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Canvas prints for your home from Photowall.

I’m excited to show you my new Canvas prints from Photowall, adding pops of colours at home.

Amazing how a few canvases can really transform a space don’t you think?

I love decorating with wall art and then photographing them too.  Many of my framed art prints at home are without the front glass or acrylic covers, to prevent reflection when I shoot.

I was happy to discover Photowall’s canvas wall art collection, because now it means no more fiddling with frames and glass. I can just put the art works straight onto the wall.

Moreover, the effect is quite impactful too. I went for canvas prints with colourful geometric shapes and a mid-century modern vibe to match my sofa’s style.

The one above here is called Sunshine stripes and you can also get it as a poster print or even  wallpaper.This one is called Circles Mid Century IIII. I love how this design can look great in both a landscape or portrait orientation.I’m impressed by the quality of the canvas prints and Photowall’s company ethos for the environment.

The canvas prints materials are environmentally friendly, and the company also supports the planting of trees in East Africa.

The canvases are super light and easy to put up.

The print resolutions are sharp, vibrant and uv resistant, so they don’t fade like some wall art do over time.

The canvas prints come in a variety of sizes, and you can order them to fit your space.

Do check out Photowall’s offerings. There are  so many different styles to pick from, to suit different tastes.

If you fancy something from Photowall then you can use the code littlebigbell20 for 20% off.

Wishing you a lovely Summer.

( All photography and styling are by Little Big Bell)

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