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Hi all! As you all may know I have a shop called Little Big Bell shop where as a tastemaker, I sell a curated collection of design goods.

One of the first makers I introduced was Becky Kemp of Sketchinc. I met Becky on Instagram. To date, I haven’t met her in person, but I know she is a lovely and funny person. Above all, she is talented and super creative. Take a look on her Instagram and you’ll see what I mean!

She makes the cutest Kokeshi dolls. Currently she has given me exclusivity of her Coco Chanel, Anna Wintour and Andy Warhol dolls to sell on

Coco sold last week and I already know that Anna will go soon.

Becky creates bespoke dolls too. I recently commissioned her to make wedding gift dolls of my blogging friend Will of Bright Bazaar and his wonderful, now husband, Toby.

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to let you see the process of getting a commissioned Kokeshi doll done.

First, photos are sent. In Will’s case, it was easy, as he had photos of himself and Toby on his blog. Becky then sent me a sketch based on the photos she has seen. E-mail correspondence then takes place over the finer details, such as hair colour, outfit styles and so on. As you can see from the sketch above, Will’s hair has been slicked back but he usually wears a side parting, so these details were fine tuned including the hair lengths.

My intention was to get dolls that mirrored the wedding outfits, so a little bit of fact finding took place.

After more emails to and fro, these were the final dolls. Will and Toby’s bow ties did not arrive on time from the States for the wedding, but apart from that it was pretty accurate and Becky did a fabulous job.

Do check out my shop and you can follow what I get up to on my instagram. Have a lovely week!

Hello all! Last week saw the London launch party of which I helped organise and style. It took place at the organic pizza restaurant Story Deli in Shoreditch. The pizzas and brownies there are seriously the best I have tasted in London! is an online shopping site that connects tastemakers (bloggers) to makers. It is a platform that hosts tastemaker shops, selling a curated collection of homewares and accessories, from a chosen pool of makers. This is the brainchild of the talented CEO Sarah Bryden-Brown. Together with her wonderful team, Sarah has launched the site in the States and now London, followed by Stockholm and Paris.

Above is the photo of the London party:

From the back row (left to right) are : Silkie of Rosehip ( maker of beautiful stationery); Kyoko of the Link Collective (producer of furoshiki textiles); Will Taylor-Willis of Bright Bazaar blog ; yours truly; Griff Fairbairn ( Head of operations team) ; Kate Baxter of the blog Fabric of your life ; Annie Kruse of blog Stylejuicer ; Tiffany Grant-Riley of Curate and display ; Joy of 31 Chapel Lane (purveyors of fine Irish linens) ; Marika Giacinti (maker of beautiful cushions).

Front row (left to right) : Alice of Alice Studio ; Emma of the blog A Quiet Style ; Sarah Bryden-Brown (CEO of ; Flora Lels (Chief revenue officer team) ; Emily Quinton of blog Makelight and Xanthe Berkeley of blog Xanthe Berkeley.

Below are some of the makers’ products that I have styled and photographed. I have previously written about other wonderful makers and Britt Castellano here.

This cheery ‘Hello’ print is by the lovely Anya of Colourmoon and this sweet cobalt blue tea towel is by Brandy of a Sensible Habit.


The nautical print in the background is by Rosa Pearson.

This sweet back portrait is called Brigitte and is by Monica Lee.

These colourful mini wooden bowls are by Araya Jensen.


Hustle print is by Holly Casto. The two circle screen print is by Traci Yau and the plate, bowl and beaker by Bobo Ceramics.

Last but not least, these cute cushions with pom poms are by Marika Giancinti.

Hope you like what you see, please do visit and support my shop Little Big Bell shop.

I don’t normally show photos of food on this blog but since that pizza at Story Deli was so delicious, I felt compelled to show you why.

Have a wonderful week all!


Hello all! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I thought I’d pop in to show you a few corners of my home that I have recently posted on Instagram.

Here is a little vignette sitting on top of our piano. The air plant was purchased from our local florist. I’m so liking the idea of not having to water it.


Here is my String shelf again with a new look. I’m loving my Wooden Wonderland blocks designed by Lee storm for Hay. The prints are by Britt Castellano and Sketchinc, both available in Little Big Bell shop.


This is my kitchen which is very white and contemporary. In the far distance, you can see a glass partition and stairs leading to a large basement family room.


Here is another corner of my kitchen. The wooden mouse and boards were all recent purchases from Workshop in Brighton.


These three stacking dolls are by Wee gallery, sitting at the end of my son’s bed. Hope you’ve enjoyed the mini peek into the corners of my home.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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