5 ways to style a neutral kitchen from Wren Kitchens.

wren kitchensThis neutral coloured kitchen is the Infinity J Pull Pebble Matt kitchen from Wren Kitchens.

I decided to purchase a neutral kitchen because it’s a timeless and elegant tone. Moreover, I feel a neutral kitchen would be more attractive to buyers, for when I do decide to sell up.

There are lots of ways to add interest and colour to this kitchen space. It’s the perfect backdrop to personalise your style against.

I was excited when Wren Kitchens asked me if I was interested in styling 5 different looks in this space.

On a budget, and gathering what I already have at home, I proceeded on to style 5 looks below.

wren kitchens infinitySignature Colourful Style.

This was easy to create, as it’s my signature look. All I did was to gather a few colourful decor items from around the house, to brighten up the kitchen.

I have included some colourful prints from my existing collection, a pretty pastel coloured tea set, a colourful recipe book as decor, a vibrant tea towel and my striped Pappelina rugs.

If you scroll back up to compare, you can see the difference, and how easy it can be to transform a happy space from using a few pops of colours.

urban jungle style wren kitchensUrban jungle style.

If nature is your vibe, then how about this Urban Jungle style using organic colours of nature like greens and browns?

I bought some inexpensive faux trailing plants from Ikea for £5 to place over the stove extractor cupboard, a door that I would not be opening often.

The green plant on the work surface was £3 from Lidl and I placed it in an old vintage pot I found in a charity shop.

The chopping boards against the wall, gave the space that organic earthy feel. The rug was a pre-owned item but you can find a similar one here.

There’s a real relaxed and boho feel to the Urban Jungle style, embracing the love of food, cooking and plants.

wren kitchens scandinavian styleScandinavian style.

If colour is not your thing, and you love a more minimalist approach to decor, then Scandinavian style may be more suited to you.

It’s a pared back look using natural woods, glass and monchromatic neutral hues.

wren kitchensCottage core style.

It is possible to create a Country cottage cosy feel in a contemporary neutral kitchen. I’ve styled a Cottage core style using pops of vibrant reds and orange, gingham and stripe print fabrics as well as wicker textures.

Floral and fruity prints evoke a happy and cosy Countryside feel.

Kawaii style

There are endless styles that you can create in a neutral kitchen. I decided to do another colourful style for my final styling, since colour is my thing.

I call this the Kawaai style, probably a variant of my signature colourful style, but a little bit more playful with a child like quality.

Love those yellow flying ducks, a purchase I made quite a few years back at one of the London Design festival fairs.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour of different styles in my neutral kitchen from Wren Kitchens. You can read more in depth about the kitchen styles in my interview with Wren Kitchens here. Which style is your favourite or do you have another style you would do?

Have a lovely day.

( All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post, but the kitchen was purchased by myself.)

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