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Decluttering and kids’ room storage. Stylish ways to hide toys away.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend. We were lucky in the UK to have had a Bank holiday weekend, so the Monday off.

It is customary for me to Spring clean on one of the Bank holiday days, and I’m pleased to say, I managed to do some decluttering on Saturday.

I’m surprised at my renewed energy after my Summer break away.

I’ve managed to do 5 blog posts ( including this one) in 5 days. This is pretty out of the ordinary, because I usually post a maximum of twice a week.

If you fancy catching up on my blog posts, I have written about:

1.The most amazing Indian vegetarian restaurant in London that I have recently tried.

2.My newly decorated pastel workspace.

3.A super luxurious Urban resort in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

4.My Autumn Winter 2017 interiors and home decor curate for the Autumn Fair in Birmingham. Anyway, back to the subject of decluttering. I managed to fill up 5 large boxes with clothes and home decor that I no longer needed for the charity shop and friends. This seems like a good result right?

It’s such an uplifting feeling, when you can see the space in your home again. I’ve shown you an image of my son’s room, because I think we all know that children’s rooms tend to be the messiest space in the house. Do you agree that tidying a child’s room seems like an unending task? decluttering and kids room toy storage In line with the subject of decluttering, I have written a guest post for The Shurgard blog on the subject of “Stylish ways to hide toys in your kids room”

The image above is a little sneak peek of that post:

I have separated out, and organised Lego pieces by colour into plastic drawers. I’ve turned organising Lego pieces by colour, what seems like a mundane task, into a fun racing game with my son.

We each pick two colours and then try to fill the drawers as quickly as we can.

Do take a peek at more of my tips here, and I hope you’ll find them useful.

Have a lovely week all.

(All photography are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell).

Stylish-boy's-1-bedroom-monochrome-Scandinavian-photo-and styling-by-Geraldine Tan-Little-Big-Bell.jpg Hope you’ve all had a fun Christmas holiday. It was wonderful for me to have time off work to spend with the family.

My son was very lucky this year to receive a laptop computer for Christmas.

I have been wanting to order a String shelving and desk system for his room to create a dedicated work space but it suddenly came to me that I could convert his bedroom shelves (photo above) to a work area.

Work-nook-children's-room-Little-Big-Bell Here it is!

kid's-workspace-nook-Little-Big-Bell The shelves were deep enough to provide adequate desk space and luckily it was at the perfect height for him.

Kid's-workspace-styling-and-photo-by-Little_Big_Bell I decorated his wall with a few postcards, brought over his Anglepoise lamp for work lighting.

Boy's-room-workspace-Little-Big-Bell I was so pleased that M loved his work space. It’s amazing how spaces in the home can be used flexibly, if only one looked hard enough.

It took a laptop computer to inspire me to look. What a great investment, it’s now saved me from spending on an expensive desk system for at least a year or two!

Kid's-workspace-DIY-Little-Big-Bell Here’s the little man himself, enjoying his wonderful gift from Santa.

Hoe you’ve enjoyed this post, have a wonderful start to your week!

Boy-bedroom-makeover-for-Christmas-Little-Big-Bell One more day to Christmas! The house is buzzing with excitement! As promised on Instagram, I would show you my son’s festive bedroom makeover.

Christmas-for-kids-Little-Big-Bell Do you remember his last bedroom makeover, a Breton theme? A little fine tuning here and there with some festive touches and ……….

Boy's-Christmas-bedroom-Little-Big-Bell Here it is! The red checked duvet cover is also from The White company, as is the Christmas banner.

Christmas-bedroom-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell That Vanilla and Peppermint candle on his bedside table is from Anthropologie and smells so delicious.

Merry-Christmas-from-Little-Big-Bell Our Christmas crackers this year are from the Conran shop.

Happy-Christmas-bedroom-Little-Big-Bell Little M’s Christmas striped pyjamas from the Little White company is all laid out on his chair ready for this evening.

Christmas-bedroom-decor-Little-Big-Bell Tomorrow you will see some table styling on my Instagram.

Happy Christmas friends!

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