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21 Jul

A day in the Cotswolds and Daylesford Organic farm



Yesterday was a day spent with the family in the Cotswolds. It’s lovely to leave the city every now and then for outdoor space, fresh air and a leisurely pace.

We drove first to the picturesque village of Woodstock, near Oxford. The cottage above was the dwelling of Thomas Chaucer, son of Geoffrey Chaucer, the famed author of The Canterbury Tales.



Quaint, postcard pretty stone cottages lined the village, surrounded by floral blooms.

We stopped over at Blenheim palace for an hour or so. The architecture and grounds were magnificent. We even managed to conquer those beguiling garden maze in good time.


An onward drive brought us deeper into the countryside, towards Daylesford organic farm in Kingham, Gloucestershire.




It was a beautiful farm with a wonderful cafe serving up the organic food harvested from its fields. There was also a cookery school, a store selling the farm’s fresh produce and even a spa retreat.


The kids were excited because we were going strawberry picking. It was a lovely warm day with a cool breeze, unlike the sweltering heat of the previous days.


The strawberries we picked were red and lusciously sweet. We have since made strawberry smoothies for breakfast and this evening we made layered Eton Mess in Mason jam jars.


These Heritage tomatoes of mismatched shapes and colours were simply delicious. We had them for dinner last night with a small splashing of extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.


The freshly baked chocolate Brioche loaf bought from Daylesford went down a treat with the kids for breakfast.


Whilst in Woodstock, I spotted this cool lifestyle store called Blue Dog and Sought. They stocked brands like La Cerise sur le gateau, House Doctor and had a vast collection of MT washi tape.


They also sold many of the colourful products from Rice, like this vibrant green metal stool which caught my eye.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. A visit to Blenheim palace, Woodstock and Daylesford is highly recommended for those visiting the U.K. Wishing you all a wonderful week. x 

  1. Lovely photos! Sounds like you had such a wonderful time! I’ve definitely added the Cotswolds to my ‘must visit’ list 🙂 x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thanks Ruth 🙂 It was a wonderful day out, you should definitely visit when you have time x

  2. The Cotswolds are truly charming. Is this the first time you’ve visited?

    You chose great places to stop at. Your photos are really gorgeous…. Glad you had a good time and a bit of time off from work xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      We’ve visited Woodstock and Blenheim before but not Daylesford farm. Hope you have a lovely week Tina and thanks for the Ally Pally heads up. xx

  3. Oh, I love this post because you’ve taken me back to where I grew up! Aren’t The Cotswolds just the best? I love Daylesford farm; have you ever been to Painswick? It’s SO charming there. Have a lovely weel! x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      The Cotswold made me feel like having a second home. what a beautiful place to grow up in Will. I will now keep Painswick on my list of to visit. Thanks for the tip 😉 Have a great week 🙂 x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Hi Monika, lovely to see you here. Hope you had a fun time at cocktails, the pictures on IG looked great. Hope to catch up with you and doris soon in one of our meet ups. Have a lovely week too xx

  4. So happy that you had such a good day out! I remember recommending Daylesford farm to you so I am so pleased that you enjoyed it. Lovely photos as always G. Txxx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thanks Toni, it was a really great family day out. The food at Daylesford was wonderful.

  5. What a gorgeous little trip! Doesn’t it do wonders for the soul when you get away even for a day? I’d love to visit the Cotswolds, the parents of a good friend of mine lives there and I aways hear so much about it. Beautiful pics Geraldine! Have a great day. M x

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Mel, it was a really relaxing day out with the family. You should visit when you next come to the UK. xx

  6. I love the Cotswolds though I’ve not been since Little J was born. Your photo’s are wonderful and your trip has been depicted beautifully – I enjoyed the journey. xD

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Doris. You should take little J to the maze at Blenheim palace, he’ll enjoy running around there. Have a good week lovely and hope to see you soon. xx

    1. littlebigbell Post author

      Thank you Hollie. Daylesford farm was a great day out, you should go. Have a wonderful weekend lovely xx

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