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Maltesers Dot Dot Dot – Maltesers Luxury chocolates have arrived.

Good morning. Breaking news! Something unusual is happening in London, because everything is turning red with gold polka dots. Even the post box has contracted this case of MALTESERS Dot Dot Dot. This London phone box, in front of Big Ben, has transformed too.

That red bus better watch out, or it’ll be next. There was no escaping at home either, gold polka dots have infiltrated. All because this gift arrived in the post. Dare I open it? I had to know. Maltesers Luxury chocolates Ta dah! The reveal. 16 pieces of Maltesers Luxury chocolates wrapped in red and gold polka dot foils.

If you are a Maltesers fan like I, then this is probably music to your ears. These Luxury chocolates were so precious, hence the gold and glass box above. As you can imagine, because of my love for Maltesers, my glass box soon emptied out.

Tea was already made in anticipation. What does it taste like? I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into one. I wasn’t the only one, as my son was already waiting in anticipation.

This was therefore the fastest photo shoot I had ever done. Here it is all unwrapped. A milky chocolate outer layer, so smooth to bite into. Right in the centre is a delicious chocolate and malty filling, encased in a wafer shell, real MALTESERS Teasers pieces and covered in milk chocolate.

As much as I tried to resist, these chocolates didn’t last for long.  Don’t you think this would be the perfect Mother’s day gift? You can purchase a box now at Debenhams for £6.

I can’t believe that as a result of this post, I may well have tempted myself to go get another box. Have I tempted you too?

For more information, do check out MALTESERS’ Facebook page and Instagram account. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( This is a sponsored post with Maltesers Luxury Chocolates . All photography and styling are my own except for the first three images that are by David Parry/PA wire. All opinions are my own).

This post is all about the latest trends in bathrooms and kitchens, from my recent tour of PORCELANOSA in Valencia, Spain.

I’ve been thinking of re-doing my bathroom and kitchen lately, and so this showroom tour, a source of inspiration, was especially relevant to me.

We started the tour with some artistic fun, by tracing over the pencil illustrations on tiles, created by Spanish artist, Coté Escrivá.

Here is the tile wall completed. The black stone basin above, with its clean cut contemporary lines and luxury feel has now made it to my bathroom wish list. This beautiful wall mounted Noken tap, designed by renowned Italian designer, Simone Micheli, was also a favourite. How cool is this? A wooden stand with a groove for a mobile phone or ipod, that can be connected wirelessly to a sound system behind the mirror.  This is KRION™, PORCELANOSA’s next generation in solid surfaces.

What’s amazing about KRION™, is that it can be cut into sheets, joined and thermoformed to make seamless surfaces and curved shapes.

I was wowed at the live demo, showing us how resistant KRION™ was to acid and stains. This would definitely be the perfect work surface material for busy kitchens. Here is a basin shaped out of KRION™ . This white and gold bathroom is just gorgeous. The gold basin looked great when contrasted against black.
PORCELANOSA is more than just tiles and bathroom. This concrete effect wall, was made from one of their products called micro cement. We were shown how easy it was to mix and apply to walls.

What’s wonderful about micro cement is that it is waterproof, and so can be used as the walls in showers. We also got to tour PORCELANOSA’s large collection of kitchens.

How clever is this storage solution above the sink? I realised I haven’t talked much about tiles,so take a peek at the image above.

They look like wood don’t they, but are actually tiles. Rather than have wooden floors in wet areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, these would make perfect alternatives.

Hope you have enjoyed my take on the latest trends in bathrooms and kitchens at PORCELANOSA.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. I was invited to Valencia, as a press guest of Porcelanosa).

Weekend brunch at Aqua Kyoto restaurant in London Yesterday, I was invited to Aqua Kyoto, to try out their new weekend brunch menu.

The restaurant, conveniently located near Oxford street, was on the fifth floor, with lovely views over London.

The executive chef there was Paul Greeningwho also happened to have a degree in microbiology. I could tell from meeting him, that he was very passionate about food. He uses his knowledge of science, to help him research into food and to create innovative recipes. I was invited along with a group of lovely food bloggers.

To start, we were served cocktails. As I wasn’t drinking alcohol that day, a delicious mocktail of fruit juices with almond syrup, was specially made for me. The new weekend brunch menu consisted of at least 7 courses, with an option for bottomless Bellini’s or Veuve Cliquot Champagne.

Our first course was a bowl of edamame, flavoured with a sprinkling of sea salt. This was followed by a bowl of steaming hot white miso soup, with tofu and wakame. Sushi platter at Aqua Kyoto Feast your eyes on this beautiful platter of omakase sushi and sashimi.  Doesn’t it look so vibrant and colourful? Almost too pretty to eat right? Everything was so freshly prepared and perfectly flavoured. The ebi mataha yasai tempura ( prawn and vegetable tempura) above, was delicious when dipped in a kimchee and garlic sauce. This made from scratch yaki soba came with onion teriyaki, winter vegetables and ohba leaf.

I can honestly say that this was one of the best yaki soba dishes I have tasted. The feast continued with these yakitori skewers of robata chicken with spring onion, and omakase vegetable. The chicken was moist and cooked to perfection. Those shitake mushrooms with the sesame seeds, were so juicy and mouth-wateringly good. For a small supplement charge to the brunch menu, you could order this Wagyu beef yakitori. The beef was so tasty and tender to the bite. We were lucky to be treated to Paul Greening’s famed Fuji apple dessert. This apple shaped dessert consisted of a crisp sugar shell, blown up like a glass with nitrous gas, and filled with a light apple mousse and caramel.

It was airy light, sweet and tangy to taste. It was divine. This dessert is not usually part of the weekend brunch menu but can be ordered separately.
We finished our meal with an omakase Japanese brulée, served on a beautiful ceramic stone dish.

So, have I tempted you to go try the amazing weekend brunch menu at Aqua Kyoto? I highly recommend it. It costs £49 with bottomless bubbles or Bellini’s and £65 with bottomless Veuve Clicquot Champagne. This menu is available both on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you fancy going, I have a great offer for you. Here’s a special promo code that entitles you to a free weekend brunch when you book for 3 or more people in addition to yourself. This special offer is only available till 28th May 2017. Hope you can make it.

Have a lovely day all.

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. All opinions are my own. I was a guest of Aqua Kyoto for the brunch.)

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