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Lilac christmas tree baubles So here it is! My Lilac Christmas tree for 2020.

It’s from Christmas Time U.K., an amazing online destination for Christmas trees and decor.

I’ve named it as such, as Lilac was my central theme.

I’ve added minty greens and icy blues to compliment the lilac. Lilac christmas tree baubles I decided on a white tree background to go with the pastel coloured baubles, but I’m sure a green Christmas tree would work equally well.

The white Christmas tree is the Imperial pine white tree, also from Christmas Time UK. Lilac christmas tree I’ve styled the rest of the room in pastel hues. Those Christmas art prints and gift wrap are by Kelly from the daisy digital. Aren’t they all super cute? In case you want to create the same look, the lilac baubles are called Frosted Lilac, Lilac Mist and Ribbed frosted Lilac baubles. All the baubles are shatterproof.

The tree topper is theSage Green tree top Glitter Star. Well, there you have it. Another year, another tree. Hope you like this Lilac Christmas tree. It was so fun to style and the colours have brought a ray of sunshine and happiness to our home.

I’m getting excited for Christmas, how about you?

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. x

Here’s the spoiler end result of my upcycled sofa!!

I couldn’t bring myself to throw away my rather run down 3 seater grey Aspen Content by Terence Conran sofa. It was the one that I slept on throughout the peak of the Pandemic in my basement.

It was in a bad shape right?

So I thought I’d get it upcycled. upcycled sofa I’ve collaborated with 2 amazing women to upgrade it.

I enlisted the help of Micaela from Sharp and Simpson to restore and reupholster the piece. Micaela had previously expertly reupholstered another sofa for me.

I’ve always admired Kitty Mc Call’s beautiful and vibrant fabrics, so have decided to use one of them in this project.

What do you think of the upcycled sofa? So colourful and happy don’t you think? I’m so pleased with it.

Anyway, off to sit on it now, to unwind for the weekend. Hope you are all keeping well and wishing you a brilliant weekend and week ahead.

There’s nothing quite like a comfortable office chair, that supports your back and maintains posture. |ntroducing you to Varier’s Thatsit chair.

How super stylish is this chair?

It has a concave backrest and curved wooden runners. Thatsit is designed for seamless transitions between different positions. You can change your positions and your posture is well supported.

The seat is soft, wide and comfortable. Its height is adjustable. There are even shin rests. Here’s its curved winged back. You can even turn the chair around, lean your body against the backrest and rest your arms on the wings.

This is great, as did you know that having some activity whilst sitting, no matter how small has both physical and mental health benefits.

I won’t bore you with the science of myokines, antioxidants and telomeres, but the evidence for activity is there.

Obviously even better if you walk or exercise, but it’s not easy to get up if you are busy at the desk, so some activity whilst you’re sitting at work is good. This comfortable office chair by Peter Opsvik so beautiful.

Thatsit is available in a variety of fabrics and colours. The runners come in beech and ash plywood.

( All photography are by Little Big Bell. This was a gift).

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