The Republic of Fritz Hansen and Contemporaries.


Last night was a fun evening of Scandinavian design, music and Prosecco.


I was invited to an event hosted by the Republic of Fritz Hansen, who are supporting a programme called Contemporaries.

This is a scheme that helps fund the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) whilst giving members access to ‘must see’ or ‘sold out’ concerts three times each season. There is also the opportunity to sip Champagne and mingle with like minded people.


The photo above is of the LPO’s amazing quartet, who entertained us as we sipped bubbly.


We were also treated to Scandinavian delights served on wooden platters.

So, as I like design, music and bubbly, I shall give hubby a gentle nudge to sign us up to a wonderful cause.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. x


  1. A great cause….I like it when organisations like the LPO combine lateral thinking and offer people an interesting and different way of experiencing cultural events.

    This sounds perfect for you and I love the monkeys and the slogan: ‘More than Music’

    A couple of years ago while on a flight to Berlin, I sat next to the main conductor of the LPO. A memorable flight indeed. It also helped that he was terribly handsome:-)

    Happy weekend x

    • littlebigbell

      Hi tina, I agree it’s a brilliant way to experience more than music. I’m definitely signing up for it. What a lovely way to fly to Berlin – great cultural conversation, charm and good looks 😉 Have a wonderful weekend too x

  2. Geraldine, what a glamorous life you are living…:-) Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  3. lovely to see you there! happy weekend x

  4. I love that the canapes are arranged asthough they are part of a classic, Scandanavian fabric print! Even the food is stylish! x

    • littlebigbell

      Agree, the arrangement of the canapes are beautiful aren’t they? it was a fun evening out. xx

  5. Hmmm… it’s always lovely to sip bubbly – my kind of evening out! 😉 It all looks so glamorous and stylish, looked like a great evening and even more great when supporting a cause!! Hope you had fun!
    Hugs, Inge x

  6. I’m sure a night like this helped you come down from your Danish holiday? Lucky you! Hope you’re having a great week. Mel x

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