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Farrow-and-Ball-Peignoir-Little-Big-Bell Are you considering repainting your home and not sure what to pick?

I was asked by Farrow and Ball to pick my favourite colour, from their collection.

For those who know me, it probably came as no surprise, that I gravitated towards the one with a pinky hue.

I picked Farrow and Ball Peignoir, a grey pink colour with a romantic feel.

The name Peignoir  was inspired by the chiffon gowns that ladies traditionally wore, whilst brushing their hairs, in their boudoirs.

What’s interesting about this colour, is how it changes with light. It could be a muted pink at a particular time of day, and then a chalky grey at another.

For me, the colour Peignoir bears an analogy to Yin and Yang, the dark vs light and feminine vs masculine. I have created 2 moodboards to illustrate this.

My first moodboard (above) is about the pinker side of Peignoir. Farrow-and-Ball-1-Peignoir-Little-Big-Bell-blog The pink of this dusky rose and vase is what Peignoir looks like in a room filled with light or when contrasted against white. It’s the Summery side of Peignoir.

It’s only when the sun goes down, that the warmer grey tones come through.

This could be the perfect colour compromise if someone in your household is not keen on pink walls. After all, Peignoir is not pink, it’s a shade of grey, right? Peignoir-pink-grey-2-Farrow-and-Ball-paint-2016-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I have painted this background wall in Peignoir.

Peignoir is also a great backdrop for making pink colours pop, in a visually soothing way, than when placed against a stark white wall. Farrow-and-Ball-Spring-2016-colours-Peignoir-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Light pinks and hints of green, when set against Peignoir, creates a soft and cosy feel to a room.

For Autumn, I am thinking of placing a Sage green velvet sofa against a wall painted in Peignoir. Scattered on the sofa will be blush or pale pink cushions, the same colour as the rose petals above.

Does that sound cosy? Can you visualise it in your mind?
Peignoir-by-Farrow-and-Ball-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell Here’s my second moodboard. The grey side of Peignoir. Farrow-and-Ball-Peignoir-2-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell Grey dominates in Peignoir when the lights are low.

Chalky whites, such as of this ceramic milk bottle, can further accentuate the grey. Peignoir-cups-1-Farrow-and-Ball-Little-Big-Bell One of my favourite colour combinations are blues and pinks. Peignoir looks wonderful when combined with turquoise blue.

When light floods into a room, the dusky pinks from Peignoir look stunning with the blues.

Equally, when Autumn/Winter sets in, and as daylight hours get shorter, those bright blues will pop against the darkening grey of Peignoir.

What do you think of Peignoir? Isn’t it wonderful to have 2 colours that can interchange with lighting.

Have a happy weekend all!

( All styling and photography in this post are by Geraldine Tan, Editor of Little Big Bell. All opinions are my own. This is a sponsored collaborative post with Farrow and Ball).

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