Work from home furniture that is functional, stylish and cool.

Work from home furnitureWork from home furniture that functions well, looks stylish and blends into our interiors is key to happy working.

We want to be able to transition seamlessly from home to office, and vice versa.

Bisley, an established British office furniture brand, have designed the Bisley Belong range that has managed to transcend this traditional office and home working scene.

The pink sideboard in my workspace above is one such Bisley Belong piece. It’s called the Poise sideboard. They come in a variety of colours, and I have picked pink to match the rest of my home office.

Work from home furnitureThe sideboard made from white laminate ply, has steel sliding doors.

There are removable shelves inside. It’s perfect for storing paperwork, documents or work folders. I’ve used my sideboard to store my growing stacks of art prints and frames.

Work from home furnitureHere’s a close up view. Isn’t it a beauty?Can you spot another one of Bisley’s ‘work from home’ furniture here?

Introducing you to Bisley’s Bridge Drawers in blue.

It’s difficult to tell that it’s office furniture isn’t it?The Bridge drawers is a 4 drawer unit with oak legs, round oak handles and a black inset base.I decided to go for the one with a steel frame, so I could style my numerous books in the shelf and  have an extra platform for decor items.

Incidentally, that lady in the artwork is my mother, illustrated by Olivia Axson.

Work from home furnitureAll these Bisey Belong pieces were designed in house, as a response to the world locking down, and working from home. 

I think they are simply beautiful, functional and unique.

Do check out the other Bisley Belong pieces.

Have a lovely day all. x

( All styling and copyright photos of the work from home furniture are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell).

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