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future-and-found-curate-featured-on-little-big-bell London Design Festival for 2016 is now in full swing. There are just so many amazing things to see and experience.

I may not be travelling from show to show, but I have kept my finger on the pulse. Social media has cast a wide net, and nowadays it is possible to watch what’s happening from the comfort of your own home.

As I watch, I’m taking note of, and teasing out the cool and new emerging brands that I should explore.

For me, it is about spotting those unique products or brands, whose designs will not only stand out, but will transcend the test of time, and have a broad commercial appeal.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to Future and Founda design concept store based in North London and online. I am always impressed with how Future and Found is able to curate and bring together an on trend collection.

I have decided to do a little edit from their shop, using my colour predictions for the upcoming seasons. winter-2016-colour-trend-cushions The colours I feel instinctively drawn to for this season, can be likened to a make up palette of eye shadows.

It is one filled with shades of nudes, earthy tones and pinks, whilst punctuated by bright pops of semi-precious stone colours, such as greens (Aquamarine and Emeralds), small doses of purples, fuchsias, orange and blues.

The cushions above by Ferm Living, which can also be bought from Future and Found, reflects this Autumn colour palette. face-pot-by-group-partner-at-future-and-found-featured-by-little-big-bell-blog Earthy tones of sand, such as this light wood Gustave stool, and shades of clay such as this speckled face plant pot are the sort of colours I visualise Spring 2017 to be.

Orange is a difficult colour to use for interiors in large doses, but I think it looks wonderful when used in moderation, as an accent colour over a nude palette. josette-table-lamp Lighter woods such as Ash, Beech and Oak is regaining popularity, and I predict will continue into 2017.

The above is the Josette table lamp. It is both a lamp and side table. Such a great space saving idea. No more standing lamp bases getting in the way of the side table right?  wall-secretary-desk Here’s another cool space saving idea in light wood. It’s called the Wall Secretary Desk, and hangs on the wall with three functions in one. It can be used as a shelf, a console or a desk. You can pick from a selection of drawers in mint, yellow or grey. dash-pot-at-future-and-found-featured-on-littlle-big-bell Green as a colour is still holding its own in interiors, especially with the continued popularity of indoor plants.  ferm-living-concrete-pots Check out these grey and ochre concrete pots to hold your indoor greens. I would love to have them in my home. muuto-stacked-modules-from-future-and-found-featured-on-little-big-bell How about these storage module shelves to hold your indoor plant collection?

I must say, I’m rather attracted to that marble effect, smooth grey concrete wall too. table-tiles_future_and_found These pretty table tile coasters are perfect for adding pops of green to your interiors, if you are not too keen on looking after plants.
future-and-found-at-designjunction-little-big-bell Last but not least, Future and Found is exhibiting some of their goods at Designjunction for the London Design Festival. It’s at 1 Granary Square, King’s Cross.

The whole event at Granary Square is amazing and will be on till Sunday 25th September 2016.

If you have a chance, you should go explore. Wishing you all a wonderful week. winter-2016-colour-trend-cushions

( This is a collaborative post with Future and Found. Photos courtesy of Future and Found. All opinions are my own.)

Boy's-bedroom-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Every Spring, I redecorate my son’s bedroom. I must have quite a collection of Boy’s bedroom ideas on this blog by now.

Well, it’s officially Spring now, with the clocks going forward by an hour this weekend.

My son’s room is like a chameleon, it is always changing. The above photo is the last makeover I did, featuring The Little White Company’s bedding range with British Icons, a striped rug from Ralph Lauren Home and some recycled wine boxes that I painted to turn into display shelves above the bed. Little-P-Round-and-Round-rug-styled-and-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell Last Winter, I acquired the cutest rug (above) for my son’s room. It’s by Australian brand, Little P. The rug is called Round & Round, in the Cloudy Pop colour range.

I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t had the chance to place it in his room, until now.

As my son is getting older, I wanted something that was a bit more grown up, but still has the fun and colourful element to inject into a young boy’s room. Kid's-workspace-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell I decided to redecorate using the colour palette of the rug.

So it will be shades of blues in teals and indigo, black and white, with bright pops of yellow. Bedroom-ideas-for-boys-photo-and-styling-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell The new items that I have added are the Teal coloured bedspread and blue rectangular cushion from Hay and the funny Emoji cushion.
Boy's-bedroom-ideas-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-big-Bell-blog-UK Here is a wider view of the room. Amazing how a wonderful carpet rug can dictate the look of  a room.

My son loves his new Little P Round & Round rug. He told me that he loves sitting on it, as it is super soft. It’s made of 100% New Zealand wool. He’s usually on the rug whilst playing with his Lego mini figures.

He’s now trying to convince me to move it to the other side of his bed, where his X-box computer game is.

I don’t think I’ll be doing that, as I don’t want him to get too comfortable sitting in front of screen games all day.

stylish-kid's-room-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell So pleased I finally got round to redecorating his room. It’s amazing how a little edit can change the look of a room without having to spend a huge budget. Happy-bedroom-for-kids-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell What do you think? Do you like it?

Hope you have enjoyed this Boy’s bedroom ideas post. I will be back with lots more interiors posts soon.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

( All styling and photography are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. The rug was selected by myself and kindly gifted to me by Little P. All other items are my own purchases. )

Bronte-by-moon-Herringbone-throw-from-John-Lewis-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell I was really excited when I saw the muted pastel tones within the John Lewis Natural Texture Edit collection.

They were all my favourites, from duck egg blue to dusky pinks and minty greens. Inspired by the colours, and after a not so small shopping trip, I decided to style up a further curated collection at home.

That Duck egg Bronte by Moon Herringbone throw is so soft, and such a sweet contrast against my pink Ercol chair.

I also love how the pink tones on the Southwold cushion is accentuated by the chair.

John-Lewis-Natural-textures-edit-styled-and-photographed-by-Little-Big-Bell So you can see why it wasn’t a small shopping trip. Not content with just one pillow from the collection, I also bought the larger Haze cushion.

After all, they look great together as a pair. Loving the artwork on them too. Impressionism is the new bold painterly strokes of last season.

Mint-sofa-Little-Big-Bell Here’s all my favourite colours together on my mint Designer’s Guild sofa.

Desk-styling-by-Little-Big-Bell ‘Always do what you are afraid to do’, a saying after my own heart. This beautiful inspirational card (and many more in the photos below), was a lovely gift from Eva Jorgensen, owner of Sycamore Street press.

This Frankie oak task lamp, also from John Lewis, got my vote because it exuded a relaxed vibe that paired perfectly with pastels, such as this pale blue Croft pen pot.

John-Lewis-Croft-range-Natural-Textures-edit-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell Styling with colours, shapes and textures are one of my favourite things to do to unwind. Mixing softer tones with brighter shades is so much fun.

I have converted this putty coloured Croft mug into a plant pot and love how the introduction of a very neutral tone with foliage is able to further soften the look of pastels.

Sycamore-Street-press-card-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell In true Little Big Bell style here, we have the marriage of candy brights and muted pastels.

Colourful-storage-boxes-Little-Big-Bell Playing with pastel tones here, mixing patterns with my boxes from Hay of Denmark.

What do you think of Honore de Balzac’s quote?

Croft-collection-mugs-John-Lewis-styled-and-photographed-by-Little-Big-Bell I must say, I am absolutely smitten with the Croft collection at John Lewis. Just look at those chalky shades on the mugs. Even the colour names sound divine, Lake Blue and Clover.

Did you spot my new mug stand? It was the Teal that did it for me.

Decorate-with-indoor-plants-at-home-Little-Big-Bell I never got round to showing you all the greenery I acquired from the Red magazine and Joy of plants event that I helped style last weekend. So here’s a peek.

The beautiful box of succulents were specially created for me by the talented Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design.

I have styled my plants with this tall green crackled pitcher vase which reminded me of sunny Thailand. I remembered buying Celadon pieces from Chiang Mai many years ago and this vase brought back happy holiday memories.


John-Lewis-green-crackled-pitcher-vase-styled-by-Little-Big-Bell Here’s the aerial view.

Decorate-your-own-cupcake-party-Little-Big-Bell Those who follow me on Instagram, know that there is always a party in the Little Big Bell household. So when I saw the Croft collection Arundel pinch pot paddle tray, I instantly knew what I was going to use them for.

Sprinkles and toppings came to mind. Perfect for a make your own cupcake or ice-cream topping party.

Colourful-sprinkles-cake-2-Little-Big-Bell Talking about sprinkles, I thought I’d end the post with my son’s birthday cake from last week.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week.

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