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Joss_and_main_Little_Big_Bell_curated_blogger_collection I am super excited today to announce the Little Big Bell Joss and Main curated sale of furniture and home decor.

I often get asked where to buy the furniture and decor from the photos that I post of my home on Instagram. As many of the pieces I own are no longer in shops, I have often thought about bringing together a collection inspired by the Little Big Bell style, so this is a dream come true. Joss_and_Main_curated_design_sale_with_Little_Big_Bell Joss and Main is a special members only site that offers time limited sales on amazing design brands at a much reduced price.

I have put some of the pieces from the curate next to my home photos, in case you want to recreate the look.

Its parent company is based in the U.S and stocks a whole range of furniture and furnishings not seen on the British High Street. The cool thing is that it is now accessible via and shipped from its UK online site.

You have to be quick though, because the curated sale is only between July 26th and August 2nd 2015.
Joss_and_main_guest_curator_Little_Big_Bell The curation includes my favourite colour palette of mint, canary yellow, fuchsia, powder pink and blues.

The team at Joss and Main have also picked quite a few pieces they felt were inspired by the Little Big Bell style. So interesting to see their interpretations.

Get_to_know_Little_Big_Bell To coincide with the sale, I have also been interviewed on their blog Plume, where I talk about blogging and inspirations. Hope you enjoy reading it.

I really hope you like my Joss and Main curated sale, do let me know which is your favourite piece.

I will be back again soon with a fresh new room styling. Watch this space and happy weekend, Happy shopping.

( This post is a sponsored collaboration with Joss and Main)

Little-Big-Bell-workspace-2 I’ve noticed lately that many design bloggers have moved into their own creative work ‘Studios’.

I’m going to cheat and call my study my studio.

After all, I did spend yesterday afternoon there, crafting up pumpkins for my Halloween collaboration, soon to be revealed.


Those who follow me on Instagram have already seen my ‘studio’, but I thought I’d post it here for my readers who do not venture into Instagram.


Little_Big_Bell's_study Here’s where I sit for my weekend morning coffee.

Little_Big_Bell's_study_tour_photo_and_styling_by_Geraldine_Tan This pale blue shelf was a very lucky Ebay finnd.

Little_Big_Bell's-work-space-photo-and-styling-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big_bell These Ikea shelving are always evolving, a reflection of my constant re-arranging and decoration.

Little-Big-Bell's-work-space-1-shelf Here it’s changed again!

Anyway, hope you liked my study……I mean Studio! Have a wonderful week ahead.

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