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Top 5 tips for fast and easy Christmas decorating at home.

Top 5 tips for fast and easy Christmas decorating at home.

Here are my Top 5 tips for fast and easy Christmas decorating at home.

1. Pick Christmas decorations that match your home.

This is a great way to banish indecision. Your house is the ready made template to base your decisions against.

The decorations that you pick, can be added to in future Christmases to come.

Sometimes we are tempted (me included) to follow a trend or colour theme, only to discover after spending vast amounts of money, that the decorations clash with the style or colours of our home.

Very stocks a huge variety of Christmas decorations, and I was able to pick the ones that match my dining room. I have decided to use pastel blues, pinks and greens.

I have chosen the crackled glass Christmas tree baubles in green and pearl white and sequin baubles in pink and a blue white.

Top 5 tips for fast and easy Christmas decorating at home.Can you see how the decorations and colours harmonise with the room?

These rather cute pink and white Nutcrackers blend in well with the room’s colours.

easy Christmas decorating2. Go for a pre-lit Christmas tree.

Having the Christmas tree pre-lit makes it easy Christmas decorating.

The lights look orderly and there are no wires jutting out or entangled with the baubles. All you have to do is plug the tree in.

You can find a selection of pre-lit Christmas trees from Very.

Here is my Christmas tree beautifully pre-lit.

easy Christmas decoratingTalking about pre-lit, I also found this Frosted Rose Christmas wreath that lights up and

this Dome Forest scene Christmas light to add more festive sparkle to the space when the evening sets in.Here you can see how the pre-lit items make the room come to life with minimal effort.

3. Go for a flocked Christmas tree.

Over the years of decorating Christmas trees, and observing the gorgeous display ones in the shops, I have come to realise that I have been missing a trick.

I always wonder how people make their trees look so full and complete. I must admit that my solution had always been to put as many baubles as I possibly could.

However, baubles can be expensive. A flocked Christmas tree not only makes the tree look fuller, but it also means less baubles is needed.

The white flocked material is also a great backdrop to showcase the colours of the baubles.

I have previously been cautious about buying a flocked tree because I was worried about white flakes coming off all over the floor.

I was pleasantly surprised by the great quality of this Very Christmas tree, with its soft white flock that didn’t flake or crumble.

4. Gift sacks to save time on gift wrapping.

If you like me, are time poor with gift wrapping, then the Christmas sack is a saviour.

This year, I will be on call for the hospital the week before Christmas ( I’m a medical doctor for those of you who do not know). That is the week I usually wrap the presents for my family.

The Christmas sack is great for hiding away poorly wrapped gifts that may have been little bit of a  rushed job.

I’m reassuring myself that the gift wrapping gets torn away in a matter of seconds on Christmas morning and no-one will notice how they were wrapped.

These Festive Hessian Christmas sacks from Very will do nicely.

5. Find a ready made garland to embellish the stairs or fireplace.

There are lots of garlands to pick from at the shops.

Many people buy bare foliage ones and add on their own decorations. I’ve tried that before, and let me tell you I find it too time consuming, with the threading of baubles and tying of bows.

Very offers a fabulous choice of ready made garlands, and the one above is the Frosted Rose Swag garland that perfectly matches my flocked Christmas tree.

It was so easy to put up. Just took around 5 minutes using some green velvet ribbons.

That concludes my top 5 tips for fast and easy Christmas decorating at home. What do you think? Have you started decorating yet?

( All photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. )

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