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To complete my report on the London Design Festival, I’d like to show you my picks from one of the main design venues, Designjunction.

On close analysis of my photos taken at the show, I noticed two recurrent themes. The first is the  trend for metal.  Copper, Brass and Gold with their Autumnal shades.

The brass animal holders above are by Gavin Coyle. I can imagine them hung in clusters over my study desk, a perfect organiser.


These Copper and wood containers are by Chilean designers Bravo! , providing storage that is simple yet elegant. They can also be stacked up into sculptural shapes if space is limited.


Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen this light before. It’s called Ripple by Poetic Lab. It works by focusing a beam of light over a gently rotating hand blown glass dome. It exudes an underwater calm and is most certainly hypnotising.


The styling on this String shelving unit is simply beautiful. Love that ‘organised chaos’ look . Those earthy warm tones of the books are so cleverly offset by the cool greys. I might just do some stationery shopping at Muji to reproduce this look.


Here is the String shelving in gold, a luxuriant alternative to the popular white don’t you think?


This image reveals the two spotted trends mentioned at the start of the post. Metal continues to make an appearance. The second trend reveal is Turquoise.

Turquoise is a spectrum of blues and greens, shades of which were clearly evident throughout the show.

Fast forward to next Spring/Summer and I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of blues and greens. The green trend is certainly not abating and I am pleased about that.

The metallic lighting and turquoise table are part of a collection called Toffoli by UBS design.


This is 52 Meters, a company that was originally set up as a dealership in vintage 20th Century design. It has now started to produce a small range of furniture and lighting. This collection is called ‘Tube line’, inspired by the London Underground.

Here we have the Turquoise blue of Victoria line and I’m sure there is a District line green somewhere too.


Even the classic Wishbone chairs by Hans J Wegner have taken on shades of greens and blues.


I’ve always wanted these modular Montana shelving for my home. I’m liking how shades of beige have been contrasted with greens from tones of Chlorophyll to a Khaki green.


I am attracted to colour and so this shelving unit didn’t escape my eye. It’s called Brick and designed by Chilean designer Orlando Gatica Studio. This would be an ideal floor to ceiling storage solution stretching the length of my basement playroom area, had I not already had bespoke cupboards made. Spot the Turquoise?


I end this post these wonderful light boxes from Leal available from Molly Meg.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, have a great weekend, coming up soon. x

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