The Nostalgia trend with vintage colourful stripes bedding and walls.

I was recently inspired by the vintage colourful stripes bedding I found in a London flea market, to paint my walls in similar bold and colourful striped hues.

I’m sure it’s not just me, but nostalgia is now a form of escapism, with a longing for those carefree days when there was no threat of a pandemic or lockdowns.

colourful stripes beddingI was so pleased to discover that Fi, a fellow colour lover and the talented designer behind the brand Bluebellgray had designed a complete set of vintage inspired colourful stripes bedding.

As you can see, now adorning my bed, is the Bluebellgray Gaaee Frilly Duvet and pillowcase set.

Doesn’t this colourful stripes bedding look wonderful?

It looks so perfectly at home in my newly painted striped bedroom.

Fi says that this design evokes memories of the holidays she spent at her granny’s house, and  named after the affectionate monikers for grannies from around the world.

Gaaee is the name Fi’s daughter calls her own grandmother.

colourful stripes beddingI love the cute ruffled edges, giving it that vintage Cottage core charm.As you can see, the stripes perfectly blends with my colourful Valspar painted walls.colourful stripes beddingFi also kindly sent me a gorgeous mint coloured floral bed sheet and matching pillow cases.

This design is called Teta, again inspired by the pretty printed bedding at her granny’s house when she was younger.The mix of colours and patterns goes so well together don’t you think?

And it flows seamlessly with the brightly coloured walls too.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this slice of nostalgia trend with a sprinkling of Cottage core in my bedroom.

I absolutely adore Fi from Bluebellgray’s work. Do check out her other colourful and gorgeous bedding on her site.

Finally, wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell).

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