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How to rock the pastel boho style interiors at home with JUNIQE.

I always get super excited when asked to curate gallery walls. These pastel beauties are all from JUNIQE, a lifestyle brand for curated and affordable wall art, fashion, home accessories and stationery.

(From top left to right) The Dragon fruit popsicle print is by Cafelab ; The Giraffe is by Paul Fuentes; Soft Shapes is bu XOXO arte.

(Bottom left to right) Graphic123 by Mareike Böhmer; Shoes 02 by Babeth Lafon and Perfect Mason by Xchange Art Studio.

boho style interiors As the title suggests, I’ve decided to show you how to rock a pastel boho style. I’m not sure whether there is such a style with pastels, but it is my style.

Here are 5 elements required to create a boho look:

1.Hand made textiles with texture.

My Moroccan style throw over my green sofa ticks the boxes for textured textiles, with its knots and tassels.

2. A little bit of gold sparkle.

The two cushions with gold prints are also from Juniqe. The Cactus Mustard cushion and polka dot cushion called Wren are both by Charlotte Winter. 3. Jewel tones.

Vibrant pinks, purples and oranges add interest for a Boho style look. These colours are in the flowers and throw.  4. Greenery.

Lots of indoor houseplants are essential for a Boho vibe. I have included only one plant, but perhaps could have added some hanging greens or small potted succulents.

5. Warm Earthy tones.

There needs to be a balance of earthy tones, often from the vintage furniture seen in a boho styled room.

The elements of earthiness here come from the brown tones in the throw and from the Rattan table. Once you have inserted all the elements of Boho style to your decor, then add something very sweet and pastel to create a sharp contrast.

These prints that I’ve selected, were perfect for creating an overall pastel boho style look. If a ‘pastel’ boho style interiors never existed before, it now does.

Do check out JUNIQE’s site. All their designs are specially curated and handpicked before being made into art prints and homeware. I have also got a special 10% voucher code at checkout for you that will be active from 12noon UK time on Monday 3rd July, just quote LittleBigBell10.

Hope you have enjoyed my new room styling. wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Juniqe, but all views and opinions are my own).

How to create a gallery wall for small spaces.

This is the landing at the top floor of our home. It is a small area surrounded by two bedrooms and a have in the past attempted to decorate this wall with a collection of prints. It didn’t work out using prints of different sizes and designs , because it made the space look smaller and cluttered.

It finally dawned on me this weekend that, to make the space feel less busy, I should take an opposite approach.

I went for simple two tone colour prints, grouped together to create the effect of an oversized art print. This completely brightened and opened up the space.

The ‘Twin Tone Play’ screenprints I used were from Lane ( The vibrant blocks of colours accentuated the decor on the sideboard. small spaces gallery wall Everything looked so happy and in harmony don’t you think? Isn’t that puffin so cute? My husband bought it for my birthday last year. The vertical blocks of colour also created a sense of height in this small space. I’ve tried to create a midcentury modern vibe with my Eames bird and colourful Holmegaard vases.

So there you go, large blocks of colours can really open and brighten up small spaces.

Do you have a similar small and forgotten space in your home, just waiting for an injection of colour and happiness?

There are twelve colours in the print collection, so do take a look at Lane for your perfect combination.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Lane <> . All views and opinions are my own).

desenio-5 One of my favourite creative hobbies at home is to decorate walls.

It’s interesting to see how trends in decorating walls change over time. I have created quite a few gallery walls in my home previously, from the grouped small sized art prints of my workspace, to the lone oversized art print in my living room.

This season, I’m predicting the grouping of mid sized (50x70cm) art prints, to create a larger but visually cohesive piece.

I was so pleased to have found Desenio, my new definitive destination for cool Scandinavian art posters online. desenio-10 When trying to create a visually cohesive look, the art prints should have a common theme or colours that compliment one another. desenio-print-9-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I have decided to decorate the wall above the fireplace in my daughter’s room. Desenio-print-1-Little-Big-Bell I wanted something that was visually calming, yet inspirational.

I was so pleased to have found these abstract and hand lettered prints.

I love marble fluidity effect of the abstract prints above, Gold Stream (top right) and Green Fusion (bottom left). Desenio-2-Little-Big-Bell What do you think? Desenio-prints-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I decided on gold frames to give the wall a girly glamour effect.
Breathe-print-Desenio They also match the gold decor on the fireplace well.

I decided to keep the mantelpiece simple as I didn’t want to distract the eye from the prints. Artwork-from-Desenio-1-pink-and-blue Once a theme has been created, you can mix and match prints. Here, I have replaced one of the aqua coloured prints with a pink abstract one. desenio-14 Pinks, blues and gold go very well together. Desenio-art-prints-Little-Big-Bell I’ve decided to create a warm pink gallery wall here. Pink-abstract-prints-posters-from-Desenio-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell What do you think?  Pink-poster-prints-Desenio It’s great how a grouping of art work can be mixed and matched to create different emotions isn’t it? It’s all down to being consistent with the artwork selected, once a theme has been decided on.

Command-3M-strips-gallery-wall-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell In addition to interchanging the art prints, you can move them around the house and display in different combinations on different walls.

I thought I’d let you in on my secret on how I do this, without creating holes from nails on the wall. I used 3M Command picture hanging strips. 3-M-Command-strips-1-UK-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell

Here’s the step by step guide on how to use the strips to put up the gallery wall:

Image 1+2 :  Separate the strips. You could stick the first set of the strips to the backs of the frame by removing the green liners, then press a new set of strips on top of those strips already stuck on the frame till they ‘click’ together.

Image 3 : Remove the remaining green liners and press the frame onto the wall. Press each side of the frame firmly against the wall for at least 30 seconds.

Image 4 : To ensure the adhesive will hold, remove the frame by grabbing the bottom corners and peeling the frame from the bottom first in a gentle away and upwards motion. Do not pull the frame at all corners straight off.

Press the entire strips that have remained on the wall for at least another 30 seconds and leave on the wall for at least 1 hour before reattaching the frame.

Image 5+6 : Removal of the strips.

After removing the frame ( remember to remove by grabbing the bottom corners and peeling the frame up and away from the wall rather than pulling straight off), you can then remove the strips.

Never pull the strips towards you or peel from the wall. Always pull straight down, keeping your hand against the wall as you go, pull as slow as you can, like in the image above.

Keep stretching up to 15 inches and the strip will just naturally pop off. The last image shows you what is happening behind the strip. Desenio-art-print-1-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell The wonderful thing about the framed art posters from Desenio is that the plexiglass it is made with, is very light. This makes hanging up with wall strips easy.

As the prints are so portable, they can even be placed on surfaces, leaning against the wall. With the plexiglass, there is no need to worry about glass shattering. Art-print-on-table-Little-Big-Bell Here is a little workspace styling in blue, gold and pink. Hope you have enjoyed this post. Do check out Desenio’s wide range of art prints. They are affordable, cool and there is definitely something there for everyone.

Incidentally, you can win all these prints that I have shown here by entering my Instagram giveaway coming later today. Good luck. – the giveaway has now ended and winner has been announced on instagram. Thanks to all who entered.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a collaborative post with Desenio. All opinions are my own).

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