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Whilst in Copenhagen, I came across Designer Zoo, a concept store for Danish craft and design. I have selected my favourites for this post. Some of the items are new finds, not seen in the mainstream shops of Copenhagen.

The above colourful containers are by All That Clay, designed by Signe Schjoth. They all come with a contrasting neon acrylic lid. I’m loving the colours that are very this season – mint green, dark grey, Indigo blue and a nude coral.

All-that-Clay-at The-Designer-Zoo-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell-blog

Here are more from All That Clay. I love the diamond accessory and have purchased one in Coral.

Chalky colours and bevel cut seem very popular. The above cups are by Anne Jorgensen. Do take a look at the other beautiful colours on her website. I’m liking the ones in pink.

Keis and Fiedler ceramics photo by Little Big Bell blog

The shades used by Keis and Fiedler for these handmade tea light holders are so tempting, so much so that I bought one. The pale pink and mint green one now sits beautifully on my shelf at home.

Now for the glazed pottery collections that caught my eye. Love these jars by Malene Helbak. A calming splash of colour to any kitchen worktop.

Malene’s collection in stripes are equally striking. Her colour selections perfect for a mood board compilation.

I remembered first seeing and liking Finnsdottir’s ceramics whilst in Stockholm. Their work now seem highly popular, spotted in most design stores of Copenhagen.


Here they are in black and white.


These glassware by Bettina Schori are so delicate. The way they have been sculpted look so beautiful.

These sunny hand casted porcelain by Lars Rank Keramik are a true cheer on any shelf. Liking their quirky asymmetric form.

Hope you have enjoyed my picks from this must visit store, have a lovely week all. x


En route to the Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen yesterday, I came across the Danish Design Centre. Despite there being no exhibition showing, the centre itself was a rich resource of design.

As I entered, the colourful Doo-Wop lights by Louis Poulsen caught my eye. It was interesting to find out that these lights were originally produced in the 1950s for the Navy. They have now been updated in colours in line with current trends.


In the far end of the centre was this magazine display called Window designed by Jonas Forsman. It is apparently light weight and sound absorbent. If I had a wall that wide, this could be a perfect way to display all those design magazines slowly piling up at home.

Scattered on the floor, were these colourful poufs called Rock’d designed by Eelco Voogd, manufactured by Abstracta, perfect for a library or children’s play area.


For a while now, I have been coveting the Block Table trolley above. It is designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen. Seeing it in that Mint green made me swoon all the more. I hear that a Coral colour is due out soon. The choice will become more difficult! Perfectly complimenting and sitting on top of the table is the Krenit Bowl, also by Normann Copenhagen.

The grey round coffee table is called the Tablo, designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen, also for Normann Copenhagen. They come in a range of colours and the new season will see a square design.


Not sure why but this seating area transports me back to the time when I swam in the calm clear waters of Seychelles. Okay, not quite Seychelles, but certainly looks peaceful and calming. This modular seating area is called Skyline by Howe, perfect for an office space and so beautifully complimented by the overhanging Louis Poulsen lamps.


These industrial style black bell lamps are perfect for this high ceilinged, light filled area with stairs leading to the centre’s office space. I’m not sure who they are by, any ideas?


Lining this long Grip table system designed by Troels Grum-Schwensen are classic chairs in black, by none other than  Arne Jacobsen, vanguard of Danish design.

Surrounding the table is an interesting and innovative cardboard soft wall partition by Molo.

Hope you enjoyed this post. There will be more to come from Copenhagen. Loving this city so much. Have a wonderful week all. x


Just popping over to post some pictures whilst on holiday in Copenhagen. The mention of Copenhagen conjures up an image of history steep in design.

This was certainly evident in the architecture as we strolled along the street.


Love the old style facades of houses in varied colours, lining the tranquil waters of the canals.


Then, there is the modern architecture of impressive proportions, such as the Blue Planet aquarium, Europe’s now largest aquarium, which we visited yesterday.

It has been designed by Danish studio 3XN. It’s shape and contours styled like the whirl of water. Clad in aluminium like the scales of fish. Well worth a visit if travelling with family.


Finally, we spotted this modern floating hotel by the canal called CPH Living. The rooms are clad on one side in top to bottom glass, giving guests a perfect view across the waters and distant city.

Now, off to explore Copenhagen further. I will be intermittently posting as I explore this beautiful city. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

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