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georg-jensen-silver Danish brand Georg Jensen was founded in 1904, and is renowned for their craftsmanship in silverware, from fine jewellery,  to watches, to accessories and homewares. georg-jensen-featured-on-little-big-bell I was excited to learn about their recent campaign called You can never be too much you.

It’s all about encouraging women to be themselves and make their own mark and success in life.

“You’ll always be too much of something, for someone. But if you round your edges – you lose your edge”

This has really struck a chord with me. It’s about not apologising for being who you are, but to strive to be the best person you can be.

I have two professions that are poles apart : A doctor and a creative ( blogger, stylist and photographer). Sometimes people ask me how can I do it and surely it’s not possible, and would I consider giving one up?

Why give one up when you love both, and are able to achieve your goals when fuelled by passion and drive?

I look at it from the perspective of being happy when I feel fulfilled. That happiness is crucial, as it has a positive effect on others and the things that I do.

For this campaign, Georg Jensen has replaced fashion models with real life role models. In fact, they have picked 5 amazing ladies, and it is a pleasure for me to introduce them to you : sarah-kendall-for-georg-jensen This is Sarah Kendall, an award winning comedian from Australia. Sarah has established herself as one of the hottest names on the international comedy circuit.

She says ” You can never be too loud”.

Her ‘loud’ is full of life, one that always has the ability to cheer and make people laugh. I say we need more of that in our lives don’t you think? dominique-crenn-for-georg-jensen-featured-on-little-big-bell This is Dominique Crenn, who is the world’s best female chef, as voted by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards in 2016.

She is the first female chef in the U.S to achieve two Michelin stars.

In her acceptance speech, she confronted the absurdity of being called ‘Best Female chef’ instead of just ‘Best Chef’.

Dominique says “women can kick ass too!” and “you can never be too ambitious” . susanne-bier-for-georg-jensen This is Susanne Bier, an award winning director from Denmark. She has a keen eye for original and modern storytelling.

Susanne says ” You can never be too demanding”.

Striving for perfection can sometimes be difficult to attain, but there is no harm in aiming high right? behnaz-shafiei-i-am-never-too-much-georg-jensen-featured-on-little-big-bell This is Behnaz Shafiei, a motocross rider from Iran.

She says ” You can never be too provocative”.

Quite an achievement for a lady coming from a country that bans women from driving motorcycles don’t you think?

Her fight to achieve performance is not yet over, as she hopes to represent Iran in an international championship one day, something that women in Iran are still not allowed to do. cecilia-braekhus-for-georg-jensen This is Cecilia Braekhus.

Her motto is ” you can never be too strong”.

Cecilia is a multi award winning boxing champion who has fought hard in the ring.

Out of the ring, she has fought hard too, to campaign for her native country of Norway to legalise professional boxing. Professional boxing is now legal in Norway.

I hope you have felt as inspired as I have with these 5 amazing ladies. What drives you ? What do you not apologise for? I would love to hear what you think.

Do take a look at the video below showing them in action.

(This is a sponsored collaboration with Georg Jensen. All opinions are my own).

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