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How to create a Luxury look at home in your living room – My top 5 tips.

How to create a luxury feel at home.

Here are my top tips on how to create a luxury look at home along with a curated collection of furniture and lighting from online retailer lineaselect.

1. Statement sofa.

The sofa tends to be the biggest piece of furniture in a living room, and so it should be a considered item.

It’s worth investing in a good quality expensive sofa that could stand the test of time and has resale potential.

One such sofa is the Camaleonda sofa created by the architect Mario Bellini. It truly is an iconic piece with its beautiful curvy shape and comfortable deeply tufted seats and backrest.

This is a sofa that is always in demand on resale or auction sites, with prices beyond their original values.

The good news is that B&B italia has recently re-released a 19 piece modular system of the Camaleonda, and you can purchase it from lineaselect ( image number 2 in the moodboard above).

To compliment the sofa, I have picked the C South Round armchair by Molteni ( image number 8 above) and a pair of poufs from Bonaldo.


2. Mood lighting.

There’s something about mood lighting that makes a space feel more expensive and high end. The lights themselves can be decor art pieces..

Previously, I would turn on the bright recess lights, therefore ruining the ambience.

Instead, now I would use a small lamp for task lighting.

Moreover, I would now use diffuse lighting throughout to soften and accentuate features.

I have selected a few of my favourite pieces in the moodboard above.

1-  Foscarini Lake wall lamp by Lucidi Pevere.

3-  Flos Taccia table lamp

5- Snoopy lamp by Flos 


3. Wood

There are 2 materials that truly gives a room an elegant feel and luxury look at home. They are marble and solid wood.

I have not included marble in my mood board above, but 2 beautiful sculptural wooden furniture pieces.

Real solid wood with its grain is just so beautiful and organic. It gives that special connection to nature and the outdoors.

4- Constantin Low table by Cassina.

7- Nara Coffee table by Poliform.

4. Art.

Unique art pieces really do elevate a space.  Nowadays, I prefer investing in canvas oil paintings, or handmade ceramic sculptures.

I know a lot of people say to invest in original pieces of art that you love if you are going to pay a large sum, but I say we need to be shrewd with what we buy too.

It is important to research the artist and still treat your art as potential investment returns.

5. Scent.

Finally, a good quality candle with a great scent, can enhance that sense of luxury in a space. I love using Diptyque candles for my home.

When I told someone the other day, I burn a candle for at least 2-3 hours a day when I am home, they told me that I wasting money.

I beg to differ. I think the scent of a room works synergistically to convey the feel of the interior decor.

Hope you have enjoyed my Top 5 tips on how to create a luxury look at home. If you are interested, I am currently renovating my Paris apartment and it will be very elegant and luxurious. Do follow my Paris instagram @MyParisWithMe to see.

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