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halloween ghost diy Halloween ghost DIY for your trick and treating party

How time flies. I can’t believe Halloween is nearly upon us.

I don’t usually over decorate for Halloween, but here’s a quick and easy DIY if you fancy throwing an impromptu party.

I’ve made a few floating ghosts by reusing my old white paper bell lanterns from a previous party.

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is cut out some ghost eyes from black card stock and super glue them on, and then place some white netting over. I got my white netting from Ebay. In order to create that floating ghost effect, I used some transparent string attached to Command brand’s removable party ceiling hooks. The hooks are so easy to use, just apply the sticky tape supplied, and press it for a few minutes against the ceiling. You can easily remove the hooks without damage to your ceiling paint. All you have to do is pull the tab along the same plane as the tape. You can see some examples on how to remove the tape here in a previous post.

The ceiling hooks will especially come in handy for Christmas decorations too. I can’t believe Christmas is less than 3 months away. Will you be Trick or Treating with the kids or partying this Halloween? I prefer staying home with a huge tub of candy and seeing all the cute costumes come by. Maybe this year I may throw a little Halloween tea party at home. Check out my cute party ware from Meri Meri.

Wishing you a wonderful day and I’ll be back soon with more interiors post.

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)

(I have written this Halloween ghost DIY post in sponsored collaboration with Command brand. All opinions and creatives are my own).

Happy-Halloween-with-Balloontime-helium-styling-and-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell As the clocks went back this Sunday, that Autumn Winter feeling crept in.

Even though I am a Summer person, there is still something endearing about the cold season. I say, let’s not mourn the loss of Summer. Let’s welcome Autumn and Winter in with open arms.

Halloween to me is also one of the first festive markers of this seasonal change. So I’ve decided to celebrate Winter with this post.

Last year’s Halloween consisted of black and white pumpkins with polka dots. This year it’s all about colour. I will be celebrating Halloween with Balloon Time. Balloon-time-helium-balloons-Halloween-styling-and-photos-by-Little-Big-Bell Autumn/Winter 2015 to me screams blue. I have picked a bright midnight blue, and want to show you how colours pop when set against it.

How better to do that, than these happy and vibrant helium balloons, held with baker’s twine. Balloon-time-Helium-balloon-tank-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Before, it used to always be a trudge to the party shop to get the balloons inflated, then there was the negotiating your way through the crowds with the balloons bobbing all over the place. Remember the tricky bit of squeezing them into the car?

That’s no longer, since I discovered the super lightweight and recyclable Helium cylinders from Balloon Time, all ready for impromptu parties. Balloon-time-Halloween-styled-and-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I decided to style a Halloween treat table. The candies are looking pretty restrained for now don’t you think?

It was the perfect timing that I received those cutely decorated cookies from talented artisan baker Nila Holden. Nila also supplies Fortnum and Mason.

Those marshmallow pumpkins are from Konditor and cook.

Balloon-time-Halloween-scene-Little-Big-Bell So, here it is, my simple to create Halloween treat table. Use a vibrant midnight blue and any colours will just stand out.

Enderman-costume-minecraft-by-Little-Big-Bell I thought I’d finish off by showing you my son’s costume for last year’s Halloween. He was Enderman, the baddie of Minecraft, the popular computer game. He received lots of compliments on his costume last year. Now I wonder what it’ll be this year?

Balloon-time-helium-tanks-styling-and-photos-by-Little-Big-Bell Have a fun time during Halloween if you do celebrate it. I can’t wait to see all the costumes coming through from trick and treating.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Balloon time. All opinions are my own).


It’s Halloween in 2 days. Anyone planning on going Trick or Treating?

I haven’t been very organised this year with Halloween decor, but have stocked up the candy jar with treats that I have bought from LA – Pumpkin coloured Kit-Kat bars, Halloween themed Hershey chocolates and Tootsie rolls.

My lovely sister Caroline has stepped in to share some of her Halloween party decorations.

She decided to decorate in a monochrome and neutral palette, so no bright oranges and green this year.

The image above is of her front door adorned in a black crepe- paper wreath.

Black-Halloween-wreath-by Caroline-Tan-on-Little-Big-Bell-blog

Here it is close up. You can find the step to step guide on the CountryLiving website.


Next up, are the pumpkins. She painted them in Farrow and Ball’s ‘All White’ and with a free hand drew on the creepy crawlies followed by a coat of black acrylic paint.


Don’t they look great on the stairs as they do on the mantelpiece?

Caroline has draped the banister and rails with some black artificial spider webs bought from a local craft store.


Hiding amongst the web is a scary plastic spider which she has coated with glitter.


Halloween is not complete without a bit of baking. Here my sister has made pumpkin cupcakes with a vanilla frosting decorated with sugar craft spiders and witches’ hats.


Hope you have enjoyed this post. Wishing those who celebrate Halloween a fantastic Trick and Treating. A big thank you to my youngest sister Caroline Tan (Instagram @Carotanml) for stepping in to help with this post.

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