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The Chelsea Flower show 2016 with Oka

Chelsea-Flower-show-2016-entry-photo-by-Little-Big-BellLast week, I was invited by Oka to attend the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show, which was being held at the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.

The last time I attended the flower show was around 10 years ago.

I can still clearly remember that beautiful Summer day, filled with the wonderful scents of the flowers.

There was a distinctly Royal feel to the show.The crown made from twigs was placed at the top of the entryway arch.The-queen-floral-display-head-photo-by-Little-Big-BellIn honour of the queen, who visited the show, and who had just turned 90 years old, was this beautiful cut out of her head.

It was filled with the brightest and freshest of blooms. There were Sweet peas, Alliums, Hydrangeas, roses and many more. The-queen-chelsea-flower-show-2016-photo-by-Little-Big-BellThe cut out was inspired by the side profile image of the queen’s head from a British stamp. It was created by the florist Ming Veevers Carter for the New Covent Garden Flower Market.Chelsea-flower-show-2016-poppies-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellThere is always a ‘must not miss’ display at the Chelsea Flower Show.

This year the honour belonged to designer Philip Johnson. He created this enormous carpet of individually crocheted poppies that stretched from the show ground to the Royal hospital. There was total of 300,000 poppies on display.Red-poppies-at-Chelsea-flower-show-photo-by-Little-Big-BellThe poppies were a poignant reminder of those who served in the wars and each individual poppy was created by a range of different people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.LG-smart-garden-photo-by-Little-Big-BellI have decided to show you my favourite gardens and show pieces.

This is the LG Smart garden created by Hay, a landscape architect.

I think what drew me to this garden was the quite unexpected riot of pastel floral shades, that disrupted yet softened, the clean lines of the pared down Scandinavian furniture and decor.

I also love that whole blurred concept of bringing the outdoors in or bringing the indoors out.LG-garden-Chelsea-flower-show-photo-by-Little-Big-BellI also adore the pastel shades of blues and pinks ( very on trend Pantone colours of the year) in the garden.LG-smart-home-photo-by-Little-Big-BellWhat makes this a smart garden, was the ability to control lighting, entertainment and a water feature,  just by the touch of a screen on a held device.Harrods-garden-Chelsea-Flower-show-photo-by-Little-Big-BellI love this next garden for its quirkiness.

Introducing you to the Harrods British Eccentrics garden.

At the centre of the garden was this octagonal shaped home. You may ask what’s so eccentric about this garden?

If you stood there long enough, the garden will quite literally dance. Yes indeed! It was quite a spectacle.

The tall pointed trees surrounding the walk way started twirling like ballerinas and the box hedges started bopping. It was as if you had landed in Alice’s Wonderland.

The-Chelsea-flower-show-2016-photo-by-Little-Big-BellThe garden was stunning with the colours and varieties of flowers that grew there.

If ever I was to have an English country garden that was overgrown with wild flowers, I would love for it to look like this.The-Chelsea-flower-show-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellThe talented designer behind this garden is Diarmuid Gavin.Colourful-garden-Chelsea-flower-show-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellI absolutely adore that muted emerald green door. Very Harrods don’t you think?The-Winton-beauty-of-Mathematics-Garden-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellThis next garden that caught my eye was The Winton Beauty of Mathematics garden. It was designed by Nick Bailey, the head gardener  at the Chelsea Physic Garden.Chelsea-flower-show-garden-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-of-Little-Big-BellIt consisted of a large meadow of plants, many of which were edible or have medicinal properties.mathematics-garden-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-of-Little-Big-Bell-lifestyle-blogCopper etched with what looked like mathematical characters played a prominent feature in the garden.
The Mathematician's garden-photo-by-Little-Big-BellCopper linked the whole garden together and can be seen here as part of the staircase.The-Hartley-Botanic-garden-Chelsea-Flower-show-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellHave you ever wanted your very own glasshouse, somewhere in your garden, away from all?

Well, I have always dreamt of one. A peaceful studio away from all, where I can store away my props and have space and access to ample lighting to do my photo shoots.

The Hartley Botanic Garden designed by Catherine Macdonald, ticked all those boxes. It’s a glasshouse that sits on water, set amongst woodland plants. Chelsea-flower-show-2016-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-of-Little-Big-Bell-blogMy final chosen garden is The Husqvarna garden, designed by Charlie Albone. I love that whole clean cut geometric look with the sunken feature.

That lounging area at the back looks absolutely heavenly don’t you think? Imagine lying there on a warm Summer’s day, iced tea in hand and a brilliant novel to read.Chelsea-flower-show-photo-by-Little-Big-BellThose perfectly clipped trees are so cute.The-Akzonobel-honeysuckle-blue-garden-photo-by-Little-Big-BellThere was so much to see at the Chelsea flower show this year and the vibrant colours everywhere was simply uplifting. Fleurtatious-Karen-Massey-Chelsea-flower-show-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellThis colourful Brazilian carnival headdress was designed by Karen Massey.Chelsea-flower-show-2016-photo-by-Little-Big-BellThis Orchid masterpiece is by Tina Aram.Driftwood-sculpture-by-James-Doran-Webb-Chelsea-Flower-Show-2016-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-of-Little-big-Bell

Hope you have enjoyed my edited version of the Chelsea Flower show 2016 and a big thank you to Oka for inviting me. I will be showing you the faux flower bouquet creation I made with Oka soon. Keep an eye out on my Instagram.Colourful-garden-1-Chelsea-flower-show-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-BellHave a wonderful week all.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)


  1. Christine Morgan

    Really enjoyed the tour through the Chelsea flower show and the fabulous colours of the flowers. I used to have a garden and greenhouse but now live in an apartment with no garden and I do miss that outside space.

    Lovely photos as ever Geraldine, thank you.

  2. Deborah Carter

    Hi Geraldine, Thanks for an exceptional post! The photos were all so lovely, it was almost as good as having been there! How one would choose a garden designer from all those on show, I don’t know. It would be difficult to whittle it down to a favourite one.
    Thanks again, it was lovely! I would very much like to visit the Chelsea Garden Show one day.
    Deborah C – Melbourne, Australia

  3. There are some really amazing gardens here, I love the headdresses! I’ve never been to Chelsea Flower Show but definitely want to look into going next year 🙂

    • littlebigbell

      You really have to go Kristy. I wished I had more time there. I could have spent all day there.x

  4. It was a beautiful show, wasn’t it? Love the gardens you captured and the floral head. I knew that was there, but we missed it. Makes great photos!

    • littlebigbell

      It sure does Steph. Really loved it this year. will definitely go back again next year.x

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