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The Unexpected Red Theory in my home.

Unexpected Red TheoryThe Unexpected Red Theory? I recently discovered this on social media. It’s a term coined by Brooklyn based Tik Tok designer Taylor Migliazzo, as an attention grabbing hue that can instantly add a touch of interest and energy to a space. If you analyse designed rooms, you will notice that this is what interior designers have been doing.

For me, I think it adds a pop of luxury and eclecticism to a space. Subconsciously I have been adding small pops of red to my interior space over the last few years.

More recently, I have been leaning towards all things striped. That’s how I discovered Lucy Muss, a talented artist, who I have commissioned to produce the painting you see above my pink fireplace in my dining room.Unexpected Red Theory Lucy Muss artLucy Muss had been exhibiting her art with Colours of Arley, who sell bespoke striped fabrics and wallpaper. I was in fact looking to get some red striped fabric to upholster some old furniture.

When I spotted Lucy’s work, I felt compelled to reach out to her and commission her to produce a French Bistro style piece of art for me. The chosen theme was a tribute to our second home in Paris.

Shrimps and champagne original paintingInstead of buying the red striped fabric, I asked Lucy for some red and white striped curtains in the painting.

I sent her a photo of my dining room, so she could coordinate the colours of her painting with my space.

she knew I loved pink, so proposed to paint some pink shrimps and Champagne for the table.

Unexpected Red Theory Lucy muss

What do you think? I absolutely love this. It is so bright and vibrant, it just makes me smile. My family loves it too.

Talking about the Unexpected Red Theory, do you spot any more pops of red around the space? In fact, pops of red and stripes.

I know that Lucy will be making prints out of this Shrimps and Champagne piece, so do head over to her shop if you fancy getting hold of a similar piece.

( All photos are copyright of Little Big Bell)

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