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The Ren sofa from – my new pink modular sofa.

The Ren sofa from sofa.comIntroducing you to my new sofa, the Ren from

It’s a beautiful modular sofa that has allowed me to give up my much loved 8 year old sofa.

I have been looking for a replacement for some time, as I wanted one with wider and more comfortable seats, but have not found anything until now.

The Ren sofa is absolutely divine and I can easily sink with ultimate comfort into its feather and fibre filled cushions.

The Ren sofa from sofa.comAs the room suited a pink sofa, I needed the replacement to be the right shade of pink, nothing too bright, too orange or overly candy sweet.

The Sakura Pink Organic Smart cotton that I chose was the perfect shade, a muted pink with an elegant matt finish.

The fabric is sustainable and made of 100% natural fibres hence supple to the touch. Even better, it comes with a finish that is stain and spills resistant.

My other brief was for rounded contours, and the Ren sofa fulfilled this with its beautiful wraparound curved arms inspired by the 1970s.

The Ren sofa, a pink modular sofaThis is the Ren ottoman. It is as good a foot rest as it is a coffee table. I’ve always wanted an ottoman that doubles up as a coffee table.

I’ve ordered and await a large rattan tray to place on the ottoman, to hold my scented candles and decor.

The Ren sofa, a pink modular sofaFor me, it was important that the sofa was modular, as I love moving furniture pieces around  to style.

The Ren sofa is also multi-functional. The ottoman and footstool comes with under cushion storage which is great for hiding toys away.

I am so pleased with this new sofa set. It really ticks all the boxes and the wait was well worth it.

You can pick from an amazing selection of fabrics and colours, from linen to Chenille, to cottons and velvets.

The choice range is huge, so I am  confident you will find what you are looking for.

If you are interested, currently have a 15% discount that is applied at checkout on their handmade to order collection. I’m not sure how long it will last, but thought I’d give you a quick heads up on the offer.

What do you think of The Ren sofa?

( All photography are copyright of Little Big Bell. This is a paid partnership post).

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