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Gray-Malin-photo-by-Geraldine-Tan-Little-Big-Bell I’ve been feeling fully inspired since my return from Barcelona.

I was invited by Le Meridien Barcelona and Le Meridien Ra resort and spa hotels to meet and find out about their partnership with Gray Malin, the super cool and talented photographer from America.

Le Meridien have commissioned Gray for a global photography art collaboration called Follow Me.

The photos produced will adorn the hotels’ Hubs, a reinterpretation of hotel lobbies, that are visually uplifting social spaces, greeting guests on arrival.

Gray’s Follow Me video, a 24 hour visual journey of his photography and behind the scenes footage will also be shown around the world at these Hubs. Scenes will be added as he explores new Le Meridien destinations, from Bhutan (where he has just finished shooting) to Dubai, Seychelles and many more.

I really love how Le Meridien have embraced the Arts, paying attention to detail, such as with their Unlock Art program that partners local cultural centres.

Guests are offered complimentary entry to an affiliated attraction when they present their artist designed hotel key card.

My hotel key card had Gray’s beautiful photography from his Mediterranean poolside series and I got free access to Barcelona’s museum of Contemporary art.

Gray-Malin-1-party-pineapples-and-cocktails-Le-Meridien-Barcelona-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell After an enjoyable guided tour of the museum, I  returned to the hotel to attend a cocktail party co-hosted by Le Meridien Barcelona and Gray, on the rooftop terrace.

It was a gorgeous evening with a light breeze and the views were simply stunning. I was as transfixed by the views as I was those pastel pineapple lights.

As we chatted, we sipped delicious cocktails from glasses with rims coated with colourful sprinkles. I thought to myself, pastel pineapples and colourful sprinkles, I was so in Little Big Bell heaven.

Dinner was at the colourful Bananas restaurant and then we were back again at midnight for yet more cocktails to celebrate Gray’s work.

yellow-camper-van-1-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell The next morning, we were greeted with colourful Camper vans fully equipped with bottled beers in ice buckets and dress up kits to get us into the Hippie vibe.

There were also two Cadillacs, ready to take us to our planned event with Gray, at Le Meridien Ra Beach hotel and spa.

Cadillacs-Le-Meridien-photo-1-by-Little-Big-Bell Imagine, an open top Cadillac whizzing past the scenic coast of Barcelona, the sun was shining, the music was playing, so much fun and laughter.

Chatting to Gray, I found out that he had been interested in photography from a young age. He took a photography course at high school, and spent many a happy hours developing his creative shots. I wondered what his earlier pieces were like, I would have loved to have seen the evolution of his work.

He told us that it was a hobby, until he won the Dallas Museum of Art Young Masters showcase, it was then that he decided to pursue his talent.

Gray-Malin-decorates-Le-Meridien-Ra-Barcelona Le Meridien Ra was as expected, a beautiful and modern hotel of impressive proportions, sitting alongside an idyllic, white sandy beach.

Gray’s work can be seen throughout the hotel’s hub area. Above, his poolside series photography can be seen printed on a glass arch.

Gray-Malin-poolside-series-prints-with-Le-Meridien-hotel-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Here is a sitting space full of his colourful Poolside Mediterranean series photos, alongside design classics such as Eames.

We were discussing how uniformly spaced the swimming rings were in the photos. I was told that it required quite a lot of time and people in the water, to arrange the rings and keep them in place.

Gray took the aerial photo from the top of the hotel building, all harnessed for safety, and also with tall ladders and helicopter. This type of photography is certainly not for the faint hearted and those afraid of heights.

Gray is known for his aerial photography but he also takes beautifully styled head on shots.

I remembered seeing, liking and enquiring to buy the aerial photos of Central Park peppered with picnic goers and sunbathers, on the walls of the J. Crew shop counter in London. Now I know it was the brilliant work of Gray Malin.

Le-Meridien-Ra-2-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell So, it wasn’t all work. We were treated to Moet Ice imperial champagne, with fruits and ice cubes in golden goblets and Tapas.

Can you spot that yummy plate of Calamari? I so need to return to Barcelona just to eat that.

We also cooked our own Paella under the guidance of the hotel’s chef. I am please to report that our yellow team won the cooking competition, even though I was pretty much a spectator, cheering my team members on.

Dessert-1-inspired-by-Gray-Malin-poolside-series-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell This was just one of many desserts that we had. How cute are they? Donuts with icing like the swimming rings in Gray’s photography.

Yellow-espadrilles-in-Barcelona-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Yellow is clearly my lucky colour. We were all given espadrilles to wear for our adventure. Love how the Canary yellow stands out against the bleached white wooden floors and accentuating the yellow of my J. Crew Morag Myerscough tote.

So, our adventure was to get a micro experience of Gray’s photography by following a trail around the hotel. Gray-Malin-poolside-series-rubber-tubes-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell This was my favourite experience. So, it was expected that we would be seeing colourful rings, just like in his photos.

We were happily taking pictures until……

Poolside-series-Gray-Malin-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell these beautiful synchronise swimmers appeared with a dance to music. Then there was the most amazing acrobatic display in the water, with hardly any splash.

Gray has previously done a photographic series on synchronise swimmers.

Gray-Malin-destinations-unlocked-Le-Meridien Here’s Gray with the swimmers after their amazing performance.

Gray-Malin-flamingos-1-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell As with Gray’s other photographic work, we were treated to the sight of Flamingo balloons, dancing in the air.

colourful-sheep-Gray-Malin-photo-by-Littlle-Big-Bell and colourful sheep.

colourful-sheep-Gray-Malin It took me quite a while to capture this shot of them all together.

Discovery-balloons Helium balloons spelling out words are a trademark of Gray’s photography,

Journey-balloons-Gray-Malin. all positioned throughout the hotel as we toured the site.

Unlock-balloons-Gray-Malin-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell So, the espadrilles clearly had a purpose, as we walked along the beautiful sandy beach of Le Meridien Ra.



Le-Meridien-Ra-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Beautiful greenery surrounded the hotel’s beach club.

Beach-club-Le-Meridien-Ra-hotel-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Love the polka dots

Le-Meridien-Ra-beach-club-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell and the the contrasting Teal inner of the Beach club’s bar.

Le-Meridien-Ra-hotel-beach-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell More seaside views. I clearly need to return to this hotel with my family.

Beach-scene-styled-by-Gray-Malin-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Here’s another classic set up by Gray Malin. I am pretty sure the last time I browsed his website, the striped umbrella, maybe a different colour, was perched on an iceberg in Antarctica. Photographing that iceberg must be in itself an exciting story.

Gray-Malin-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Contemplating here as we snap our photos.

Gray-Malin-poolside-series-sailing-boat-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell The Poolside series created for the Barcelona Le Meridien hotels now adorn not only the key card and hotel coasters but here, hiding behind the palm trees, is a sail with the photographic print.

Back in the Le Meridien Barcelona hotel, there is also a grand piano covered with the same yellow image.

Gray-Malin-for-Meridien-hotel-Barcelona-sail-boat-photo-by-Little-Big-Bell Here is a better view.

Gray-Malin-poolside-photography-series I am pleased to say that I too have my own yellow poolside series photographic print, waiting to be framed.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this extra long post. I’m sure you will all agree with me that Gray is destined, if not already, for stardom. I can’t wait to buy more of his photographic prints. Watch this space!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


I have just returned from a long weekend away in Barcelona.

The last time I was in Barcelona was around 15 years ago and I was so looking forward to revisiting Antoni Gaudi’s work.

Unfortunately, the Sagrada Familia was closed to visitors on the day that I visited.

Luckily, I was able to visit the beautiful Park Guell designed by him.

Park_Guell_Gaudi_Little_Big_Bell Love the shape of the roof of the Porter’s lodge pavilion, with its colourful mosaics.

Pink_mosaics_Gaudi_Barcelona_Little_Big_Bell In the centre of Park Guell lies an open space originally planned for an open theatre, now rechristened Nature square. It is surrounded by undulating walls of mosaics.

Gaudi_yellow_tile_mosaics_Park_Guell_Little_Big_Bell Bright pops of yellows and blues, the perfect combination.

Gaudi_mosaics_park_guell_Little_Big_Bell The tile shard mosaics on the ceiling of the Hypostyle room, laid amongst 84 striated columns. Simply stunning!

Gaudi's_house_Barcelona_on_Little_Big_Bell Here is the external of Gaudi’s home – Pink, blue and green.

Gaudi_House_Park_Guell_photo_by_Little_Big_Bell The primary colours on the chimney are striking don’t you think?

Park_Guell_Barcelona_Little_Big_Bell Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed the post. I’ll be writing more on Barcelona soon. Happy week all!

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