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Wordery for the best Summer reads 2024.

wordery booksWordery for the best Summer reads 2024.

I think we can safely say Summer is here with all the hot weather in London.

Many of us will be preparing for our holidays and gathering up the best Summer read recommendations.

For this post, I decided to ask my husband for his recommendations, as he is an avid reader and has likely gone through some of the best literary fiction around.

He orders most of his books online from Wordery, and I am pleased to say you can get Wordery discount vouchers at Latest Deals.

I must admit, I tend to go for light hearted easier reads, different to the books my husband selects that explores themes of history, relationships, race and emotions.

In fact, you can find books of all genres and themes at Wordery.

Below are 8 of his recommended fiction books in my new modular shelving. I’ve tried to summarise briefly in my own words what he has told me about each book.

Books from Wordery. summer reads 2024

1. Demon copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver

For a gripping, eye opening and emotive read, then this Pulitzer Prize winning novel delves into both the crisis of care for children in the U.S system and opioid addiction.

2. The Bee Sting by Paul Murray

To experience a mix of emotions, then this tragic but at the same time comical novel look at the ups and downs of one family’s life in Ireland.

3. The Fraud by Zadie Smith.

If you love history, then you will enjoy this renowned author’s view of behind the scenes Victorian society and its prejudices.

4. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin.

For the romantic at heart, this novel examines love and relationships among the world of gaming designers.

5. Yellowface by Rebecca Kuang.

Here is a wry look at Millennial themes such as cancel culture and cultural appropriation.

6. The seven moons of maali almeida by Shehan karunatilaka.

A fascinating look at Sri Lankan history as told through a ghost.

7. If I survive you by Jonathan Escoffery.

A collection of linked short stories exploring themes of family and finding oneself

8. Butter by Asako Yuzuki.

Cult bestseller exploring the pleasure of food against society’s expectations of a Japanese woman with a serial killer thrown into the mix.

Do check out Wordery for more books. Have a lovely Summer all.

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