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How I styled my orange sofa from Furniture village.

Last year, when I attended Milan’s design fair, Salone Del Mobile, one of the predicted trends was the burnt orange sofa.

Fast forward now to 2018, and we are starting see that trend trickle into the high street stores. We’re even seeing orange sofas in the stylish homes of people on Instagram.

I think for most, Orange is not a natural first choice colour for a sofa, probably because of its bright hue. When I mentioned that I was getting an orange sofa to a friend, she said she loved orange but found it hard to visualise it in her space, as it would clash with the colours in her home. orange sofa The image above is of my new Orange Novita swing chair by Nicoletti Home, from Furniture Village. It is a true celebration of Italian craftsmanship and Heritage.

I thought I’d try to show in this post, that orange is not as difficult a colour to style as we imagine. In fact, despite its brightness, orange combines really well with all colours.  Here you can see how I’ve combined my orange sofa with pops of blues, greens, reds and even pinks.

Orange surprisingly works well with pastel tones of sky blues, minty greens and dusky pinks too. My orange sofa looks great against a white wall but it would look equally amazing against a dark wall.

If I replaced my white wall with a midnight blue or stone grey wall, you would see all the jewel tones of my props, and that vibrant orange of the sofa pop. I adore the curved frame of my Novita Swing chair. I feel like it’s cocooning me all safe and sound.

Did you know this is the perfect instagramming chair ? What I mean is that  it has great back support for whilst I’m typing away on my phone. Then, if you feel tired, you just slide down a little and rest your head on the cushion. It’s bliss.

I’m sure the soft Italian leather and fluffy down cushions help. The frame comes in a dark walnut or Mahogany. Anyway, hope you liked my styling. It was so fun to do, and probably made easy by this beautiful 100% made in Italy chair.

Wishing you all a happy mid week.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. I’ve written this post as a sponsored collaboration with Furniture Village, but all views are my own. )

Style your home like a stylist

I was recently asked by the lovely team at Shurgard, a self storage facility, to reveal my 5 top tips on how to style your home like a stylist. Here is a photo of my coffee table. I thought I’d show you one of the tips on styling a coffee table, in steps:

Step 1 – Arrange coffee table books in piles.

Keep the books closest to the sofa, in a vertical pile, so your guests can see the cover images. Keep the piles furthest away from the sofa,in a horizontal stack, so you can show off the colourful book spines.

Step 2 – Add a scented candle.

Place the candle on top of the books. It becomes a decor feature and makes the room smell lovely when lit.

Step 3 and 4 – Create space between the piles of books.

Add a few decorative glass dishes in the space between the books. I’ve placed some candies on the plate for guests, and added a few trinkets to inject some personality.

Step 5 – Add a pretty coaster for drinks.

Step 6 – Add  some fun and colourful objects.

I’ve added a bright pop of yellow with a pineapple dish.

Step 7- Add a piece of art.

I’ve placed a colour blocked, hand made ceramic bowl, bought from Oregon, on the table.

Step 8- Add some plants.

I’ve placed a cute cactus in a pot, to add some fresh greenery.

This is only one of my 5 tips on how to style your home like a stylist.

Do pop over to Shurgard’s blog now to see my other 4 easy and affordable steps for transforming your home.

Hope you enjoy it. I will be back soon with more interiors posts. Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

( Photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)

Pastel-coffee-ware-from-Dot-com-gift-store-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell It was music to my ears when Pantone announced Rose quartz and Serenity blue as their colours of the year for 2016.

These are two colours that I absolutely love.

So, when Dotcomgiftshop asked me to style up their products for Spring, I decided to style my work space in pink and blue.

Here’s what I selected, a super cute Classic Espresso Coffee pot in pink and this Turquoise espresso cup.  Colourful-workspace-by-Little-Big-Bell There you go. What do you think?

For those of you who visit me often here on the blog, would know that I absolutely adore gold  too.

Not Brass, not Copper, just that shiny yellow of gold.

Here, I have used a gold lamp and gold foiled prints to give a bit of girly glamour to my pink and blue workspace. A-blogger's-colourful-workspace-London-by-Little-Big-Bell-blog I also picked this gorgeous blue Parisian metal chair .

It’s perfect for indoors and outdoor use, and comes in a mint green and Ivory cream too. Would look great if those colours were mixed and matched together around the table don’t you think? Pretty-workspace-by-Little-Big-Bell As you can see, I always have something from Kate Spade New York in my work space.

The colours from my Kate Spade coffee table book with its shades of Turquoise blue and Fuchsia pink were just the perfect accent colours for this photoshoot.

I must admit, the temptation from the shoot became too much. I simply had to pause, sit down on my new blue chair, sip that piping hot Espresso, before it turned cold, and flip through that gorgeous book. Who says work can’t be pleasurable?  Girly-glamour-work-space-by-Geraldine-Tan-of-Little-Big-Bell-blog What I love about this table and chair is that they are both light and portable.

I’m just waiting for Spring and Summer to appear , then when it does, I might well carry them out into the garden.

Doesn’t working outdoors just sound so divine? Fresh air, warmth and sunshine. Pretty-tulips-on-blue-stool-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan Now that I have mentioned those wonderful words Spring and Summer, I simply had to show you some of my brightly coloured Tulips on this fifties inspired stool ,with legs the colour of a wonderful blue Summer sky.

Is it making you in the mood for Spring?

Hope you have enjoyed the post and my styling. Wishing you all a happy weekend ahead. I will be back next week with another interiors post bursting with colour. Can’t wait to show you.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. The products stated above have been gifted to me by Dotcomgiftshop. All opinions are my own. )

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