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upcycled chest of drawers Upcycled chest of drawers in ombré pastel pink and yellow.

Sustainability and non wastage in design and decor is now more important than ever. I’m slowly taking steps to embrace this for my home.

I’ve been wanting to get a chest of drawers for the corner of this room to store my props. However, I haven’t found anything suitable.

I was really pleased to discover Made By Raphael who restores and upcycle second hand furniture.

I’ve been looking for a narrow chest of drawers in an ombre collection of pastel hues. Raphael showed me his stock of vintage furniture. There were many beautiful mid century modern pieces, but I wanted something simple.

I knew instantly the chest of drawers above was what I wanted.

We then discussed colours, and I told Raphael that I wanted 3 ombre shades of pastel pink and yellow. I left him to pick the shades. Judging by his past work, I knew he would pick the colour palette that I like. upcycled chest of drawers I was so thrilled when I unwrapped the drawers that Raphael himself delivered to me.

The quality of the painting was amazing.

The upcycled chest of drawers looked totally new. This is unsurprising as Raphael has experience in furniture restoration and repair.

It just looks perfect in this corner of my workspace don’t you think? I’m so pleased with how it had turned out. Now, I can tidy away all that mess I previously had on the floor. The colours are soothing and so in line with the aesthetic of my home. If you are looking for something similar, I highly recommend Made by Raphael. Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my upcycled chest of drawers. Have a lovely day.

( My photography)

Frenchic Paint Ta-Dah! Here’s my newly painted doors using Frenchic Paint , as inspired by the beautiful doors of Kenwood House in North London.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

I was looking for a paint with a proven track record on wood, and after trying the samples from Frenchic Paint’s Trim range, I knew this was the one.

Frenchic Paint was founded in 2014 by Pam Gruhn, and is now one of the fastest growing chalk Paint companies in the U.K.

I have picked two colours Bon Bon (pink) and Ducky ( duck egg blue). Frenchic Paint Behind my Frenchic ‘Ducky’ blue painted door is my son’s bedroom. As you can see he really loves blue. The paint went on like a dream.

It’s a subtle satin paint with a robust finish. It really looks amazing, just like a brand new door. This door had been painted for a few weeks now, therefore I’m sure many of you with kids will know that seeing scuff marks would not be unusual..

However, as you can see in the photo, the door still looks in perfect condition. Frenchic Trim paint is as it says “providing an extremely high scuff resistance”. This is the door that leads to my workspace, and it is adjacent to my son’s room.

For those who know me well, it would have come as no surprise that I had picked pink. I’ve wanted a pink door for a long time. I resisted the temptation to paint my external front door pink.

The 2 males in my family have been more that patient with my pink transformations all over the house, so I thought it would only be fair to let them have some say in the front door colour. This is the door that leads into my special pink room, hence the perfect door for Frenchic’s Bon Bon pink. Frenchic’s Trim paint can be used directly onto wood ( bare or painted), brick, stone, plaster or any suitably primed rigid surface. I’ve recently painted my doors white, so without a huge amount of prep, apart from masking tape, I was able to apply the paint directly onto the door. It’s a gorgeous pinky tone, therefore perfect for my room. Frenchic paint is fast drying, odourless and is certified child safe. There are no VOC’s, toxins or solvents.

Above all, it has the EN71:3* certification which means that it is even safe to use on children’s toys. Frenchic Paint Finally, if you are feeling the upcycling bug, then maybe you should try some Frenchic paints. I highly recommend it.

Do keep an eye on my Instagram next week, as there will be a giveaway of Frenchic paints.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the post.

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your weeks.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.  I have also written this as a paid partnership post with Frenchic paints, but all views are my own).

How to upcycle bedside cabinets with Aldi’s Upcycling range.

(Paid Partnership with Aldi)

I am always up for a challenge and a good cause, so was super excited when Aldi asked me to participate in their upcycling and DIY campaign in support of Teenage Cancer Trust.

This campaign was also to celebrate the launch of Aldi’s Upcycling range which are now available in their shops.

A bit of a spoiler I know, but you get to see the finished product first. I have been on the hunt for bedside cabinets for a while, and managed to find 4 similar cabinets at my local second hand store.

Here’s one of the four.

I’ve decided to upcycle all four and put a pair for auction in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. Can you believe I have never used a sanding machine before? Usually, I would just use a piece of sanding paper to rub down surfaces before painting.

Imagine my delight when I found out that Aldi now sells one. This Aldi Workzone Detail Sander was so easy to use. I felt like a pro sanding the rough and uneven edges away from my vintage bedside cabinet. upcycle bedside cabinets After sanding, I couldn’t wait to get painting. As you can see, a lot of painting was done. Aldi sells a collection of chalk paint and I was sent this Dove Grey tin of paint. The paint was a matt finish with virtually no odour.

The paint dried really quickly, about 1 hour to touch dry and 4 hours to full hardness. As you can see my cabinets are not a Dove Grey, but the Dove Grey was used.

I applied it to the interior of the cabinets. In true Little Big Bell style, I went for my signature sorbet colours for the upcycle bedside cabinets.

I call the look “Miami Gelato” because they look like the painted houses on South Beach, and also look like ice cream.

The top and sides of the cabinets were painted in a light pink. I’ve left all the borders white, so that the colours pop. I’ve decided on yellow for the doors, and blue and green for the cabinet drawers and bases. I replaced the drawer and cabinet knobs with porcelain ones, that I dipped in paint, then hung to dry. This gave the drawer knobs a smoother look, than when painted.

You could also spray paint the knobs, and Aldi now stocks a variety of spray paint colours and effects. Here’s a little side profile of the cabinets. Don’t the colours look pretty. I’ve made myself a similar pair of cabinets.

So, whoever wins the charity auction, we will be twin owners. There will be only 2 pairs of cabinets like this in the world.

The auction will be a silent auction, so DM me on instagram if you would like to place a bid. All proceeds goes to Teenage Cancer Trust. As I mentioned previously, Aldi now sells a collection of spray paint.

I’ve decided to spray paint the drawers of my bedside cabinets gold. Word of advice, you must wear a mask when you spray paint. Whilst the outside of my cabinet drawers look a candy pastel tone, open them up and you will see the gold spray paint surprise. I’m really quite pleased with how the ‘ upcycle bedside cabinets’ project has turned out.

To show the tables off, I’ve decided to put them together with some styling ideas. The art prints in similar colours really accentuate the pastels of the cabinet.  Stack some books with pretty pastel spines to make all the colours pop. To add some warmth, I’ve placed my rainbow coloured rug in front of the cabinets. So what do you think? Don’t these colours just scream Summer? I had so much fun with this project. I hope some of you will participate in the Instagram silent auction soon.

Alternatively, you can DM me now on Instagram @littlebigbell to place your bids.

All the money raised goes to Teenage Cancer Trust . They provide specialised care and support for young people with Cancer.

( All photography, styling and DIY are by Little Big Bell. This upcycle bedside cabinets post is a paid partnership with Aldi. )

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