing Command products.

Hope you have enjoyed this post and I’m quietly wishing for a rainbow to appear in our skies soon.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Command, but all views are my own.)

Gallery-wall-3-in-workspace-styling-and-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I am so excited to announce that for the year 2016, I have been asked to be one of 3M Command’s brand ambassadors.

I will be showing you throughout the year, how I use the Command brand products creatively.

Here’s my first project reveal.

The creation of a gallery wall for a new workspace, shot on location, in Purley Hall, a stately family home in West Berkshire, England.

I used Command Picture Hanging strips here.

The most amazing thing is that I am able to show you how to create a gallery wall without hammer and nails. Even better, the strips could all be easily removed without damage to the walls.

No holes, no damage to walls! A total home owner or renters’ dream come true!

Keep on reading, there is a chance for you to win a whole set of these prints too.
Creating-a-gallery-wall-with-Command-strips-UK-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Here are the before and after photos. I’m in love with that colourful Damien Hirst dotted print. Workspace-1-gallery-3D-Command-styled-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell A closer look at my new workspace gallery. What do you think?

This was such a fun project. It took me less than an hour to create . Can you believe I didn’t use a spirit level to put the pictures up? Just the old fashion way of someone standing back and indicating to me if the print was at level. It helped that the Command strips made it easy for fine adjustment of the frames into position. 3-M-Command-strips-UK-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Depending on the size of the strips, they can hold up to 7.2kg in weight. Do check the weights of the frames before starting.

Before applying the strips to the wall, make sure the wall is clean and dust free. The strips can be used on any walls, except wallpapered walls.

Here’s the step by step guide on how to use the Command strips to put up the gallery wall:

Image 1+2 :  Separate the strips. You could either stick the first set of the strips to the backs of the frame by removing the green liners ( I have used a combination of medium and narrow strips here) then press a new set of strips on top of those strips already stuck on the frame. As you press, make sure the strips ‘click’ together.

Or you could start by pressing two strips together till they click and then sticking one side of the pair to the back of the picture frame.

Either of those ways work well.

Image 3 : Remove the remaining green liners and press the frame onto the wall. Press each side of the frame firmly against the wall for at least 30 seconds.

Image 4 : To ensure the adhesive will hold, remove the frame by grabbing the bottom corners and peeling the frame up and away from the wall. Do not pull straight off. Now, press the entire strips that have remained on the wall for at least another 30 seconds.

The most important point to note is that the strips need to be left on the wall for at least 1 hour before reattaching the frame.

Image 5+6 : All about removal of the strips.

After removing the frame ( remember to remove by grabbing the bottom corners and peeling the frame up and away from the wall rather than pulling straight off), you can then remove the strips.

Never pull the strips towards you or peel from the wall. Always pull straight down, keeping your hand against the wall as you go, pull as slow as you can, like in the image above.

Keep stretching up to 15 inches and the strip will just naturally pop off. The last image shows you what is happening behind the strip. Wall-of-framed-prints-using-3M-Command-strips-by-Little-Big-Bell I can’t believe I have managed to create this DIY in such a short period of time.

Do you like the new look? I wanted to create a space that was feminine, glamorous and inspiring.

When I decided to this DIY project, I already knew in my mind that I wanted to use gold frames. These are actually plastic frames painted with gold paint. I picked plastic frames as I wanted them to be as light as possible. However, as mentioned earlier, you can use heavier frames too, as the wall strips are able to withstand different weights as stated on the package. Workspace-with-gold-by-Little-Big-Bell On the desk are a few new colourful desk accessories with hints of gold to match the frames of the gallery wall. Workspace-styled-with-gallery-wall-Little-Big-Bell copy The desk is from Ikea. It is light and portable.

In fact, this corner can easily be converted into a seating area, just remove the desk and add a comfortable velvet couch. I might just do that at home and show you soon. The chair is by Eames.

Add some colourful flowers in a shiny vase and the look is complete. Workspace-3M-Command-1-Little-Big-Bell A cute little work area and fits in perfectly well with that colourful Damien Hirst print.

Now, remember I stated at the start that you could WIN the exact same collection of prints above the desk and a set of Command hanging strips?

All you have to do is comment on the blog, tell me how you would use Command picture hanging strips to decorate a look in your room. Winner will be announced here on 3rd April 2016 and contacted via email. Good luck.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. I am so looking forward to showing you the other projects that I have created soon.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, Editor of Little Big Bell. This post is a sponsored collaboration with 3M Command brand in the UK. All opinions are my own).

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