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A pinata party cake for a teen birthday party.

Pinata-cake-on-Little-Big-BellI hosted a teen pinata party with a sleepover for 17 girls last night, for my daughter. It started at 630pm and the noisy fun went on till 3am but hey, it’s half term holidays for the girls.

Here’s the cake I ordered from Crumbs and Doilies.

Sprinkles-cake-photo-by-Little-Big-BellCovered in the most vibrant coloured sprinkles topped with glitter candles.

Confetti-cake-by-Crumbs-and-Doilies-on-Little-Big-BellIt’s a shame I can’t show you the inside of the cake. It was too dark to photograph by the time we cut the cake, and you know how it is with the anticipation for a slice!

It was a layered rainbow cake in pastel pink, green, yellow and lilac.

Then, there was the super surprise of overflowing Smarties when the cake was cut!

A rainbow and Pinata cake in one!

confetti-balloon-from-knot-and-bow-featured-on-Little-Big-BellWe bought the giant confetti balloon from Knot and Bow. (Image Knot and Bow)

confetti-balloon-from-knot-and-bow-featured-on-Little-Big-BellIt was so much fun to pop it over the kids after the Happy Birthday song! A beautiful shower of confetti.

Pinata-party-Little-Big-BellHere we have the Pinata party cake and donkey they enjoyed hitting for sweet treats. Then of course the popcorn for movie night, whilst they huddled in cosy sleeping bags.

The girls also enjoyed chatting whilst designing their own white T-shirts with special fabric pens. They had so much fun doing the latter task that we didn’t get round to doing the fireworks outdoors as planned!

Off to recuperate now. Happy weekend all!


  1. Oh my goodness me that confetti balloon is SO fun! Looks like you threw a wonderful party, G! Hope JJ had a wonderful birthday! x

    • littlebigbell

      Will, you’ve got to get that confetti balloon. The colours on the floor afterwards are amazing! She had a wonderful birthday, I’ll send her your wishes. x

  2. Oh my… G, you are the queen of all things confetti!
    Plus, your parties are the best. Seriously. You are beyond amazing.
    And now… I need to find myself a confetti balloon!

  3. You throw the most amazing parties for your kids Geraldine! That cake with the surprise smarties is gold:) Mel x

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