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Room for Living. Flexible living room in a small space.

The whole open plan “kitchen into living room” trend continues to gain momentum, as the living room morphs from its traditional role as a space for just lounging, into one that caters for entertaining, eating and for working in.

However, most houses still have the traditional kitchen and living room split. In addition to that, renovating a new space can be expensive.

With the increasing scarcity of affordable housing, space in homes are also at a premium, so creating a living room that caters for all our lifestyle needs makes enormous sense. Room for living john lewis and partners As a challenge to myself, I decided to style a small living room space with multiple elements of living in mind  (minus the kitchen).

For me, picking the right furniture is key to creating a flexible room for living, and they have to be light enough to move around. 

Obviously, design and aesthetic are also important.

I picked all my furniture pieces for this flexible living room space from John Lewis and partners. It was easy to select the pieces, as there was such a vast choice of furniture range to pick from. Moreover, all the key information I needed from dimensions, furniture weight and delivery times were all clearly available.

When deciding on my Room for Living pieces, I listed out what activities we would use the space for.  The most obvious requirement was a comfortable sofa to sink into, from where we could relax or even work from.

I’ve always had colourful sofas, but this time I’ve opted for a grey one. Grey is actually a great backdrop from which colours can pop. The sofa is from the House by John Lewis range and is called Archie II. It’s really light to move around the room and super comfortable too.

In fact, I’m now sitting on the sofa as I write this blog post on my laptop. I may even consider having a nap here soon too. To keep myself awake, I have a strong cup of coffee resting on my oak Design project by John Lewis coffee table. Isn’t it a gorgeous table?

I love it’s curved body and that extra shelving is just perfect for storing my coffee table books, notebooks and even a jar of treats to go with my coffee. I think having a dining space totally away from the messy kitchen makes dining more pleasurable, so a dining table was an essential.

My selection was the House by John Lewis Anton 4 seater dining table as it was stylish, light and just the right size for our family of 4.

This dining table would not just be for mealtimes. In fact, my husband has started using this space to work from home. I’ve placed the dining table next to a large window with a skylight above for lots of natural lighting.

After school, the table is also a great space for the kids to do their homework. This weekend for the first time, my son used the space for his music theory tuition.

The chairs are called Whistler and are from John Lewis and partners too. As the living room is rather small, I couldn’t fit a huge sideboard into the space. 

I was so pleased to find this elegant Design project by John Lewis console table in oak.  It was just the perfect size for small space living.  

It functions well as a surface for room essentials, such as this John Lewis Myers Banker touch table lamp in gold, a clock, a scented candle and other decorative accessories.

The console table can also function as a work desk, if the dining table is otherwise occupied. Some people worry about using colours in a small space, because it may make it look smaller. 

However, this is totally not the case. Colour to me opens up a space and makes it happy and bright. I’ve introduced colour with some cushions, a colourful rug and a pink armchair.

The soft pink armchair is called Scoop. It is currently out of stock, but I believe it will be back in stock around June 10th 2019. Isn’t the rug gorgeous? It’s called the Tora rug and also from John Lewis and partners. So, what do you think of my flexible Room for Living? It is definitely a place for rest, fun and even work. Most of all, it fits our lifestyle well. Hope you’ve enjoyed the post. Wishing you a lovely day.

( All photography and styling are by Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with John Lewis and partners).

Candles and scent diffusers – How to bring the Mediterranean vibe of Italy into your home.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Wasn’t the warm weather fabulous?

It reminded me of my recent trip to Milan for the launch of Acqua Di Parma’s home scent collection. Since my return to London, I’ve been able to enjoy a few of their wonderful candles and scent diffusers. Not only do they smell amazing and transport me to sunny Italy, they look wonderful as decor too. Yellow is so on trend in interiors now, and Acqua Di Parma’s yellow is just the perfect tone.

Therefore, I have decided to style their lovely yellow candles and scent diffusers at home. Here is  Acqua Di Parma’s Buongiorno candle in my living room. scent diffusers Acqua Di Parma’s scent diffusers combined with scented candles create the most amazing ambience. Buongiorno is revitalising and fresh, like the morning breeze on a hot day. I have now placed different candles and diffusers in various parts of my home, to experience those different Italian moments that each scent creates. This Acqua di Parma Fico do Amalfi is another one of my favourite scents.

It is inspiredby the gorgeous landscape of the Mediterranean immersed in the soft scent of fig trees. Here is Acqua di Parma’s Luce di Colonia scented candle. It has citrus notes of Orange and Lemon  combined with Neroli, Vetiver, Patchouli and Petitgrain.

Above all, it is vibrant and happy. I wasn’t kidding when I said I have the candles all over the house. Here is the La Casa sul Lago candle in my dining room.

It’s all about a blend of fresh flowers, aquatic notes and musk. I feel so relaxed with all these glorious scents at home.  If you fancy a slice of Italy in your home too, then you can find out more about the scents on Acqua Di Parma’s site.

Finally, wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

What do you think of, if I say a colourful retro interior?

It seems like the 1980s was definitely a colourful era, but which trend do you think looked best?

First of all, there was the neon pop and then the pastel pink and blue look, however most noteworthy and one that is currently having a revival, is the Memphis trend. The Memphis group was an Italian design and architecture group founded by Ettore Sottsass in 1980. They designed Postmodern furniture, fabrics, ceramics, glass, and metal objects. You can read more about it in my blog post here.

The trend embodied bright colours and bold geometric patterns.

Such vibrant colours and patterns are definitely gaining momentum, because at recent press events, I’ve noticed that many interior brands have started to incorporate the elements of the Memphis style into their new collections. I was super excited when Marsh and Parsons, one of London’s leading estate agents asked me to style up a colourful retro living space, one of their matching people to property looks.

I’ve gone for bright shades of blues, yellows, pinks and greens.

I’m sure some of you may be curious where everything is from, therefore I’ve compiled a list for you below:

Central art print and green cushion – Habitat

Prints on either side – Particular people

Sofa – Designer’s Guild

Block Table trolley – Normann Copenhagen

Vase on trolley – Vintage  Holmegaard via eBay

Bag – Eleanor Bowmer

Bright Ellsworth cushions – WA Green

Pink wooden figure – Vitra

Colourful RAAWII Strom vases ( yellow/ orange)  – W.A Green

White candle – Keith Haring Pink and red cushion – Cath Kidston

Coffee table books – Hardie Grant and Kate Spade NY

Blue tray with lips – Jonathan Adler via W.A Green

Red mug – Marrimekko via Skandium.

Rug- Lorena Canals You’ll get a better sense of how the colours and patterns go together if you stand back frequently to  view while you style,

Then all you need to do is to adjust and fine tune the decor as needed.

For more of my tips on how to create this colourful retro look, do hop over and check out Marsh and Parsons blog. Finally, hope you’ve enjoyed the post. I’ll be back soon with another styling for Marsh and Parsons. This time it’ll be a modern and neutral nursery. Can’t wait to show you.

(All the photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post with Marsh and Parsons but all opinions are my own.)

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