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I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to the imm Cologne 2020 furniture trade fair, with the Association of German Furniture industry.

This is a post of what I’ve spotted that I liked and what I see as potential NEW trends for 2020 and beyond.

Trends are trends, they can be a passing fancy. Hence I thought I’d show you what my favourite finds were first.

These are the things that I would buy and want to have in my home. ( Whether I can afford them, is a total different story. But one can dream right?)

FOR MY HOME. I think I’ve gone to pastel heaven here. This Vlinder sofa  designed by Helle Jongerius for vitra is just so me. I absolutely adore it. The overlay has been masterfully weaved in the prettiest of pastel hues and patterns. It’s super soft and comfortable too.

The beautiful workmanship explains the hefty price at nearly £7000. Totally out of my reach, but you never know, maybe one day. imm cologne 2020 schonbuch I’m not one for large heavy furniture. I want beautiful portable design that can be multifunctional.

This year, I’m planning on re-doing my daughter’s bedroom, and this minty green table and bench look perfect for the small dressing table that I have been seeking for her space.

It could be a little study desk too.

It’s by one of my favourite German furniture brands, Schönbuch. How cute is this little kitchen designed and decorated by Mut design, a Spanish design studio founded by the amazing designers, Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón.

What I particularly had my eye on was that dustpan and broom called ‘Cane’ by Northern, and designed by Gridy.

I love how it’s one unit together. No more hunting for that dustpan and picking up that broom that keeps falling over. imm cologne 2020 normann copenhagen wooden puffins Those who follow me over on Instagram, must know that I’m rather partial to home decor accessories.

Of course, not just any accessories. They have to be cute, timeless and a potential design classic.

What do you think of this wooden puffin designed by Sigurjón Pálsson for Normann Copenhagen?

I actually spotted real life puffins when I was out whale watching in Tofino, Canada during my last Summer holiday. They are so cute. Talking about whale watching, I absolutely love this wooden whale from vitra. It matches the puffin well, don’t you think? imm cologne 2020 salt and pepper lamps tobias grau You can never have too much mood lighting at home right?

These salt and pepper lamps by Tobias Grau provide such comfort lighting. From comfort lighting, to something more glamorous, I was absolutely transfixed by these stellar grape lights designed by Sebastian Herkner for Pulpo. Here’s a closer up view. Whilst we are on the topic of Pulpo products, I wouldn’t mind having this trio of glass coffee tables in my home.

They are called aspa tables and are designed for Pulpo by mut design. Here they are at the Das Haus exhibition at imm Cologne. Now, for a bit of practical, functional design.

I’ve been searching high and low for stylish shoe storage for my home.

Alas, I found something suitable, in this shoe cabinet by Tojo, a German furniture brand with expertise in storage solutions that can be multi-functional. Here’s a little taster of what Tojo is all about.

If you turned that rocking chair on the left over, it becomes a side table, and on another side it’s a child’s desk.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my favourite finds. Now for the spotted trends at imm Cologne 2020.

THE NEW COLOURS – Mint, Pinks, Peach, Terracota, Rust and Browns. Pinks in dusky and peachy hues were prominent, as were soft brown shades and rusty terracota hues.

These wall storage units are by Schonbuch. Mint green is big news. Since it’s one of my favourite colours, it hasn’t ever gone out of fashion as far as I am concerned. These beautiful rattan chairs from Thonet sum up the pastel hues we will be seeing more of this season. Berry was also evident, although not really a colour to my liking. This Normann Copenhagen lounge illustrates the new rusty terracota brown colours of this season. I think mustard will be going out of trend, being replaced by these new shades.

After looking at all these colours, I’m going to go one step ahead to predict that peach and perhaps a light turquoise may be on the horizon in 2021.

COMFORT imm cologne 2020 No longer is it just design that is important, the discerning buyer want comfort. I often use the analogy to shoes – if you are going to pay for a Laboutin, it might as well be comfortable.

These chairs with removable washable covers are super comfortable and are by the German brand bruehl. imm cologne 2020 vitra sofa Which brings me back to this sofa by vitra. The price befits its comfort factor.

INTERACTION and DIGITAL DETOX It’s not untrue to say that our mobile phones have nowadays become an appendage of our arm.  Everywhere you look, people are staring at their screens, me included.

I’ve noticed a design movement to disrupt that habitual cycle. It’s all about rediscovering interaction and to talk to each other.

This Hemicycle range of sofa,by Phillipe Nigro for Ligne Roset, aims to encourage conversation. This is the Paradise bird chair by Wittmann. The designer, Luca Nichetto wanted the revolving chair to be a simple gesture for turning around to communicate with one another.

MIDCENTURY MODERN Although I’m only showing you one example here, there were many examples of midcentury modern furniture adaptations at the fair. I loved these chairs by Stouby.

UPCYCLED and SUSTAINABILITY imm cologne 2020 Perhaps this is not a new trend, but certainly an important one with all that climate change going on globally, so I’ll mention it in this post.

These wooden wall hooks are by Ton, an affiliated brand to Thonet. They are the offcuts from the furniture manufacturing processes. Such a clever idea to reuse and repurpose.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. Craftsmanship is so important in design. A beautifully made piece of furniture with more behind it. The carvings of this Mati chair by Herkner for Zanat, were inspired by the microscopic view of the cellular structure of wood.

Again, this makes an important point about sustainability. Another beautiful piece is this walnut veneer cabinet of drawers designed to celebrate Kettnaker’s 150th anniversary, using a combination of traditional craft and modern 3D laser technology.

MIRRORS imm cologne 2020 trends predictions I noticed at the fair that mirrors were taking a more flamboyant stance this year.

This yellow 3 dimensional mirror is by Shoenbuch. imm cologne 2020 ferm living Rather than a perfect circle, for example, there is a little assymetry, such as this mirror spotted at Ferm Living.

MODULAR and CUSTOMISABLE imm cologne 2020 interlubke shelving With urbanisation and space shortage, customisable modular furniture is becoming increasingly important to accommodate our changing living needs.

This elegant modular shelving is from Interlübke.

ZUHAUSESEIN imm cologne 2020 I thought I’d show you the winning photo entries being exhibited at imm cologne, of which I was one of the judges.

You can read more about them here.

Finally, I do hope you’ve enjoyed this trends post at imm Cologne 2020. I had so much fun spotting all the new furniture and designs that will soon be hitting our high streets. If you are interested in seeing the stands we visited on the Design tour, do take a look at this video. It also gives you a flavour of what imm Cologne looks like.

Have a lovely week.

( All photos are by Little Big Bell. This is a pais partnership post with the association of German furniture industry for imm Cologne 2020.).

Winners of the VDM home and interiors photo competition.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I don’t know if you can recall, a few weeks ago, I announced a home and interiors photo competition in collaboration with the Association of German Furniture industry.

They received a total 232 entries from 19 countries, and here are the 10 winners.

The winner for the Outdoor Living category is Silvia Ferrando from Italy ( above).

How cute is that little dog and outdoor space? Next up, is the winner for the Tiny Living category, Karst Rauhé from the Netherlands.

It’s brilliant how Karst has been able to incorporate a living room, dining space and bedroom into a small space, without compromising on style.

Absolutely love those on trend cane dining chairs too. This is Agata Dimmich’s winning Hallway photo. Super stylish and almost like a piece of still life art. Next, is this pink kitchen by a very green fingered owner, Mike Klar from Germany.

He is the winner of our kitchen photo competition category. Doesn’t this photo scream adorable? Love all the textures and likewise its cosy feel. Therefore very Hygge right?

This is the Relaxed Sleeping category winner, Anastasia Benko from Germany. This is such a pretty living room, with midcentury modern styling and pops of colours.

It belongs to the winner of the Living Room category, Roger Lemoyne from Canada,. What I would give, to lie here for a relaxing bath and hence be able to gaze out into nature.

This gorgeous bathroom photo belongs to Alex Schäler, also the winner of The Bathroom category. First of all, this is a kitchen of dreams, due to its beautiful pastel hue, bright skylight and gorgeous wooden floor, but most of all, I adore the fun little swing.

This space belongs to Elizabeth Barrett, from the USA, and she is the winner of the Living with Children category. How fabulous is it to be able to work from home surrounded by all this wonderful greenery? This is the winning shot by Vicson Chan Chua for the Working at Home category. If I were a kid again, I would so covet this outdoor play house. The winner of the Other Forms of Living category is Pepper Schmidt from Germany.

So, that finally concludes the 10 winners of the photo competition. Each winner will be awarded with a wonderful piece of German design, get a trip to Cologne and have their photo exhibited at the imm Cologne fair next year.

Furthermore, I hope you’ve enjoyed these inspirational pictures from the photo competition.

Finally, have a lovely week all.

( All photography are the copyright of the respective listed owners from the interiors photo competition. This is a paid partnership post with the association of the German Furniture Industry VDM ).

The art of being at home and a chance to win some amazing German furniture design pieces.

At the beginning of this year, I attended imm Cologne, one of Europe’s largest furniture fairs, and it was there, that I was introduced to the concept of #zuhausesein or being at home.

Being at home or #zuhausesein for me means being able to relax, recharge by being creative and to spend quality time with my family.

At the fair, I sought out pieces of furniture that would help me feel that way at home.

I was drawn to Thonet’s classic woven cane seating.

In fact, I’m now the proud owner of one of their classic 210R chair, as seen styled in my bedroom workspace. German furniture The Thonet 210R chair was designed by German designer, Gebrüder Thonet in 1900, and was described by Le Corbusier as a chair with nobility.

It is indeed a piece of beauty, with a frame bent from one solid piece of Beech wood to form the back and armrest. In addition, the cane in the seating and backrest have been woven with such mastery. Thonet is amongst one of an amazing group of German furniture makers.  In collaboration with the Association of German furniture industry, you too now can have an opportunity to own your very own German furniture design classic in a photo competition that I will be co-hosting.

The theme for this competition is “what does #zuhausesein or being at home mean to you?”

Here are the 10 categories

  1. Outdoor living
  2. Tiny Spaces
  3. The Hallway- the ticket to your home
  4. Kitchen lover
  5. Relaxed sleeping
  6. The living room – my private retreat.
  7. The bathroom- the private wellness temple
  8. Living with children
  9. Working at home.
  10. Other forms of living (e.g caravans).

You can submit one photo per category and pick as many categories as you like. In other words, you can submit up to a maximum of 10 photos.

Below is the list of prizes per category:

German furniture 1.Outdoor Living: prize from Janua, bowl “SK 07 Ritual”

2.Tiny Spaces: prize from Bordbar, lighting “Super Light”, colour black.

schonbuch german furniture design

3.The hallway – the ticket to your home: prize from Schönbuch, coat hanger “Line”. The winner can pick from one of the colours shown in the photo.

4.Kitchen Lover: prize from Caussa, lighting “Fabella”, colour white

5.Relaxed sleeping: prize from Vitamin Design, nightstand “Pfeife”

German furniture 6.The living room – my private retreat: prize from Rolf Benz, footstool “Rolf Benz 953”, colour anthracite.

German furniture zuhausesein 7.The bathroom – the private wellness temple: prize from Duravit, wall shelf “L-Cube”

8.Living with children: prize from Hülsta, footstool “Birdy”, colour blue

German furniture 9.Working at Home: prize from Tojo, cantilever chair, colour white/green 10.Other forms of housing: prize from Thonet, side table “S18”

The photo competition is opened to all globally, from the 5th to 18th August 18 2019, and the winner per category will be announced on 27th August 2019.

Participants must be over 18 years of age.

The instructions to enter are:

1.To post your photo on your Instagram channel, follow and tag @zuhausesein_vdm

2.Use the hashtag #zuhausesein and #beingathome

3.Tell us which category you are entering the photo for and what being at home means to you.

4.Then, separately also send your competition photos ( must be 300dpi) to

The email should include:

1.Name of the category in which you wish to participate

2. Your Name

3. Date of Birth

4. Country

5. Telephone and email

6. Name on social media

The winner retains copyright of their own image but agrees to VDM ( Association of German furniture industry) using it on their social channels, website or publications for an unlimited period for the purpose of the Zuhausesein campaign. You will be acknowledged for any of your photos used.

Each winner in each of the categories will win a stunning piece of furniture from a German furniture manufacturer associated to that category (as stated previously).

If you win, your photo will be exhibited at imm cologne 2020. You will also get to attend the fair with two complimentary tickets and a travel allowance for hotel and flights of up to 500 euros. You will be responsible for your own booking.

Finally, the winning photo will be incorporated into the “German Design Book 2020”.

Doesn’t that all sound so exciting?

I can’t wait to see all the photo submissions.

I hope you will all enter. The prizes are amazing.

( This is post featuring German furniture is a paid collaboration with the Association of German Furniture Industry)

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