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jamie-oliver-kitchen-papermills-studio-photo-by-geraldine-tan-of-little-big-bell-blog Happy 2017 everyone! Hope you’ve all had a restful break. I simply had to start the year by showing you this beautiful vintage style kitchen at Papermill studios in London. It also happens to be the kitchen where Jamie Oliver cooks for his TV show.

Just before Christmas, I co-hosted a Make Wrap Mingle crafts event there, with Zeena Shah and Lynne of Papermash green-and-brass-kitchen-little-big-bell This vintage style kitchen is so on trend with this season’s predicted big five : Natural wood, earthy tones, Brass, Emerald green and patterned tiles.

Even the sink area looked stylish with a bottle of Aesop hand soap. There were no plastic bottles in sight. The washing up liquid was cleverly stored in a glass bottle with a drizzler spout.  kitchen-decor-london-little-big-bell Black and white goes so well with the earthy tones of wood.

Adore those ceramic Design Letter cups. That white coffee grinder and machine are now definitely on my wish list. vintage-cupboards-for-kitchen-little-big-bell These vintage wooden drawers are a dream. Love how their glass panel windows show off the Falcon enamel ware serving trays. pink-gin-cocktail-party-little-big-bell Anyway, enough swooning over the kitchen at Papermill studios. I need to tell you about the event that we hosted.

As well as running a gift wrap crafting table, I planned some of the sweet treats and drinks for the day. We had Pinkster gin, prosecco and elderflower rose cocktails.

Those gorgeous gold paper cups are from Lynne’s party shop, Papermash. papermills-studio-kitchen-photo-by-little-big-bell Mint leaves and fresh raspberries were used to garnish the cocktails. vickys-colourful-donuts Check out these super colourful Vicky’s donuts that spelled out the name of the event. meringue-girls-colourful-meringues-little-big-bell I travelled to Broadway market in East London to pick up these colourful meringues from the Meringue girls. They were so tasty and instagram worthy for the day. primrose-bakery-cupcakes-little-big-bell From East London back to North London. I got these cute cupcakes from Primrose bakery. papermills-studio-london-little-big-bell Those miniature mince pies on the blue cake stand were from Selfridges, and they were very popular on the day.

Did you spot the apple and pear framed prints by Enzo Mari ? Another two things to add to my ever growing wish list. london-blogers-event-little-big-bell Another peek at the treats. make-wrap-mingle-little-big-bell A bird’s eye view of that vintage style kitchen and the event space, where I ran my workshop. Guests were beginning to trickle in.

We had around 60 people attend on the day. gift-wrap-ideas-by-geraldine-tan-little-big-bell-blog Here are a few of the simple gift wrap ideas that I taught on the day. prettly-nails We were very lucky to have Prettly in attendance at our event. They are a mobile hair styling, makeup and manicure service, travelling to you, whether at home, at work or at an event.

Our guests had their hair braided, curled and styled. One of the Prettly team even came to my home, to manicure my daughter’s nails. Look at that pretty sky blue colour she chose. make-wrap-mingle-event-at-papermills-studio-with-little-big-bell Next door to the kitchen, is the other event space. Feast your eye on that amazing ribbon feature on the ceiling.

Zeena and Lynne have kitted out their tables here, ready for some amazing craft activities. confetti-cracker-diy-photo-by-geraldine-tan-little-big-bell-blog This was the confetti Christmas cracker making table. Colourful cards were provided by Lynne for our guests to cut out the crackers using Zeena’s templates.

Punched out confetti and miniature candy canes were used to fill the crackers. craft-table This was the festive greeting card table. send-a-festive-greeting-little-big-bell Beautiful greeting cards were created ready to post. make-wrap-mingle-event-london-little-big-bell Here’s a view of the table in use.

We also had a pom pom making table taught by Zeena.

It was in all such a fun and creative day out. Hopefully I can do another one in the future.

In the meantime, do take a peek at Lynne’s shop Papermash and check out the other workshops that Zeena is running. Papermill studios also runs workshops too.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing that beautiful vintage style kitchen. It was an honour to be able to run a workshop there. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)

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