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07 Oct

What’s new in kitchen design and technology -Poggenpohl, Gaggenau and Blanco – sponsors of Blog Tour LA



I have just returned to London, following a fantastic time with Blog Tour LA.  I would like to extend my thanks to the part sponsors of the tour: Poggenpohl, Gaggenau and Blanco. These three brands are a true synergy for creating a high quality, luxury kitchen.

We were treated to an Oktoberfest at their LA showroom.


Poggenpohl has been an international brand for 120 years and is still going strong. It was interesting to learn that they were the first to invent the kitchen island.

I’m liking the sleek, clean lines of the +Modo kitchen above, with its interplay of open and closed spaces.


To me, a kitchen is not just for cooking and eating, but a space for entertaining. It should be aesthetically pleasing, with an option to inject one’s personality into, with decoration.


When I was doing my kitchen up around 3-4 years ago, there was a real trend for thick stone worktops, that would run down, in a continuous piece, to envelope one side of the units.

Now, the trend is back to slim, elegant worktops. The Poggenpohl +Segmento range has a worktop that could be as thin as 12 mm, giving an impression that it floats above the units beneath.

I’m loving those sky blue units, sharply contrasting with the white, round patterned wall.


This +Artesio range is so cool with its arch construction, perfect for a huge open planned space, creating that sense of intimacy within the kitchen, a room in itself, without being cut off from the living area.

The arch can also be used to conceal all routed cables and extracted air.

That side glass display is a perfect visual space for exhibiting one’s beautiful earthenware or  potted herbs.


Gaggenau showed us their latest range, the 400 series ovens, with handleless doors that open with a light hand touch.


Here, the ovens sit beautifully in a kitchen in Notting hill, London. The steel combines well with wood elements.


Last but not least, the brand Blanco which was founded in 1925, as a family business in luxury sink faucets. They have created stainless steel sinks to an art form, with perfectly smooth edges and no visible weld marks.

The brand is close to my heart, as I own a Blanco sink. I chose a sink that was rectangular in shape and larger than conventional ones. This facilitated the washing of larger objects such as woks, without any countertop splashing.

Whist designing my kitchen, I was also looking for an over the sink chopping board, which then was not available. I have now discovered that Blanco do stock an over the sink  glass cutting board, so definitely one on my wish list.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. It’s greatly inspired me for a future kitchen redesign. Have a lovely week all. x

  1. I have learned a lot about kitchen technology these days and can’t wait to move to our future new place and get a totally new kitchen. Love to see how you did this post, Geraldine! xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      It was amazing to see all there is nowadays to make life easier and more luxurious in the kitchen and bathroom. Can’t wait to see your kitchen when you move in to your new place. x

  2. I also love that kitchen in Notting Hill – such a great example of how their pieces translate into a real home. Can;t wait to see your Blanco sink looking fabulous in your own home! 🙂 x

  3. Oh I love that you posted about kitchen designs and it was so interesting to hear about how they are evolving not just from a functional perspective but are designed to be integrated into the house. Lovely post. xD

  4. Tracey@chalkboard living

    I’m a sucker for a nice sleek kitchen. This place would have given me serious kitchen envy!

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Me too 😉 Tracey!! So lovely to hear from you, where have you been?? xx

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