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Where to stay in Copenhagen – an airbnb flat in the cool area of Island Brygge.


Hope everyone had a good weekend. The kids are due back to school tomorrow, so I have been  busy ensuring all is ready for the first day of term.

I thought I’d share with you where I stayed whilst in Copenhagen. As we wanted to live amongst the locals, we chose a self catering flat via airbnb.

The flat decorated by Ellen L Homann, comfortably accommodated four. There was a double bed and a sofa bed (above image with my daughter J). I was so taken by the comfort and style of the sofa, that I am now ordering one for our guest room. It’s by the Danish brand Innovation. The cushion in ochre, grey and black on the sofa is by Ferm Living.


Our flat, equipped with all the required amenities, was located in Gunlogsgade in the hip residential area of Island Brygge. Access to the city centre and Metro is all within walking distance. The flat is also near the Island Brygge Harbour baths called Havnebadet. Although the water was a bit cold, it may be very refreshing on a hot Summer’s day.

There were also some lovely independent shops and cafes nearby. The picture above is of our neighbouring cafe called Wulff + Konstali. They bake the most delicious Danish pastries, our breakfast staple, along with their delicious, freshly blended coffee.


The flat was light with its bleached wooden floors and ample windows. The style was decidedly eclectic, a mix of modern and vintage Scandinavia.

That ‘g’ print by Playtype was so befitting don’t you think? I have the exact same print at home, seeing this picture again is a gentle nudge for me to frame it up.


Loved these painted vintage chairs with their classic tapered legs. Here was where I sat when I wrote my blog posts at night.


Here is a sweet little corner of the apartment. I’m liking the box shelving. You can get similar ones from Muuto.


Within the box shelves were pretty, vintage floral prints.


That vintage three bulb, brass lamp came in handy for my Instagram shot of these gorgeous Bobo Choses Summer tops. I bought them for little M from the children’s boutique store dinBabuska, just opposite the apartment.


Here’s more vintage styling on a shelf in the living room. Those roses are so beautiful.


More clever use of box shelving in the kitchen. I’m liking the white tiles and the turquoise blue extendable lights by Ikea.The side shelf in a similar shade balances the overall look. Have you noticed those pastel Tupperware tumblers? They’re cute aren’t they? I might go hunting for some on ebay.


Last but not least, some wonderful quotations on this Bo Concept cushion.

Hope you have enjoyed the mini tour of where I stayed. I highly recommend it. The host Kristoffer was lovely. The only negative of the apartment was that the shower room was very small. However, that was only a minor point for us, we would gladly return when we visit Copenhagen again.

Have a wonderful start to your week. x


  1. Geraldine this place looks fantastic! How rare to find something on airbnb with so much style! Of course it’s scandinavian chic which makes it even better! I was talking to my husband last night about your trip to Copenhagen – I’ve got seriously itchy feet! Mel x

  2. Love the dining table corner (I guess because I have the same red Hay chairs in mine 😉 Everything is so design in Copenhagen, even private apartments. Looking at your pictures makes me want to go back there soon. Thank you G for sharing. Have a lovely day xx

  3. What a wonderfully creative apartment you were able to stay in, Geraldine. I love the dining area and think it’s brilliant that you ended up ordering one of the sofas for your own place! x

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Will. It was a good find and my first ever experience with airbnb. Can’t wait for my sofa to arrive. xx

  4. Great apartment… I love the G print, so appropriate:-)
    The Cafe looks gorgeous and I’m glad you guys had such a good time

    Love the first shot with your daughter in it xx

  5. Hey Geraldine, now I understand why you were so fond of your rented flat – it is simply adorable. Great design, and great images. Happy Monday sweets, Ax

  6. What a great place to stay, love the box shelving in the kitchen. Looks like you’ve had a lovely time xo

  7. I adore AirBnb. I’ve never had a bad experience using them abroad (Paris and Bruges, so far) and it’s so much more intimate and “local” than staying in a hotel. Your apartment looked like something out of a dream! xo

    • littlebigbell

      Hi Erin, lovely to have you visit the blog.I agree, that ‘home from home’ feel makes the holiday so much more special. I was lucky with this apartment, hope the next one will be the same 😉 x

  8. Ellen L. Homann

    Dear Geraldine
    I did the interior decoration and got a headsup from Kristoffer. I am very happy you liked the decoration of the apartment – your and the other commentators compliments are very much appreciated. You are more than welcome back to our lovely city.

    Kind Regards,

    • littlebigbell

      Hi Ellen, lovely to meet you. You have done very well for the interiors. I felt right at home. We have very similar taste. Thank you for getting in touch and do send me photos of other apartments you have done up if you like. I’ll edit and put your name in the post now. Have a wonderful week xx

  9. Isn’t Airbnb fabulous Geraldine! I can’t believe I only recently discovered them. This apartment is just lovely and how grown up does your daughter look!! x

    • littlebigbell

      Thank you Caroline, we only discovered airbnb recently too. Will be using them more for other travels in the future. Have a lovely week x

  10. Wow, is all I have to say! That is one phenomenal apartment.
    Funnily enough, we were discussing using Airbnb for places to stop along the Californian coast when we go on honeymoon this October and you have just sealed the deal! x

  11. I’ve seen snippets of the space on your instagram before – it’s beautiful. I can’t believe you managed to find such a stylish place on airbnb. It’s so you! (And that’s a beautiful picture of your daughter!)

  12. Small bathrooms are very common here in Copenhagen. A lot of residential buildings were built between 1900 and 1940 when bathrooms was not seen as a necessity in the beginning. Later on toilets were installed either on the back stairs which you’d share with your neighbor or by taking a 10-20 sq foot space from the kitchen to build a toilet. Showering was done at a local bathhouse. My building was built in 1937 so I have a “large” bathroom by Copenhagen standards – it’s all of 25 square feet but it means I don’t have to shower sitting on the toilet. In recent years a larger bathroom has become the standard so many apartments have fewer rooms but bigger kitchens and bathrooms now so don’t despair you don’t have to sit and shower in you come here 🙂 I renovated as well and have before and after pictures here if you’re curious:
    I write in Danish but there’s a slideshow to peek at.

  13. This looks lovely! Thanks for sharing doll x

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