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I am ever so grateful for all the messages and acts of support during this trying time of the Pandemic.

People keep asking me how I’m coping and am I OK. The truth is, it’s tough, just like how everyone is feeling now.

As a doctor, we are experiencing something out of the ordinary, but morale is good and everyone has rallied round to support each other, and work as a team.

For me, I continue to function as usual, and have not let it impact on me emotionally at work.

Although I must admit I’ve had the anxiety of unwittingly passing the virus, if I do get it, to my family.

Invariably every day I will come into contact with Covid or suspected Covid patients in the A&E department, hence I’ve been social distancing at home and sleeping in my basement bunker. That, I have found tough.

During this time of the Pandemic, this is what I have learned.

1.You know who your true friends are.

True friends are those who care or are sympathetic, who will try to find out how you are doing.

I have found that it’s those good friends I’ve known all my life, that I have lost touch with, who are the ones who get in touch privately to enquire and make sure I’m ok.

I’m grateful by the kindness shown to me on Instagram and the private DMs that I have received too. Instagram can at times be superficial, but during a time like this, you know who are the genuine ones.

I have also been touched by the show of support from people representing brands who I haven’t met before. These flowers were sent to cheer me up by Alisha of snug sofa.

beauty banks pandemic 2.There are amazing people doing wonderful things out there to support key workers in the NHS.

I’d like to mention a few amazing brands and organisations who I’ve encountered and helped me.

The Beauty Banks

The Beauty Banks is like food banks but for personal care and toiletries. They have been amazing with drop offs of self care products for frontline staff.

Last week, they did a huge drop off of hundreds of products at my hospital, which we have now distributed to all frontline junior and senior doctors of all specialties who are working the tough shifts in all areas to help the effort against Covid 19. jo malone hand sanitiser pandemic Estée Lauder companies – Jo Malone London.

I have a huge respect for the Estée Lauder group of companies in their efforts to support key workers.

Jo Malone London turned their attention to how they can help in the Pandemic with the manufacturing of alcohol hand sanitisers.

I was grateful to receive a shipment of the sanitisers, which I’ve distributed to the staff in my hospital – from receptionists, to porters, to nurses, physiotherapists and doctors.


Last Christmas, I remembered Prezzybox getting in touch to see if I’d like a box of personalised Cadbury Heroes. This gave me the idea of getting chocolates for my team who have been working hard at the hospital.

Everyone of them a hero in their own right.

If there is a key worker you would like to thank, then this is a great gift don’t you think?

cotton face masks pandemic Face masks for NHS staff

My lovely friend Kit Lee has been making face masks for key workers.

These are the 2 that she had sent me. She is in need of more fabric, so if you can donate some, then do get in touch with her.

Face Visors for Key workers

I love how companies are so resourceful and innovative at a time of need, just like how Jo Malone turn to the production of hand sanitisers, Cameron Design house, a bespoke lighting company has turned to making visors to protect key workers.

A few weeks back, I got a delivery of visors which I have distributed to my colleagues at the hospital.

By the way, that’s me in the photo above. love NHS Pandemi 3.We must not forget about those left behind.

Whilst we are pledging support to the NHS during this Pandemic, I am aware there are sections of our population in need too.

There are vulnerable children and young people suffering during the lockdown who urgently need our support.

Hence I have collaborated with The Native State on this Love NHS art print as a celebration of our NHS but importantly for every art print sold, £10 will be donated to Barnardos the charity. Here’s the art print in my workspace. I love how the rainbow colours look so fun and happy.

I was super excited to see it feature on Good morning Britain with Lorraine Kelly on Friday. pandemic I hope you will help with this important cause at this time of the Pandemic. The art print looks great at the window too, to show the NHS your support. You can buy the art print here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Stay safe all. x

[AD] As a doctor, I come across lots of patients with chronic long term conditions, many of whom are on a long list of medications.

Compliance with medications can be an issue and this could be made worse by not getting their repeat prescriptions on time. So I’m all for anything that helps compliance, be it ways of reminding people to take their medications, making it easier to obtain their repeat prescriptions or having the support of their local pharmacists for advice. That brings me to Healthera, an innovative app, that is attempting to address those identified problems.

It tries to reduce the inefficiency in the system of repeat prescriptions.

Imagine cutting out that step of ringing your GP to request a repeat prescription, and not having to queue. The Healthera app is approved by the NHS apps library and securely links to your signed up GP and local Pharmacy system.

It can remind you when to take your medications and when to reorder it.

Once ordered, you can track your order and have it delivered to your doorstep free.

This means less time off work, or waiting in the phone, GP or pharmacy queues.

Some Pharmacists also provide an advice service on the app.

I’m all for efficiency in the health care system, for example, GPs can then be freed up to see their waiting patients. Pharmacists play a crucial role in the review of patients with polypharmacy. This app could help them ensure patients have safer medications intake, monitoring and compliance.

If you have repeat prescriptions or help someone with their repeat prescriptions, why not try out the Healthera app now?

The service is totally free to use.

I’m all for safe efficiency in the nhs, and supporting innovations that work towards that aim.

There is a lot of untapped potential with this app. As with all technology, it is evolving and learning from experience, and this is something we should support.

I’d love to know what you think of this idea of medicines delivery.

( This is a paid partnership with Healthera app, but all opinions are my own)

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