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Tiptoe Design coffee table I’m excited to introduce you to Tiptoe Design, a savvy business with great product ideas.

They manufacture colourful and sturdy metal legs that you can use to create your own furniture of choice and more. Even better, they are on a mission to make more sustainable furniture, and I’ve been lucky enough to acquire one of their recycled plastic Venezia coffee tables as seen above. Tiptoe Design coffee table The coffee table look and feels like it’s made of expensive stone with a terrazzo effect. I was amazed to learn that it takes 100 plastic yogurt pots to make the top of this table. Tiptoe Design coffee table The flecks of gold, silver and colours creating a terrazzo effect on the top comes from the label fragments of the plastic packaging.

It is just so pretty, and the perfect surface to do flat lay photoshoots. The metal legs used for my table is in an olive tree green. You can get a variety of other colours on their site. Tiptoe Design coffee table They are so well made and strong, and it only took a few minutes to fit. Previously I had a low lying coffee table but I love how a slightly elevated table has now created a sense of space.

It is sturdy and yet surprising light to move around too, unlike the conventional heavy stone tables. What do you think of this Tiptoe Design Venezia table? I love it, both the design and concept. Off now for my morning coffee at my new Venezia table from tiptoe design.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post, I’ll be back soon with more interiors post.

Finally, do keep well and safe.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.) AD gifted tiptoe design table.

Stranger Things style living room AD. I was excited to take on the challenge when Frith rugs asked me to style up a Stranger Things style living room using one of their rugs.

I could have gone all dark and retro, like in the film, but I decided to put my own take on it.

Stranger Things is one our family’s favourite Netflix shows, set in the 1980s.

The 1980s was the era of the neon pop look and the colourful geometrics of the Memphis style movement. However, alongside these bold colours was also a trend for light pastel hues. I’ve decided to style my living room in the 1980s pastel look. I have kept the Stranger Things theme by recreating the alphabet wall with colourful lights seen in the show. To compliment my pastel theme, I have picked a pretty pink rug from Frith rugs.

It’s a 100% wool Indian lattice design rug. It comes in a variety of sizes. Stranger Things style living room Frith rugs is a family owned business, since 1981. They sell a huge variety of rugs, handpicked and manufactured from their travels around the world.

You can find Persian rugs, to Afghan rugs, and classic styled rugs to contemporary rugs on their website. Basically there is a great collection to suit all tastes and budgets.  When it comes to rugs from third world countries I always like to know if they are being sold ethically, and I’m pleased to find out that Frith rugs do this responsibly. Stranger Things style living room I’ve had my pink Indian lattice design rug for a few weeks now, and can report that the quality is good. It’s soft, cosy and warm to walk on. There is no shedding or pilling of the carpet. It vacuums easily too. Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my take on a Stranger Things style living room.

I’ll be back soon with more posts in the New Year. Wishing you a wonderful 2020.

Small living room How to style a small living room.

Following on from my recent post on how to create a flexible Room for Living using John Lewis and Partners furniture, I thought I’d show you how they can be moved around flexibly to needs.

I’ve recently started doing workouts in my small living room, a small but positive step towards getting fit.

To create space for working out, I’ve moved my Design Project by John Lewis coffee table off the carpet. It was handy that the table was light and slim, so fitted perfectly between the rug and fireplace without looking obtrusive.

Talking about the rug, I adore my new Tora rug from John Lewis and partners.

It’s so soft and has made my workout  (especially sit ups) less punishing.

It’s also a great spot for the family to sit whilst playing board games on the weekend. If you recall from my last post, I had a console table where the sofa is now in this small living room.

It’s in my hallway at present, to make room for my Design Project by John Lewis shelf unit. small living room Now back to the shelves.

After work or on weekends , I usually like to unwind by leafing through my collection of hardback books on interiors, travel and food.

I have a huge collection of books ( which incidentally I also use as props for photo shoots). The Design Project by John Lewis shelf is so stylish and elegant. It was the perfect solution for storing and displaying my book collection. Here’s a better view of the shelf. My dining table and chairs are the only pieces that have stayed in their original spot. 

How do you like this new configuration in my small living room?

It’s great that all these pieces of John Lewis and Partners furniture allow for such flexibility in the way we live.

The key to living flexibly in this small space is to buy quality furniture that can have multiple uses, is light enough to move around, and of course looks beautiful too.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Wishing you a wonderful day. x

( All photography and styling are by Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with John Lewis and Partners.)

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