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Here’s my staying at home wellbeing kit, even though at present I can’t stay at home, as I’m a doctor needed to help treat patients.

I’m not sure what it is with loo roll and us Brits at this time of crisis.

I decided not to buy at the supermarkets, instead I bought a box online. Introducing you to ‘who gives a crap’ toilet paper.

Admittedly they are more expensive than the rolls you would find at the supermarkets, but I feel they are good value for money, and for a great cause.

The toilet rolls and their wrappers are made from recycled paper, and 50% of the sale profits are donated to help build toilets for countries in need. They are 3 ply, super soft and look so pretty too.

The wrappers can be reused as gift wrap or for creativeDIY projects. Another thing flying off the shelves at the moment are alcohol hand gel rub. Here are two lovely smelling ones.

The Aesop Ressurection Rinse free hand wash has the required 60% alcohol content for being antibacterial and costs £7. It smells divine, with Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf and Cedar Atlas.

Talking about hand gel rub, I thought I’d show you my Byredo Suede hand gel which smells amazing with notes of Bergamot, Lily of Valley, crisp amber and Pear. However, the alcohol content here is only 30%, so not anti-bacterial or anti-viral. Being a doctor, you can imagine how raw my hands are now from hand washing after seeing Covid 19 patients.

My go to hand cream is Aesop’s Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm. It smells amazing, with Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf and Cedar Atlas. Scent is an essential component for wellbeing, as you can see, from what’s in my bathroom cabinet. There’s no denying that I’m a real Jo Malone fan. At this current climate of high anxiety, I say it is all the more important that we treat ourselves to something special.

I really love Jo Malone’s new Lavender range, with their pretty lilac caps.

The Lavender and Coriander cologne , an aromatic scent of English Lavender is bolstered by the striking note of coriander.

If you are having trouble sleeping, then you may want to consider the calming Lavender and Musk pillow mist.   Talking about scent, the bathroom deserves some aromatherapy too, to help calm our nerves. I’ve been using Simple Goods’ toilet cleaning range which smells of Geranium, Lavender and Patchouli.

These products clean extremely well, but I’m unsure if they have ant-viral properties. Last but not least, keeping the air at home fresh and pure is important for that sense of wellbeing. This Brid air purifier from Atellani is great for hayfever sufferers.

Finally, hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Wishing you all a lovely evening and stay safe and well.

( All photography and styling are by Little Big Bell)

I’m so happy to finally reveal my pastel colour bathroom, a mix of period and modern, created in part collaboration with Ripples bathroom.

It’s been a labour of love.

It’s been a journey and I’ve learned a lot about doing up a bathroom, from grout colours, to paint matching, tile shapes, trims and more.

However, that’ll be another blog post on its own.

The image above is my original bathroom. Ripples bathroom helped me with the initial design plans and supplied some of the bathroom furniture and fixtures.

Here’s a little sketch of the envisaged new bathroom co-designed with one of Ripples bathroom designers.

You will see that I have changed this bathroom design slightly from the initial drawing as the refurbishment progressed. pastel colour bathroom Here’s the bathroom. Let’s take a tour.

The gorgeous eye tiles in duck egg blue for the floor are by Ca Pietra. I fell instantly in love with them at first sight, and they formed the base palette for my bathroom colour decisions.

You can read more about the eye tiles here. pastel colour bathroom The initial design suggested that the bathroom should have an all white tiled wall ( see drawing above).

However, I wanted more warmth, so decided on a colourful feature wall over the vanity unit.

I selected these gorgeous hexagonal tiles called Hayek hex blush from Claybrook studio.

I’ve used a brass trim to separate the tiles and painted wall.

It was not easy finding the right shade of pink. I finally went for a peachy pink tone. pastel colour bathroom The white tiles encasing the other walls are called Minton hollis from Topps tiles.

Strange as it may seem, I found it difficult finding the perfect white tiles.

The issues I encountered was finding white tiles of the right size, with the perfect straight edge, and one with a uniform white tone on its surface.

I’ve decided to keep these parts of the bathroom wall white, to give the room a sense of space, without competing with the other colours.

It was also the perfect backdrop for the peach roll top bath. pastel colour bathroom I’ve always wanted brush brass in my bathroom, so the finishing touch was easy to decide.

Ripples introduced me to the Hansgrohe brand.

The form, feel and function of Hansgrohe’s brassware really evoke luxury and quality. I paid a visit to Hansgrohe’s showroom in London and selected the Axor Citterio 3 hole basin mixers with crossed handles. I also selected the Axor Citterio floor standing bath shower mixer which you can clearly see in this image. Hansgrohe kindly bespoke plated them in brush brass for me. So what do you think of the  bathroom? 

I wanted this pastel colour bathroom to feel light, happy, and aesthetically me.

I also wanted it to fit seamlessly with the decor in the rest of my house, a mix of modern and period Victorian.

You can definitely see those 2 elements  in my bathroom.

The Bisque Classic radiator, original sash windows, roll top bath and Hansgrohe cross taps gives the space that period feel, whilst the colourful tiles, painted walls and bespoke vanity and shelving units adds a modern touch. pastel colour bathroom A freestanding roll top bath had always been on my wish list, so this was the perfect opportunity to get one.

This Hurlingham slipper bath has a lovely inner contour that supports my back well. It’s also deep, which means I can immerse myself properly in warm water, much like the traditional Japanese baths that I like.

Ripples kindly sourced a smaller roll top bath from Hurlingham for me. The roll top Bath has been spray painted with a peach tone paint called Antique coral from Benjamin Moore.

Talking about paint colours, I decided to use 2 colours on my bathroom wall to match both the floor tiles and the roll top bath. I used Irish mint aura and Orange sorbet from Benjamin Moore. pastel colour bathroom I’ve always wanted double basins in my pastel colour bathroom, and am so pleased with these 2 concrete arla basins from Kast concrete, supplied by Ripples.

I’ve had my eye on these basin for quite a while. I love how elegant they look, the natural smooth texture of concrete adds warmth to the white vanity unit. To compliment the concrete basins, I’ve selected this Caesarstone Frozen Terra quartz worktop to go on top of the vanity unit. Here’s another view. You can read more about Caesarstone’s quartz worktops here. The vanity unit was initially attached to the wall and suspended above the floor to create a sense of space.

The unit itself, made of wood, was quite heavy.

I became a bit nervous that the weight of the unit, heavy quartz worktop and 2 concrete basins would  put strain on the walls. To give me peace of mind, I decided to add some custom made brushed brass legs from Urban Editions.

It was probably the best decision ever, as those brushed brass legs have really pulled all the brass elements in the bathroom together and given the unit a finished look. The brass pull bar handle for the vanity unit is from Buster and Punch. The bespoke shelving units on the opposite end of my bathroom also have matching Buster and Punch handles. Here is the shelving unit with removable yellow shelves.

I co-designed the vanity unit and shelving units with mead architecture and design, made by en masse interiors. 

Mead architecture did the building work for the bathroom too. pastel colour bathroom I didn’t have much storage in my last bathroom, and I also wanted somewhere to display my lovely toiletries. pastel colour bathroom I love how I can see the displayed shelving unit whichever way I stand in the bathroom, as it is reflected off these gorgeous arch mirrors from H&M Home. Last but not least, I can’t not mention these beautiful opal wall sconces, specially designed for me, to specification, by the talented Spark and Bell.

I wanted something that would be adjustable, with a soft glow for putting make up on.

I found a lot of the overhanging wall lights cast shadows on the face, making it difficult to visualise. The opal glass diffuses the light well. pastel colour bathroom There are ceiling downlights in the bathroom to make it bright at night too, but if I want to relax with candlelight in the bath bath, I’d usually just turn the wall sconces on. pastel colour bathroom So there you go, my small customised pastel colour bathroom in happy colours. What do you think?

Finally, I’m grateful to Ripples for helping me with the initial design. They helped me source some of the bath furniture and fittings too.

(All photography of this pastel colour bathroom are the copyright of Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. Any usage of photos from this site requires permission. The worktop, basins and taps are gifts. The bath tub, radiator were discounted via Ripples. )

I had been researching quartz surfaces for my bathroom makeover, to go on top of my vanity unit.

My search brought me to Caesarstone, a company founded in 1987 and a pioneer in the natural quartz surfaces market.

I decided to pay a visit to their showroom in London to find out more. Quartz surfaces It was amazing to see and feel the large slabs of quartz surfaces up close. There were a variety of colours, styles and textures on offer.

I chose quartz because it’s hard wearing and non porous, making it stain and scratch resistant.

There’s no need to wax or seal the surface once installed, which is great.

The fact that it’s easy to clean, looks stylish and has a luxurious feel made my choice easy. Quartz surfaces After perusing the vast collection, I was drawn to Caesarstone’s Frozen Terra design ( the rectangular sample above).

I didn’t want a surface that was too shiny, and so Frozen Terra’s matt surface appealed greatly.

It had a smooth concrete look that would compliment the concrete basins (square sample) that I was planning to use. Not only does Frozen Terra liken to concrete, but it also had a Terrazo look, with its irregularly distributed flecks of translucent aggregate and fine black basalt.

Here you can see a table and sample piece in Frozen Terra, compared to other quartz stones. Isn’t it beautiful?

In fact, Frozen Terra recently won the highly coveted Wallpaper* Design award.

I’m proud to say I’m now the proud owner of an award winning piece of quartz.

A plan of the vanity unit was drawn up by my builder Sam of Mead Architecture and Design, before it was sent to the fabricators.

It now looks amazing on the vanity unit and I can’t wait to reveal it to you soon.

If any of you are looking to get a stone surface for your kitchen or bathroom refurbishment, I highly recommend a visit to Caesarstone’s showroom. Otherwise you could also order samples by post.

If you haven’t read about the floor tiles I’m using for the bathroom, then do pop over to have a peek.

I will be doing weekly updates until the final reveal.

( The Frozen Terra were gifted by Ceasarstone).

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