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Christmas gifts from Independent brands (AD) I thought it would be fun to curate a collection of Christmas gifts from Independent brands for the Home, that would appeal to colour lovers. 

I do love seeking out independent brands and supporting them at this time of the year. My criteria is that they have to be pieces that I would actively seek out myself and buy.

I’m no Marie Kondo, but my aim was to find the home decor that would spark joy.

So here they are, all in my workspace, in their pastel glory.

The desk is by nubie. You can read more about it here. Christmas gifts from Independent brands The Smile painted wood sign with a solid oak frame was specially created for me by Modo creative. 

I chose “Smile” because it’s a reminder to be happy for all that is good in our lives.

Isn’t it gorgeous and so striking? I love its minty green blue colour.

It’s definitely one of my favourite Christmas gifts from Independent brands. Christmas gifts from Independent brands I’ve always wanted a locker, like those you see in high school American films.

When I found out that you could get pink lockers at Rose and Grey interiors, I was over the moon.

Doesn’t that pink just fit so well with all the pastel hues in my study?

There’s a rail to hang clothes and lots of shelving for storage inside too.

The lockers come in a variety of other colours, so could suit all styles of decor. I’ve been coveting the ceramics from raawii, a Copenhagen based company for a while.

All their beautiful earthenware are made in Portugal.

I love the simplicity of the pieces, with their beautiful curvy contours, circular shapes and monochromatic hues.

The pieces reminded me of the pop art era that inspired the Memphis trend.

My pink jug and purple bowl are both from raawii’s Strøm collection. Now for a few finishing touches, a lovely Creative planner from Doodlemoo to plan out my work, sits nicely in my yellow shelf.

That super cool lips mirror on the wall is also from Doodlemoo.

I think I can sit here quite happily, browsing my new books.

On my desk currently is Rockett St. George’s latest book Extraordinary interiors in colour which is an inspirational book on colourful homes and decor, influenced by their experiences from travel, eating out and love of vintage design. This would make an amazing Christmas gift.

If you love the great outdoors and living amongst nature, with an aspiration to build your own cabin, then Cabin Porn is a great resource. I’ve been dreaming of how my cabin would look like since I read this book. So, what do you think of these potential Christmas gifts from Independent brands?

Hope they have given you some inspiration for decor too.

Have a lovely day all.

( All photography and styling are my own. Many of the mentioned brand products are gifts).

Decorating with colour is a way to defy the gloom and bring happiness into your interior home space.

The U.K at the moment is under a grey cloud, with the Brexit conflict and torrential rains.

I have decided to give my ever evolving workspace a makeover (above). Decorating with colour I was really thrilled to discover the Nidi brand via Nubie.

Nubie is an online web shop selling the most beautiful baby and children home interior furniture and decor.

As you know, I love decorating with colours. In fact, I think children brands do the latter really well.

I’ve been in need of a new desk for this space for a while.

This is Nidi’s Luce desk and pill chair which I got via Nubie. What I love about this desk, is that you can custom design it to the size and colour you desire from their options.

I opted for this yellow camomilia and kept the frame white, but couldn’t resist pale pink for the drawer. Decorating with colour The shelf on the desk is not from Nubie, but one that I got custom made.

To complete the look of the space, I’ve decorated the wall with some new artwork.

The beautiful large pastel coloured abstract art prints are by Inaluxe, all from King and Mc Gaw. The art prints from left to right, are Garden Party, Odyssey and Shindig. Decorating with colour The smaller art prints are by Hello Pea and me. All the colours here go so well together. Here, I’ve added more art prints. I think I shall fill this whole wall soon. Looking forward to showing it to you at a later date.

Have a wonderful week all and hope this decorating with colour post has sparked some sunshine and happiness where you are.

( I styled and photograph this post, and the desk with art prints were all gifted).

cool tech gadgets 5 cool tech gadgets you may not be able to live without.

I thought I’d introduce you to some of the cool tech gadgets that I have added to my desk.

If you are tired of having to conceal tech gadgets that don’t fit with the aesthetic of your workspace, then look no further than SODA Says.

SODA stands for School Of Digital Age and is a carefully curated collection of technology gadgets for savvy women with style.

I have 5 pieces of gadgets to introduce you to: 1.The Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 by penclic.

First of all, are you tired of all the “same-ish” silver or black keyboards out there, or are you suffering repetitive strain from typing?

Well, I’ve got good news for you. You can now get pink or gold keyboards. How good looking is my cute pink keyboard? What’s even better is the fact that you can connect to it via bluetooth to your phone, iPad or laptop too.

Imagine typing your answers to your phone Instagram comments on keyboard. If you suffer from repetitive strain, then this is a great keyboard. It’s ergonomically designed for comfort and has a light touch feature that makes typing super comfortable and easy. cool tech gadgets 2.Lexon Peas.

Who has multiple devices that need charging but no extra plug points or even usb ports on their computer available?

I’ve got my hands raised up high. In fact that is the same response of everyone in my household. Check out the Lexon Peas, with multiple USB ports. This is a must I think for most households.

You wouldn’t believe how every member of family had said “ oh that’s useful. Can I have it?”

It’s a great gift idea too.

I love mine in this deep petrol blue, but you can get it in a green too. 3.bGem Bluetooth earphones by Krea Funk.

Do you spot the super cool pink earphones on my desk?

They come in three ear tip sizes so you can pick the right fit and they won’t fall out.

Isn’t it great to have no fiddly wires around?

It’ll be perfect for when you want to listen to music when jogging. Not that I jog, but maybe this may spur me on? Other features include up to four hours of playback time, a built-in microphone, touch button control, and a bluetooth range of 10m.

Mine are a pretty pale pink, but they also come in black or blue too. 4. Anti blue light glasses.

The very fact these glasses now exist have made me reassess my blue light exposure from computer screens and phone.

Did you know that blue light overload can apparently cause dry eyes, fatigue, blurry vision and headaches?

I must admit that I do get those symptoms some time, but haven’t attributed it to blue light exposure. I’m going to wear them over the next couple of weeks, and will report back here soon. They look stylish in a tortoise shell pattern but come in black too. 5.The Super Power bank.

Last but not least, the Soda Says power bank. We all need one of these in our lives don’t we?

I’m finding the longer I have my phone, the faster its battery power becomes drained.

Being an interiors blogger, I do frequently cover events, so having a power bank would just make life so easy.

I absolutely adore this pink hue, and it has a rubberised soft to touch finish which makes you want to hold it all the time. ( Well, that’s how I feel anyway).

They come in blue and green too. So what do you think? Aren’t they all so aesthetically pleasing and useful?

Which one is your favourite?  Hope you’ve enjoyed this post on cool tech gadgets. Do check out Soda Says online, to see many more of their cool tech gadgets.

Finally, there is a giveaway on my instagram for the penclic keyboard from Sunday 24th March till Friday 29th March 2019, opened to all U.K residents. Hope you will participate there. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This cool tech gadgets post is a paid partnership post with Soda Says, but all opinions are my own).

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