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Yesterday was certainly a ‘full’ day. I started off with a fairly busy morning in the Emergency department. When I finished, I jumped into the car with the family, determined to make the most of a sunny day.

We decided to head into the Wiltshire countryside for some fresh outdoor air and fun. I remembered when I was younger and used to live in Oxford, we were invited to lunch at a quaint English country home there. I can still remember being served this most delicious marmalade glazed Chicken with spinach.

The Wiltshire countryside then was mesmerising and that same memory was once again rekindled.


We took the opportunity to visit Stonehenge, a truly breathtaking experience. The age of these impressive and imposing stone structures lead me to contemplate about life and time in general.


It was peaceful and beautiful, set against clear blue skies and the rolling green of the countryside. I could have just lingered there pretending I lived in a different era.

The kids were busy coming up with theories of how the mysterious stones came to be. In the far distance, we spotted druids in white gowns dancing in circles.


A short drive away from Stonehenge was this sweet little ‘pick your own’ flower farm called Flowers of Hatch. We were first greeted by a curious black labrador, barking, as we emerged from the car. The owner of the farm soon strolled down a path to welcome us. It was a beautiful allotment of wild looking flowers, but I did make a bee line for my favourite sweet peas.


The kids enjoyed wheelbarrowing their cart around as they clipped flowers of all colours and scents.


After gathering a large bunch of beauties, we left money in the nearby honesty box.


We went back to the farmhouse to bid farewell and thank our generous hosts, only to be greeted by four nosy chickens wandering about freely. That prompted us to buy a dozen of their eggs, some of which were had for breakfast today.

Pythouse-walled-garden-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell-blog Our next stop was Pythouse kitchen Garden. This was one of our most amazing finds. It was a walled garden reminiscent of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book ‘The Secret Garden’.


A beautiful garden with rows of floral varieties. Through a duck egg blue wooden gate at the end of the garden was a large apple orchard.


Scattered amongst the garden were interesting period objects, like this four poster bed, in a traditional Farrow and Ball grey. I could have quite easily laid there, had there been a mattress, taking in the blue sky, delicious wafting scents of the herb garden, whilst listening to the sweet song of birds.


I could not stop clicking my camera as I tried to capture the charm and beauty of this place.



We had a dinner reservation there. It was wonderful and I highly recommend it. The food was mouthwateringly delicious, cooked with the freshly picked garden vegetables and herbs . The piece de resistance was dessert. I loved the Summer pudding (berries picked from the garden) with a refreshing lemon sorbet.


The restaurant overlooked the garden via large windows, so between courses, the kids could run wild outdoors playing with other children. They had so much fun on that warm Summer’s eve.


We drove through more beautiful villages as we headed back. We saw Stonehenge once more in the distance, its structures still so clearly visible in the dim of dusk.

We reached London near midnight. The whole family, although exhausted, felt happy from this most wonderful outing.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. x

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