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Our basement family room has now become my quarantine bunker during these times of Covid 19.

Everyday when I go to work as a doctor, there’s always a risk of exposure whilst looking after covid 19 patients.

My self imposed quarantine in the basement is my way of protecting my family from exposure.

I believe this is the situation for many of my healthcare colleagues across the country.

However, it doesn’t mean I have no interaction with my family at all, I do, as long I adhere to the required social distancing rules. If in the event that I have to self isolate because of symptoms, then I can still communicate with them through the basement glass sliding door.

It’s great that I can still see them through the glass. It would be tough through a solid door.

Anyway, being in the basement is not all that bad, as I have my own bathroom and monopoly on the television (including Netflix). 

I spent this weekend putting up prints on the wall, as I was tired of looking at blank walls. A bit colour always adds some cheer to a space don’t you think?

I’m really hoping this Pandemic will end soon so all can get back to normal. I think we are still a bit away. For now, the basement is my quarantine bunker and new friend.

Wishing you a lovely day and keep safe during these unprecedented times. Thanks for all the lovely wishes and checking up on me on Instagram. x

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