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Winners of the VDM home and interiors photo competition.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I don’t know if you can recall, a few weeks ago, I announced a home and interiors photo competition in collaboration with the Association of German Furniture industry.

They received a total 232 entries from 19 countries, and here are the 10 winners.

The winner for the Outdoor Living category is Silvia Ferrando from Italy ( above).

How cute is that little dog and outdoor space? Next up, is the winner for the Tiny Living category, Karst Rauhé from the Netherlands.

It’s brilliant how Karst has been able to incorporate a living room, dining space and bedroom into a small space, without compromising on style.

Absolutely love those on trend cane dining chairs too. This is Agata Dimmich’s winning Hallway photo. Super stylish and almost like a piece of still life art. Next, is this pink kitchen by a very green fingered owner, Mike Klar from Germany.

He is the winner of our kitchen photo competition category. Doesn’t this photo scream adorable? Love all the textures and likewise its cosy feel. Therefore very Hygge right?

This is the Relaxed Sleeping category winner, Anastasia Benko from Germany. This is such a pretty living room, with midcentury modern styling and pops of colours.

It belongs to the winner of the Living Room category, Roger Lemoyne from Canada,. What I would give, to lie here for a relaxing bath and hence be able to gaze out into nature.

This gorgeous bathroom photo belongs to Alex Schäler, also the winner of The Bathroom category. First of all, this is a kitchen of dreams, due to its beautiful pastel hue, bright skylight and gorgeous wooden floor, but most of all, I adore the fun little swing.

This space belongs to Elizabeth Barrett, from the USA, and she is the winner of the Living with Children category. How fabulous is it to be able to work from home surrounded by all this wonderful greenery? This is the winning shot by Vicson Chan Chua for the Working at Home category. If I were a kid again, I would so covet this outdoor play house. The winner of the Other Forms of Living category is Pepper Schmidt from Germany.

So, that finally concludes the 10 winners of the photo competition. Each winner will be awarded with a wonderful piece of German design, get a trip to Cologne and have their photo exhibited at the imm Cologne fair next year.

Furthermore, I hope you’ve enjoyed these inspirational pictures from the photo competition.

Finally, have a lovely week all.

( All photography are the copyright of the respective listed owners from the interiors photo competition. This is a paid partnership post with the association of the German Furniture Industry VDM ).

Affordable and stylish side tables to make your home look pretty.

I’ve been searching for some colourful side tables for a while.

As you know, I do love a pop of colour at home. 

I was so happy to discover that Matalan have them in my favourite colours of yellow and pink.

The prices are super affordable too. side tables This is the Lana side table in pink. Isn’t it cute?

It has a built in drawer with lots of space for all my odds and ends.

I have decorated it with some faux flowers from Matalan. Aren’t they pretty and look so real too? That French bulldog mug is also from Matalan. The mug also come in a Dachshund and cat print, so are perfect gifts for pet lovers, and at £3, is a real steal. I love that dusky pink shade on my Matalan Lana table. It’s the perfect grown up pink and really matches all the pastel shades in my bedroom don’t you think?  Next, I’d like to introduce you to my yellow Dax side table which only cost £30. I love its sunshine ochre yellow and wanted to show it off, so have placed it in front of my green sofa. I have styled my Dax side table with a few more accessories from Matalan.

Can you spot that cute smiling face cactus pot in pink? I actually have one in yellow too.

At £8, I think it’s going to sell out fast. side tables Did you know Llamas are the new flamingos? 

Remember that time when flamingo accessories were everywhere? Well, llamas are now apparently the cool new animal.

I simply had to jump on that bandwagon, and this llama planter from Matalan with a faux succulent was the perfect find. I’m so pleased with my two colourful side tables. They will come in handy for when I do photo shoots for room sets too, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of them on my Instagram soon. 

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan. This is a paid partnership with Matalan, but all choices and opinions are my own).

Baby doll interior trend The Baby Doll trend and River Island’s first homewares collection.

The trend for high street fashion brands releasing their own homewares collection continue.

Last week, River Island revealed their first homewares collection, and it was an honour to be asked to be part of that launch.

River Island picked 3 key looks for their new collection: Electric Opulence, New Nordic and Baby Doll. They rented a Georgian house in London’s Soho Square over 3 days for the launch, and each room was styled in one of the key looks.

I was asked to give a workshop for the launch party. My brief was to talk about the Baby Doll Trend, and how I would style it for Instagram at home.

The Baby Doll look is one that is inextricably linked and influenced by fashion. This goes as far back as the 1960s, and then made popular again in the 1990s.

Twiggy ( a famous model and singer in the 1960s) typified the Baby Doll look with her pretty pink A-line Mary Quant dress and Mary-Jane shoes.

Fast forward to now, the Babydoll look is usually a floaty, above the knee dress with an empire waistline. The dresses are usually in pastel hues of pink and pale blues. Some people describe the look as ‘girly’ but I call it ‘girl power’, because it is a liberating look, away from the restrictive corsetry and hemlines of the past.

Whilst writing my talk for the workshop, I’ve come to the realisation that my home’s aesthetic was indeed very Baby Doll.  So, what does a Baby Doll interior look like?

I see it as : An explosion of pretty pastels, especially pinks and blues; Lots of fun prints and patterns; Faux fur and a mix of whimsical textures and Sparkles The new River Island Homewares collection have all the above elements.

You can see bursts of pinks, fun animal print patterns on the throw, sparkly sequin cushions and a mix of textures. What I love about the collection is its flexibility and that each piece can also be used to style the other 2 looks. Those who attended my workshop, would have heard me say “throw away the colour wheel “ and “there’s no such thing as colour clash”.

I truly believe in what I preach. This can be seen in my images.  Want to know how I do it? My solution is to divide a room into 3 sections : foreground, mid ground and background. Then set yourself free with colours. The key is to use small doses of colours but that are present in all three sections of the room. By doing this, it creates consistency and flow. Go ahead and give it a try. Hope you’ve enjoyed the tip and how I’ve styled the Baby Doll look. I’d love to hear what you think is your favourite piece. I love the pouffe, how about you? The River Island homewares Collection is now available online and in stores. If I were you, I’d get down there soon to snap up your favourites.

Have a lovely day.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with River Island homewares, but all opinions are my own).

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