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Hypnia – The wonders of a Hybrid mattress for a better night’s sleep.

hybrid mattress by HypniaI’ve heard about how comfortable Hybrid mattresses are, so I was super excited to try Hypnia’s Supreme Hybrid mattress.

It’s a mattress with a combination of memory foam and springs.

I’ve always had either memory foam only or spring mattresses, and they have their pro and cons.

So, this was truly a great opportunity to compare them to a hybrid.

Memory foam usually provides extreme comfort. It wraps round the body like a cocoon and redistributes the body weight, so providing pressure relieve.

The only issue I found with a memory mattress was that it could get quite warm as it moulds around your body.

A spring mattress provides great back support, and in contrast to a foam mattress provides better air flow and ventilation. However, the springs do not distribute weight or pressure uniformly, making it uncomfortable if lying in one position for a longer time.

hybrid mattress in a boxI was excited to see if the hybrid mattress from Hypnia would combine the best of both a memory foam and spring mattress.

My Hypnia Supreme Hybrid mattress came vacuum packed and rolled up inside a box. The box was kindly delivered to the room of my choice.It was easy to place and unfold the mattress.

Here’s my new single Hypnia Supreme mattress in the guest room.hybrid mattressAs you can see the mattress comprise of layers.

The top layer is a breathable fabric that allows air circulation, followed by a 5cm memory foam for comfort, a latex layer that cools, a honeycomb foam layer that aligns the body for comfort, and finally pocket springs that provides support and breathability.

I also got to test out Hypnia’s single light duvet and premium pillows.

They all came beautifully stored in their own bag in their box.hybrid mattressThe light duvet is made of recycled fabrics and is certified hypoallergenic, anti-allergen and Oeko-tex approved.

The pillows have a soft and breathable cotton Percale case with a double piping finish.

The inner filling of the pillows are 100% Slick hollow high quality fibre. They too are hypoallergenic, anti-allergen and machine washable.I have so far slept on the mattress for around 10 days.

Here are my impressions so far:

My usual bedroom mattress is a soft memory foam only mattress.

When I initially tried Hypnia’s Supreme mattress, it naturally felt firmer than my memory foam only mattress.

I did like that firmer feel, because it gave my back better support, a feature I found lacking with my other mattress.

I do tend to like sleeping on my side, so I was happy that the additional memory foam layer on the surface was sufficient enough to give me pressure relief around my hip area.

The most recent heatwave in London gave me the opportunity to compare my mattresses for over heating in bed.

I wouldn’t say I didn’t feel warm at all on the new mattress, because the weather then was abnormally hot. However, I was pleasantly surprised with feeling cooler and more comfortable with the hybrid mattress.

As the weather cooled down, I was able to test the light duvet. It felt comforting and as per its name, felt light as a cloud.

The pillows were wonderful because they had great bounce in them, and supported my neck well.

I’m particularly fussy when it comes to pillows, because nothing is worse than waking up with neck pain. I usually sleep with 2 pillows, but Hypnia’s pillow was so fluffy, one was sufficient.

If you don’t like a high pillow, then you can adjust the pillow height with its inbuilt zip. This is a great feature I have never seen in other pillows before.

So far everything is working out well. I might even be tempted to buy a king size hybrid mattress for my main bed.

The great news is that you can actually try the mattress for 200 nights and return it for free if it doesn’t suit.

If you decide to keep the mattress, then reassuringly there’s also a 15 year warranty.

A big heads up for those interested in purchasing one.  Hypnia’s site is currently on sale, and you can get an additional 10% off with my code GERALDINE10 until August 9th 2022.

I have learned so much about mattresses and hope you have too. Do let me know your thoughts if you do purchase one.

( All photos are copyright of Little Big Bell. The mattress was provided free for the review, however, all opinions are my own).

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