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how to style a pink sofa How to style a pink sofa. I am so excited to show you my new living room. Many of you who follow me on instagram, will know that I usually have a green sofa in my front room. That green sofa has now gone to another room, to make way for this new set.

Introducing you to the Zania by dfs. how to style a pink sofa Shades of pink for sofas are already popular, and predicted to continue into next season.

The great thing about a modular sofa is that you can rearrange it to whatever configuration you like. My Zania sofa came as an L shape unit with a footstool (the footstool is not in the photo).

I have decided to split the L shape into two sections, and as a result, it has opened up the room space. Here’s another view. I love having the sofa by the windows, and watch the world go by. This rug was bought from a Sunday flea market in Abbot Kinney, LA. Can’t believe I carried that rug all the way back from the US.

Needless to say, I couldn’t fit it into my existing luggage, and therefore had to run into a nearby Target store to purchase another bag.

The rug is pink with orange and coral tones. It goes well with the sofa set don’t you think? My Fiddle Fig leaf plant is still going strong, and perfect in between the two sections of the Zania. Love how the lights stream in and light up the sofa.
Here are my usual collection of colourful cushions to brighten up the space. I’ve joined the sofa pieces here together to make the L shape configuration. Feels rather cosy don’t you think? These peach coloured roses look so pretty against the coral pink sofa. I’ve decided that I could have it two ways.

The open space seating configuration for Summer, and the L shape for Winter.

It’s wonderful how a modular sofa can give you that flexibility of arrangement in a space.
Which configuration do you prefer?
Some of you may remember my mint green sofa, and how its colour complimented the oversized art print above it.

I am pleased to say that this coral pink sofa has fitted in well too, drawing out the orange hues of the artwork. I realise I’ve been talking a lot about how beautiful this sofa is, but we all know that aesthetics is not the only selling point.

This sofa is super comfortable too, and I even fell asleep on it the other day. The L shape has turned my coffee table into a focal point, so styling it well was key to the overall feel of the space. So, what do you think of this new change? I really adore it.

There is certainly more seating space now for friends and family who come to visit.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. dfs gifted me the Zania sofa. All opinions in the post are my own.)

DFS_TERRACOTTA_RED_SS15_featured_on_Little_Big_Bell Colour evokes a mixture of emotions and there’s always talk about its psychology.

Talking about evoking responses, I would love for you to test yours as you scroll through the images.

DFS is a UK sofa brand and they recently caught my attention with their gorgeous Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

As you scroll through the images, think what emotions the colours evoke in you and finally which sofa would you choose and why? All will be revealed at the end.

DFS_TERRACOTTA_RED_LB_2_SS15_Featured-on-Little-big-Bell Bright accent colours like orangey reds or fuchsia are the perfect visual lift for a rich chestnut leather sofa.

Doesn’t this low level Batoni sofa look so cool? All plumped up with its deep buttons, I’m so ready to dive in and cosy up.

DFS_TERRACOTTA_RED_LB_2_SS15_A I remembered when my kids were little, and we wanted to buy a new sofa, we knew we couldn’t go for fabric as you can imagine why.

This would have been the perfect sofa. Stylish yet easy to clean.

DFS_TERRACOTTA_RED_sofa_featured-on_Little_Big_Bell Now for Red. Fiery? excited? How do you feel looking at this?

Don’t you think those photographic prints look so peaceful and are cleverly juxtaposed against the bright red as a contrast?

Love the way the arm rest of this Zinc chair splays out to give more room when seated, and how the wooden feet mirrors it.

DFS_TERRACOTTA_RED_LB_1_SS15_R Here’s the larger seated version. Someone is enjoying it.

When I see this, I often wonder what cats daydream about.

DFS_PINKS_SS15_featured_on_Little_Big_Bell Pink is one of my favourite hues, but gold with pink is even better! What a great pairing between the sofa and that gold lamp.

This is the Itsy sofa and it comes with a delicate patterned back and sides.

Teal-sofa-by-DFS-SS15-featured-on-Little-Big-Bell Now for some rich velvet blue with tones of Teal, lit up by the sunshine yellow of that fragrant Mimosa.

Step down two shades from the Teal to a powder blue.

Added touches of mint, greys and varying textures. How do you feel looking at this? I must admit, I’m liking that hint of orange in the cushion to break up the monotony of blues.

DFS_GREEN_SS15_featured_on_Little_Big_Bell Shades of green is so fresh. This is the Concerto sofa.

Green is certainly making a come back, if not in furniture, then in the botanicals in interiors trend of the moment.

DFS_WHITE_sofa_no.-1 As you know, I love colour, but I would never turn away or shun a neutral shade.

What I love to do is to add some accent colour.

Perhaps a pale primrose yellow cushion would look good here?

This is the Stanza chair, perfect for a Scandinavian vibe to the room. The clean cut silver legs gives it that contemporary edge.

DFS_MONOCHROME_featured_on_Little_Big_Bell Monochromic black and white.

I must admit, I have once tried to style a room in my house in just monochrome, but predictably colour soon crept in.

Hats off to those who are able to be so disciplined, in sticking to the palette.

That aside, I am coveting this elegant L-shaped Quartz sofa.

DFS-Green-colour-palette So, which one was your favourite and how did you feel about the individually coloured sofas?

See if your choice matched the Colour match research that DFS recently conducted with Mindlab, an independent research consultancy that applies psychology and neuroscience to help understand what people think.

The study was conducted in 1000 people, with a small proportion participating in a lab based EEG, where brain’s electrical activities were measured.

The long and short of it was that blue, teal and greys were the top colours people chose, as they were found to be mood enhancing.

Blue was energising, while grey made people feel comfortable and on-trend teal was perceived as relaxing.

Green was found to make people feel serene and apparently highly strung personalities were found to prefer this shade, as it made them feel more calm.

Red was found to make people feel agitated, while orange was associated with feelings of lethargy and tiredness. Perhaps it may be an idea to use the latter hues against calm neutral palettes, using them more as accent colours.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. Wishing you a fabulous week ahead.

( Post written in association with DFS as sponsored, images were provided by DFS).

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