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halloween ghost diy Halloween ghost DIY for your trick and treating party

How time flies. I can’t believe Halloween is nearly upon us.

I don’t usually over decorate for Halloween, but here’s a quick and easy DIY if you fancy throwing an impromptu party.

I’ve made a few floating ghosts by reusing my old white paper bell lanterns from a previous party.

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is cut out some ghost eyes from black card stock and super glue them on, and then place some white netting over. I got my white netting from Ebay. In order to create that floating ghost effect, I used some transparent string attached to Command brand’s removable party ceiling hooks. The hooks are so easy to use, just apply the sticky tape supplied, and press it for a few minutes against the ceiling. You can easily remove the hooks without damage to your ceiling paint. All you have to do is pull the tab along the same plane as the tape. You can see some examples on how to remove the tape here in a previous post.

The ceiling hooks will especially come in handy for Christmas decorations too. I can’t believe Christmas is less than 3 months away. Will you be Trick or Treating with the kids or partying this Halloween? I prefer staying home with a huge tub of candy and seeing all the cute costumes come by. Maybe this year I may throw a little Halloween tea party at home. Check out my cute party ware from Meri Meri.

Wishing you a wonderful day and I’ll be back soon with more interiors post.

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)

(I have written this Halloween ghost DIY post in sponsored collaboration with Command brand. All opinions and creatives are my own).

All season wool bedding from woolroom.

This weekend was unusually warm. It felt like Summer again. Don’t you think that the weather is just so unpredictable nowadays? As I write this, the skies are threatening a storm. Do you find it difficult to sleep when temperatures fluctuate like that? I know I do. woolroom So pleased to have discovered the wool bedding range from woolroom.

I never knew that wool bedding could regulate temperature, keeping you warm when its cold and cool when it’s warm.

My all season duvet from woolroom is so amazing, it has a light weight duvet perfect for Spring or Summer, a medium weight duvet for Autumn, and when put together, makes a warm Winter weight duvet. Apart from getting the temperature right, another common problem that affect sleep is allergy.  How do you banish those house dust mites that cause eczema and asthma like symptoms?

Scientific testing have shown that mites cannot survive on wool, hence the added bonus of woolroom’s range being awarded the Allergy UK seal of approval. Have you ever tried a mattress topper before?

Here you can see my Deluxe wool mattress topper from woolroom. It’s like sleeping on the most comfortable bed cushion ever. It was so soft, I felt like I was floating into dreamland. My kids love that mattress topper so much, that they’ve been asking me to get them one for their own beds too. To complete my woolroom bedding collection, I also tried out two new wool pillows. You can even unzip the pillows to fluff up the wool and adjust for comfort. Last but not least, and definitely a plus point, is that most of woolroom’s bedding are machine washable, making life convenient. What do you think? Are you a wool bedding convert like I am? I’ve been using my bedding for a few weeks now, and absolutely adore it.

I would highly recommend you to try it out. The bed topper is my favourite.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell.)

(Sponsored collaboration with woolroom but all opinions are my own).

Mipic – a new creative community and a way to turn those social media likes to money.

I have recently discovered miPic, and I’m super excited to let you all know about it. miPic is normally an online service, but this week they have set up a pop up store in Dray Walk of London’s Shoreditch.

In fact, today is the last day of the pop up.

If you fancy taking a look at what the products look like, then don’t miss out. So what is miPic?

It’s a shopping app that allows you to upload¬†your high resolution images against products. You can do this via your phone, tablet or computer. Then at a click of a button, you can turn your own artwork or photography into art prints, cushion covers, mobile phone covers, towels and more.

The app is intuitive and will be able to judge the photo quality to print. It’s a great way to convert and capitalise on those Instagram photo likes. miPic is a ready made platform for you to earn a commission. They have done all the leg work, by sourcing the manufacturers and running the website for you. If uploading your own photo is not your thing, then you could pick from the huge collection of artwork and photos on offer by the miPic community too, such as all the products I have shown you in this post.

You can select your products from the theme and colours categories menu. miPic’s manufacturers are at the ready to respond, and delivery is fast and efficient too. The product quality is amazing. I have already received my iphone cover that I designed. I will be showing you that soon on instagram. Do go and check out the products and all the amazing artists and photographers now selling their wares through the app. A special mention to Catsup, who designed this cool T-shirt and held it up for me to photograph. Such a great idea don’t you think?

I know many of my readers are from the creative world. Even if you aren’t, this is a great first step to explore your creativity and capitalise. The whole process is so simple and fast. I will definitely be joining the miPic community and am looking forward to designing my own products.

Wishing you a wonderful mid week.

( All the photography are copyright of Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. miPic have sponsored this post, but all views and opinions are my own.)

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