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eclipse charger My marble and gold ECLIPSE charger from Native Union.

Did you know that the average person owns 6 devices but only charge 2 to 3 devices on a daily basis?

Are you tired of that chaotic cable scenario, with cords getting tangled and looking untidy in your beautiful interior space?

I’m so pleased to have discovered the ECLIPSE charger from Native Union. It is a beautifully designed USB charging hub with a round and compact design, that can charge up to 3 devices in one go. The USB cables can be wound into their own precision engineered channel, making for easy cable storage and retrieval, without having to untangle knots before using. The ECLIPSE can be placed on your desk, bedside table, or even wall mounted.

You can even use your own cables that are up to 8 feet, with the device. The ECLIPSE itself has a braided power cable so extending your charging cables by an additional 4 feet. This means I can move around the room a little more with my phone whilst it is charging.

The braided power cable comes with a leather strap that keeps it neat if no extension of cord is required. There are so many advantages to the ECLIPSE charging hub.

One of my favourite feature is its smart IC technology that ensures my devices charge at their maximum speed, so no more hanging around and waiting for ages. eclipse charger Another really cool feature that you can’t necessarily see in my photo is that the ECLIPSE charger rises to a tap and emits a soft halo below. Check out my video on Instagram to see it in action. There are many colour options available. I love mine in marble and gold, but you can also get ones with walnut or cherry wood. See how beautiful the marble looks.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to the ECLIPSE charger from Native Union. I always love smart technology that combines functionality with aesthetics. It really is a cool addition to my workspace.

( All photography and styling are by myself, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with Native Union, but all views are my own).

4 Workspace styles and pens to match your personality.

Do you think that the pen you use, or the workspace you sit at, gives an insight into your personality?

When I received a collection of LAMY pens, I thought it would be a fun project to style up a few matching workspaces.

Introducing you first to the LAMYLx Gold Rollerball. The owner of this rollerball is a creative, who loves art and old books. She loves all things quirky and cool, hence, you will probably find her browsing vintage stores for unique pieces, to create her own eclectic style. LAMY pens As a lover of nature, her workspace will probably feature the raw textures of wood, paper and glass. Here’s how her space looks. She is definitely a thinker and dreamer. Here are the LAMY scala Ti fountain pen in an elegant titanium finish, and the black LAMY pico pocket pen. The owner of these pens love precision and order.

His/her workspace has a distinctly Scandinavian, monochrome look There is always an elegant notebook to match the pen.
The black pico pocket pen can be retracted, hence carried around as a smart compact barrel. The table colour palette is black and white with hints of sandy stone, to match the pens. Thoughts are clear here, in a neat and clutter free space. This is my LAMY Al-star in ocean blue. It is light in weight, hence perfect for my ‘on the go’ lifestyle as a doctor, mother and blogger. I can never resist pink. can you?

Introducing you to the LAMY safari in pink, which fits in perfectly with my pastel coloured workspace.  The space is bright and fun with pinks and minty greens. The owner of this space (me) loves all things girly. Here it is again. The LAMY safari pens are a favourite in our household. They were the pens that my children used, when they made the transition from pencil to pen.

Which LAMY pen personality are you? I would love to know.

Hope you have enjoyed the post. I will be back for more. Don’t forget to follow my instagram story this weekend in Paris. See you there.

(All photography and styling are by Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This is a sponsored collaboration with LAMY pens. All views are my own.)

I was so excited to assemble my new workspace desk from the hairpin leg company last week. hairpin leg It only took a few minutes to attach those pretty mint coloured hairpin legs on.

The hairpin leg company was borne out of the entrepreneurial vision of Adam and Tom, an English design duo who love unique items that marry form with function. Originally invented by Henry P Glass, hairpin legs were created as a minimal, stylish and sturdy solution for furniture.

If you like mid century modern style, then these legs are perfect. You can pick from a variety of finishes, sizes and colours. They screw on easily into any wood surfaces, for you to create your own tables, chairs, benches or even little cabinets on legs. You can purchase the table tops from the hairpin leg company too, such as mine, made of Formica coated birch.

I really love the minty green legs, but you can pick from duck egg blue, yellow, red, orange and even Copper. The legs also come with floor protectors that slip on easily.

I’ve styled my new workspace in pastel shades. I love the combination of light pinks with light greens, and the occasional pop of gold or yellow. Here’s a slightly closer view of what is on my desk. So, what do you think of my new workspace? I will be showing you more of it, styled differently in future posts. Can’t wait to share.

What would you do with your hairpin legs? Which colours would you pick? For more inspiration, do check out the amazing DIYs on the hairpin leg company’s blog. If you fancy seeing my old workspaces, then check out the post here.

I’ll be back real soon with more interiors post and also a look into my trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong, during the Summer holidays.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

( All photography and styling are by me, Geraldine Tan, editor of Little Big Bell. This post is a sponsored collaboration with the hairpinleg company. All opinions are my own).

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