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Trends spotted at imm cologne January 2024 furniture and design fair.

trends at imm cologne

Trends at imm cologne 2024.

I’m just back from imm cologne January 2024.

These are the major trends I liked:

As you scroll through my images, you will spot these 3 central trend themes:




The sculptural ceramic lamps above with pops of citrus orange and greens are by Pulpo products.

trends at imm cologne 2024This zesty lime sculpted side table, also by Pulpo products, contrasts nicely with that wonderful brown leather sofa.

trends at imm cologneThis Pleated Partition Screen is by Fenna Van Der Klei, one of this year’s Pure Talent winners at imm cologne.

The citrus theme continues here on the screen, a sculpted undulating shape of textiles that are not  stiffened with binders or adhesives, hence kinder to the environment.

A sculpted dining table base from Girsberger caught my eye. A fabulous art piece with its moulded sculpted shape and organic feel, surrounded by dining chairs in unsurprising pops of tangerine hues.

This solitary orange stool sure is an attention grabber, set against a sea of light blue and black at Schoenbuch.

These orange dining chairs by Rodam, with their soft sculpted curves, give a modern take on the orange chairs in the 70s.

If bright orange is too loud, you could opt for an orange shade closer to a rusty pink, like this sofa from Harvink.

Meanwhile, a little steer from the Citrus brights, but still along the lines of sculpted shapes of trends spotted at imm cologne 2024, is this organic raw Himalayan wool rug from Casalis, inspired by the rocks from hikes in Sweden and Iceland.

Last but not least, these roof tiles by Carolin Schelkle are called Wasted Treasure because they were repurposed from the palm industry’s waste products.

Above all, aren’t they beautiful organic shapes with thoughtful and sustainable DNA?

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